Taurus Daily Horoscope

Taurus dailyTaurus today horoscope:

We can sometimes be too rigid where expectations are concerned. This isn't always our fault, either. In order to ensure a plan is successful, we have to visualize its outcome before we set off to make it happen. That's why we sometimes see an end result as different to what manifests. It's important you don't see a result manifesting now as inferior to what you expected. What's presenting itself is very appropriate and suitable, even if its appearance is confusing initially.

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Taurus tomorrow horoscope:

It's important to trust your heart about what you believe to be right where a situation is concerned. You head could be encouraging you to accept someone else's idea of what's right or appropriate yet your heart sees a flaw in their belief. For the sake of keeping the peace, you could be inclined to comply but might there not be benefits to disrupting the peace somewhat if it means you can maintain a sense of integrity through sticking with what you know to be right?

Taurus yesterday horoscope:

We don't think twice about the need to discard items we've outgrown. Choosing to discard items often has much to do with knowing newer, upgraded and potentially more helpful items can be acquired somehow, somewhere. There are also times when we find ourselves aware of what we've outgrown and discover we need to ring a few changes. That's precisely what's occurring in your world now. Be prepared to make some space for what's coming.

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