Divination Methods: Hand Divination

There are this types of hand forms: 

Basic hand is strong, large with short fingers. It´s clumsy and tell about low intelligence reliant to brutal power. This type of hand is rare.

 Angular hand have people with practical abilities. Hand has rectangle form with parallel fingers. People with this hand is orthodox. 

Spatular hand has straight fingers. It´s hand of energetic people. People with spatular hand are in all types of employment. They want to be powered and original.

 Philosophical hand has large opisthenar and massively joints at fingers. Fingers are angular or conical. This tender hand teel about thinker with deliberate character. Peoples with philosophical hand are secretive and analytical. They are teachers or people wanted to study everything.

 Conical Hand is long and flexible with pyramid fingers. People with this hand are inventive, receptive and impulsive. Many of them are artists.

 Combined hand is most often because only few people belong to one category.

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