Dream Analysis

Dreams are full of natural symbols and metaphors that embed themselves in the mind of the dreamers. Dreams are surreal and mysterious! Dreams are real they signify different meanings. Dreams can be very personal and indicative. They can tell your future also! Analyzing dreams is an exciting act and it can help you unlock several secrets and mysteries. Dreams tell more about your future. It will also tell you how you can find solutions to the most intricate problems. However, analyzing dreams requires you learn basic techniques and methods of understanding dreams. Many people think that dreams ate the actual stories that happen in their mind, especially during the sleep. They also feel that these stories have a different meaning other than the actual story itself.

Dream analysis is an essential act of deciphering your dreams and finding suitable meanings for them. Most of the dreams that occur in us are in different fragments and discontinued pieces that you must join to create a whole meaning. You must examine and evaluate each piece of these fragments and find out the actual meaning. Each one of these fragments are like separate spools of film and when you join them together in the end, you will arrive at a very meaningful story with a total summary. Dreams are symbolical with their multi-faceted parts each having own special significance. To unlock the mystery of dreams, you must learn how to analyze your dreams and how to unravel their mysteries.

Several people use a ready-made dream dictionary to find meanings for their dreams. However, this can be misleading as the results and meanings obtained are not real. In many case, the composer of the dream dictionary may show signs of bias by including his or her own dream interpretations based on their personal experiences.

Just remember that someone else’s personal experiences will not provide the real meanings for your dreams. Your dreams are different from others and you will need to find meanings by yourself or contact a professional dream interpreter to get your meaning. In the end, you may wish to develop and create your own set of analyses for the dreams particular to your life’s different experiences. Analyzing and interpreting your dreams will not require you possess any special psychic and mystic abilities not does it need you to hold any special degrees! Anyone can interpret their dreams provided he or she learns about the basic aspects of dream analysis. It is not difficult to analyze dreams and the whole process does not take much time either. You can follow this brief outline to start analyzing your dreams:

Tip: Remember that dreams are just like riding a bicycle or car, which are always involuntary and automatic actions. Dreams are the sturdy vehicles or agents that carry a number of ideas, suggestions, clues and results; at times, the can even predict your future. However, your own perceptions will take priority while you analyze your dreams. Basic tools: Dream analysis is all about recording the events in a lucid manner. To record these events, you must have a number of tools with you. One of the most required tools is a good notebook to write down your dreams.

All of us tend to forget about our dreams and writing down all parts of our dreams will help us to remember them without any problems. Another good tool that anyone can use is to buy a Dictaphone that can record your voice in a very clear manner. If you feel that writing is a difficult thing, you can speak directly to this voice recorder. Using a Dictaphone has a number of benefits like:

·         Speaking is easier than writing
·         It is faster as well
·         You can record more notes
·         Speaking provides more details
·         It is easy to recognize your mind
·         Speaking does not require much effort
·         It is easy to recall

However, you will still need to use your notebook because you will need to expand on your ideas recorded in the voice recorder. Notebook will help you to write down detailed ideas and suggestions.

Most of us tend to forget our dreams as soon as we wake up unless we have some sort of nightmares. Dreams are just like fantasies that fade with each minute of sleeping. You may wish to record your dreams so that you can have an idea of what you saw in your dreams. Dreams mimic good plays; each scene has its own meanings and suggestions. When you join all these scenes, you will have the summary in your hand.

Proper analysis of dreams depends on your metal status; you must show a sense of relaxation when you are recording your dreams. You must pause a while before recording every bit of details. Good sleeping habit is necessary if you want to have a proper analysis of dreams. Before you sleep, you must remember the following things:

·         Peace of mind and complete relaxation: Be quiet and calm before you sleep.
·         Pay enough attention to important issues: Be attentive and never be negative. Show focus of mind before you sleep.
·         Self-talk and affirmation: You may wish to talk to your mind before you go to sleep. Ensure that you are talking positive things to your mind. In the end, you should remember your dreams when you wake up to record them.

To analyze your dreams, you will need to find out the type of dreams you are associating. In fact, there are two main categories of dreams those that emanate directly from your physical body or mind or those that come as a manifestation of spiritual powers. Each one of them has different purposes and benefits. In fact, physical dreams help you to survive the world of materials and the world of physical nature. Dreams that come in the form of this type helps you to look after your body and soul, while the dreams that come to you in the form of spiritual powers

Dreams always have a particular theme associated with them. Dream analysis and interpretation is a game of using different strategies and techniques. As mentioned before, dreams are a series of different episodes that you must stitch together in order to read them comprehensively.  Here are some of the basic parts of a dream:

·         You: You are the master of your dream and you are the nucleus
·         Sundry actors: You dream will have a number of different characters with its own role.
·         The scenery: Each dream will have its own setting and background; there can be more than one scene within a dream
·         The action: It provides a setting where something will happen. There can be more than one action scenes.
·         The theme or object: The entire dream has its own objects for display and exhibition. There can be one or more objects, patterns or themes to a dream
·         The summary: Each episode of a dream is different and it does not give you the summary or the meaning. You will need to join all of them to get the final summary.

At first, it is very difficult to divide the individual parts of your dream as you may forget most of them by the time you wake up from your sleep. However, consistent practice will make you better at remembering and recording them. Once you feel that you are confident, you can divide the dream into different episodes and record them individually on different sheets of paper. However, do not forget to record your dreams in your voice recorder. While you record the individual parts of your dream, make sure that you are doing the following:

·         Recall every bit of details from each episode.
·         Record the feelings that you got from them
·         Record the memories that they evoked in you
·         What do they represent in meaning
·         What are the actual impressions?

Tip: Always focus on individual parts and not on the whole part, as it would be futile to do that. It is almost like creating a dish out of several ingredients by using a recipe book. Just ensure that you are catching the meaning of each part.

Once you write down all sections of your dream, the next obvious step is to fit the puzzle together to arrive at the summary. It is best to create a summary by yourself, because you are the most eligible person to look and evaluate your dreams. No one can match your comprehend and ability to assess your dreams.


·         Identify the concepts that underlay each part of the dream. Somehow, each part has something to do with the next and subsequent parts.
·         Dream is just like a long book with individual chapters. You have to read the entire book to get the real story of the book. Dreams are similar as the last page of the dream has the nucleus that is the real meaning.

An example: Let us evaluate the following dream. You have a wonderful dream of a tropical forest with its magnificent trees, gently flowing streams, tall hills with superb scenes, colorful birds singing and flying on top of the trees and animals running around the bushes. You are here to enjoy the beautiful climate of tropical forest. In the next scene, you are getting ready to erect your riverside tent for the night. You are unpacking your bags and tools to erect the tent.  Suddenly, you hear a chop-chop sound from deep within the forest. You are too curious to know what is happening around. You are also too curious to know about that sound. You will start walking towards the source of that sound. As you walk towards the source of the sound, you will see highly agitated birds and animals running helter-skelter in different directions. As you watch, a big tree comes falling down on the path. As you walk towards the fallen tree, several others come down as well. Within no time, several thousands of them fall down on the ground making the whole area empty and bald. With the receding forest line, animals start dying while the flowing streams dry up. Once lush and green forest will soon becomes a big desert!

At this point, you will suddenly wake with sweat and perspiration! You wake up with an incomplete dream, which had so much impact on your mind. Now, you want to know the exact meaning of that dream. You will follow the above-mentioned method to evaluate your dreams.

The most plausible meaning of the dream could be as follows with its several components and scenes:

1. You are visiting the forest to take your time out to mingle with the nature.

2. You are getting ready to settle down to erect your campaign tent

3. The entire area is very rich with its animals, birds, plants and trees. Adjoining streams and small rivers are adding to the beauty

4. Suddenly, there is an alarm in the form a big sound

5. You could see agitated animals and birds running to all directions

6. Several trees are falling down and the numbers keep growing

7. You are seeing someone destroying the precious forest with all its flora and fauna.

8. In the end, you could see the entire area becoming a desert.

Your dream is signifying that the area were you are trying to camp is facing immense destruction and danger. At the same time, you are unable to prevent the permanent damage. You feel helpless and disappointed by seeing the extent of damage. Now, you will wake up from your dream.

Analyzing dreams is a persistent act that needs the power of logic and thinking. Anyone can analyze dreams and you can do it as well! As you learn and master the fundamentals of dream analysis, it becomes very easy for you to evaluate each scene of the dream and sew them together to create a meaningful summary.

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