Dream Interpretation

Everyone in this world dreams and it is a well-established fact! Dreams are inevitable to everyone who sleeps! Dreams can be colorful and vivid! They can even be black and white and dull. Some people keep dreaming all the time even during the day, while others dream occasionally. Whatever the case may be, everyone in this world dreams at least once in their lifetime! Dreams can signify a number of meanings and expressions. Dreams also reveal quite a lot about a person’s future and his or her inner mind. Most dreams also convey a definite message that is unique to different dreams. Dreams also have a number of hidden meanings and messages that can provide many clues about a person and his or her personality.

Earlier, the research on dreams was purely academic in nature, while researchers applied the study of dreams to the field of psychology. Well-known dream pioneers like Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud conducted an in-depth research on dreams and their hidden meanings. They also announced that dreams could be a rich repository of self-understanding messages and growth parameters. Is it possible to harness the hidden messages of dreams, so that we can make informed and knowledgeable decisions in our daily life?

Interpreting our dreams is an important issue and a delicate subject, because of the mysteries and suspense involved in the process. As told you before, dreams can reveal quite a lot of things to us like:

  • Dreams can tell a lot about our personality, its inclinations and varied responses of mind. Dreams allow us to find very critical psychological triggers and patterns that can lead to better understanding of our mind and brain. It is an important to dissect our fragile mind and know more about our intentions and expressions.
  • Interpretation of dreams also helps us to predict what might happen in the future. Well-known dream interpreters are capable of predicting your near future without any confusions or ambiguities. Dream interpretation is also capable of signifying what might happen to the person who dreamt the dreams. This unique ability will help us to set up our life path to lead a life of contentment.

Note: Interpreting dreams can be a reliable and useful source of important information for you.

Every instance of dreams acts as a potential mix of your biological instincts, psychological tendencies, your own past personal experiences and cultural inclinations. As you dream in the night, your mind will start to weave a string web of stories and anecdotes by using each of those biological instincts. These could include integration of very recent events and their strong repeat- replays in your mind. Most of the dreams that occur in your mind are a very delicate mixes of several plots some obvious, while others almost fictional. It is also possible that you will see a vibrant image of these plots in conjunction with each other. In essence, dreams are continuous and short with an abrupt ending that is almost mysterious in nature.

Interpreting dreams means giving the most possible explanation to the dreams just dreamt by you. It is a complicated process of understanding dream and later start deciphering its real meaning. It is also like a detective story, where you will be dissect the course of the plot and find out what happens in the climax. In essence, dreams can trigger a number of very strong emotions and these emotions create an intense desire to interpret dreams in the most satisfying manner. Dreams are always interesting field of study, as they are the mirrors that reflect our inner mind. Dreams can easily reflect your thoughts, ideas, expressions, feelings and attitudes. Interpretation of dreams is an exciting way to resolve our diverse problems, help find new directions to solve them and find out the most plausible solutions to those tricky problems.

Dream interpretation can help you speak to your mind in several ways like:

  • Speak about life images and their symbols
  • Understand innermost feelings of mind
  • Learn about the capacity and abilities of our brain
  • Create a sequence of meanings, metaphors, pictures and images and later sew them together to form a common meaning

Interpreting dreams is actually very easy, when you learn the basics of dreams and their interrelation. Professional dream interpreters are capable of interpreting your dreams and provide a cohesive meaning to them. You can even interpret your dreams by using the following method:

  1. Write down as complete details of your dreams as possible. As far as possible, write down very specific details of those dreams. Just remember that every part of your dream is very important and each one of them can symbolize a hidden message.
  2. Now, write down about your feelings during the dreams. Did you feel too emotional or excited? Did you feel sad or happy? Did you observe anything that was dangerous and fragile? Just record one important visual clue that can provide you an impetus to divulge the real meaning of the dream.
  3. Record the number people, animals, plants or objects that you saw in your dreams. Now, write down their behavioral patterns and mood. Did they behave normally?
  4. Now, create a sequence of events that occurred in your dreams. What were the various elements of your dream? You can easily converse with each of these elements to record its real meanings
  5. Once you understand the sequence of dreams, you can easily create a moral out of the story. This story almost reads like an instruction to you.

      To learn and understand the important subject of dream interpretation, you may wish to keep a dream journal to write and record the actual events. Professional dream interpreters always use a voice recorder to record your voice and understand your inner mind. However, you can write down about your dreams in a notebook for subsequent detailed analysis.

Dream Analysis

Dreams are full of natural symbols and metaphors that embed themselves in the mind of the dreamers. Dreams are surreal and mysterious! Dreams are real they signify different meanings. Dreams can be very personal and indicative. They can tell your future also! Analyzing dreams is an exciting act and it can help you unlock several secrets and mysteries. Dreams tell more about your future. It will also tell you


Dream Interpretation, Dream dictionary A:

Acordeon- dreams with acordeon are not so often than in history. If you heard an acordeon than you are disappointed. If you play an acordeon, you will have lucky marriage.  

Acrobat- is prognostic of danger situations. If you dream that you are acrobat you need more appreciation. 

Angel- angel is a symbol of good message. 

Academy- it´s a symbol of new friendships Acid- if you dream that you drink acid, it indicates


8 Types of Dreams

Astrology knows this 8 types of dreams. Let explain what dreams mean.

Richness dreams

Dreamer in this dream will get some price and winnings. It can be different form. From people became magnate or win some lottery. In some cases it´s about glory not for riches.

Despair dreams

In this dreams dreamer has problem to achieve very similar goals. For example pack the luggage or find the car where he parked. In