Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo dailyVirgo today's horoscope:

Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Might it be a case of, 'you never knew you had it in you'? By 'it', I'm referring to an ability or possibly a talent you were unaware of that you've never had an opportunity to dig deep within yourself to find. There are times when we don't know what we're capable of until we're put in a position to rise to a challenge and tap into hidden resources we didn't know we possessed. You're capable of something special and rewarding. Keep your faith and momentum levels high!

Virgo tomorrow horoscope:

Wednesday 27th of July 2016

Neptune's continued apparent backward motion in your opposite sign could be helping you to see a particular matter in a clearer and potentially more realistic light. If this is accompanied with a feeling that you're making a discovery better late than never, then don't be too hard on yourself for having not seen the light earlier. A fact or revelation presenting itself now is both necessary and very timely. Any sense of confusion or uncertainty will be brief.

Virgo yesterday horoscope:

Monday 25th of July 2016

'That's a bridge to be crossed as and when…' There's something reassuring about hearing or saying such words. They refer to a need to be concerned only about a situation or anticipated circumstances in the future that need to be monitored in a relaxed way in the present. There are benefits to you of focusing only on what you know matters here and now without trying to anticipate what will need attention further down the road. Relax and enjoy the moment.

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