Dream Interpretation, Dream dictionary A:

Acordeon- dreams with acordeon are not so often than in history. If you heard an acordeon than you are disappointed. If you play an acordeon, you will have lucky marriage.  

Acrobat- is prognostic of danger situations. If you dream that you are acrobat you need more appreciation. 

Angel- angel is a symbol of good message. 

Academy- it´s a symbol of new friendships Acid- if you dream that you drink acid, it indicates that you are emotionally paralyzed 

Advice- if you dream that you are giving advice that means that you have information and you can help others, if dream that you receive advice indicates you need to listen somebody 

Aerobics- if you dream that you are doing aerobics means that you need be more active 

Agate- if you see red agate it means peace and health  

Alarm- if you hear an alarm in your dreams that means you are in some conflict with somebody 

Alloy- if you see alloy in your dream indicates you will be have problem with your finance 

Antenna- it´s symbol that you need more communicate to others and give them more of your opinions 

Ark- it´s symbolic of wholeness 

Armor- if you are wearing armor symbolize you need to prevent from something that may hurt you 

Aroma- if you smell sweat aroma means that you receive a gift 

Axle- you must concentrate to more important things in your life

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