Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo dailyVirgo today's horoscope:

Tuesday 24th of May 2016

How do our 'biggest' ideas present themselves to us? They don't arrive with trumpets blaring, fireworks or floodlights. They often start off as tiny, almost insignificant or irrelevant thoughts that receive attention they deserve and become bigger over time. An idea you have is starting to gain such momentum. Keep feeding it all the support you can muster and try to focus on any aspect of it that offers hope or inspiration, because both can definitely be found.

Virgo tomorrow horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of May 2016

Challenges love to be 'risen' to. They love seeing what we're 'made of' and whether or not we'll simply let them win without any investment of effort on our part. They know how fearful we can be of them and how doubtful we can be, too. Are you willing to rise to a particular challenge in your world now? You're being encouraged to in more ways than one. Summoning confidence mixed with bravery will reveal who has the upper hand. It is undoubtedly you.

Virgo yesterday horoscope:

Monday 23rd of May 2016

You might be asking questions related to a situation that appears to be culminating in a couple of months' time. There might be plenty of 'what ifs' attached to something you have your heart set on but are unable to see clearly at this point in time. The fact that you're asking questions, either of yourself or to others, is both positive and necessary. Allow this fact-finding process to continue in a gradual way. All you need to know to make an informed decision is coming.

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