Taurus Daily Horoscope

Taurus dailyTaurus today horoscope:

The good news is, a situation is going to progress with or without your involvement. That is, however, a bit like saying a car is capable of moving without an engine if it is pushed down a hill. Something in your world is moving forward and gaining momentum. You are superbly placed to not only jump on board but place yourself behind the steering wheel to direct it. Give it steering it needs rather than leave it to go off in whatever direction it chooses. It needs you to control it now.

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Taurus tomorrow horoscope:

We all know some people who are quite happy to let others take the lead and take initiative to make things happen that others around them benefit from. The sky isn't suggesting you're lazily letting someone do precisely that but it is encouraging you now to look at where you can make a difference in ways you might believe fall under someone else's remit. Never mind what they can or can't do. It's what you can do now that matters.

Taurus yesterday horoscope:

You might feel as if a chapter is closing or has closed in an area of your world you had greater expectations within but it appears more of a particular story has yet to be told. You have the ability to decide the outcome to a particular saga. The story is by no means complete or set-in-stone. What you're being given now is a chance to reflect upon what can be improved and the direction you want to take the tale. Once confirmed in your mind, it can undoubtedly be changed.

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