Alicia Keys Astrology Profile

Date of birth: January 25th, 1981, 12:00 PM
City: New York
Country: United States

Biography of Alicia Keys: Alicia Keys is a world famous artist in her own right. She is known for American R&B and soul singing. She writes songs, is an accomplished pianist and a record producer of repute. She loves to act and engage in philanthropy. Despite her many roles, she has done justice to each one of them. Her albums and singles are in great demand worldwide. She has sold twenty-eight million in all. The awards list includes Grammy Awards, American Music Awards and Bill Board Music Awards as well. As a musician she has excelled in her field and has millions of fans all across the five continents.

Numerology and Birth Path of Alicia Keys:

Numerology as is believed is older than astrology and is found in most ancient civilizations. According, to this old discipline the name of the person, his or her surname, the date of birth has significance. There is a meaning to the alphabetic letters as they have a particular number that symbolize them. The life path is based on the date of birth. This determines the kind of destiny you will have. The Life Path of Alicia Keys is influenced by the number 9. It is considered the path of travel and transcendence in a person's life. These people like change. They see themselves from time to time and like to broaden their horizon. They like to achieve new milestones. A life of sacrifice is dear to them. They respect things that are sacred. The destiny of a person like Alicia is dependent on altruism and devotion. She has a generous heart and is attentive to the needs of people around her. They are popular because of this trait. They have practically no interest in socializing at all. They see it as a futile activity. She is more of a spiritual person. When faced with difficult circumstances they find it hard to remain stable. They are progressive and have a high intellect. She is a person with clear goals and likes to meditate and contemplate.

Alicia Keys Chinese astrology:

According to Chinese astrology a person is able and must develop one's inner potentialities. Alicia was born under the Chinese Zodiac Monkey sign. When interpreted it has many expressions. These people may spend idle hours. Or they may observe things keenly. They play different roles according to the changing circumstances of life. She is a person that likes discoveries as well as surprises. They are good observers. To them situation are meant for new encounters and building relationships. You will find them to be keen learners. Alicia has a curious mind. She is broad-minded as a person. These people excel in diplomacy. A schemer by nature, but they are clever enough to avoid all traps. They act behind the scenes. Although they have an extravagant character they still have a clear perception of different people and situations. Alicia has the Metal element in Chinese astrology. This particular element is compatible with planet Venus, the number nine and also the white color. She has an individualistic nature and has a strong determination. They do not fear obstacles of any kind. You embrace the pitfalls of life with ease. You can give shape to your ideas alone. For a person like Alicia nothing is impossible.

Alicia Keys Personality:

Alicia has a distinct personality of her own. She is good at communication and mobility. Air signs rule and because of that she is good at building relations. A person like her favors short trips. They are flexible and can adapt to different situations. Alicia is an efficient person. According to the earth signs, she is an emotional person as well. These people try to judge others from what they see. Although they may have changing ideas, but their actions speak louder than mere words. They are long lasting and visible. Sensitivity is welcome even if it means being more vulnerable. There is no fire in Alicia’s chart. They are seen as people who do not have the warmth or the enthusiasm. But this is not true at all. They can be daring when the situation demands, are able to show their amazement and their vitality. They are energetic people and life of any gathering. They are seldom a spoil sport. The natal chart of Alicia exhibits less of the Water element as well. People often misunderstand them and feel that they are unable to love and express it like others. But it is not so. It may be difficult for these people to show their feelings or express love, but then they do try. They forget that these are essential values that bring human beings closer together. Alicia has a strong mind. She is very individualistic by nature. She likes to act on impulse and can undertake most difficult of tasks herself. Person like her can make plans; implement them at the earliest so that things begin to move. If this does not happen, then she may lose interest too soon. Normally these people allow others to act upon their ideas.

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