8 Types of Dreams

Astrology knows this 8 types of dreams. Let explain what dreams mean.

Richness dreams

Dreamer in this dream will get some price and winnings. It can be different form. From people became magnate or win some lottery. In some cases it´s about glory not for riches.

Despair dreams

In this dreams dreamer has problem to achieve very similar goals. For example pack the luggage or find the car where he parked. In other situations dreamer needs money, but he doesn´t know how to get it or dreamer try to catch the train or plain.

Travelling dreams

This dreams can be concrete. About the travel to some place or abstract. Dreams about flying in the wind or people is flying in the space bar. This dreams are about freedom need or about something to own.

Downfall dreams

Dreamer is falling down from the skyscraper, bridge, aeroplane. Dream experience is about downfall sense. People are waken soon as they fall down. Some people thinks that people which don´t wake up as they fall down died.. This dreams are about situations which dreamer afraid of.

Pursuit dreams

People, animal or natural element hunt the dreamer. For example flood or avalanche. It´s symbol of hidden scare.

Hanging in the sneer dreams

Dreamer is stranded in cellar, cave or prison and can´t go out. In some similar dreams is dreamer in danger of explosion or crashing the building. Also this dreams are symbol of hidden scare.

Nude dreams

This dreams present that people has some frustration or has feeling of unvalued.

Violence dreams

In some case dreamer kill somebody. This dreams are about restraint the anger.

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