Taurus Daily Horoscope

Taurus dailyTaurus today's horoscope:

Saturday 18th of November 2017

You could feel torn between shaking up a situation or playing it safe. The former offers excitement and intrigue as well as potential to remove you from a comfort zone. However, that comfortable zone might be one you're reluctant to disrupt. The unknown, unfamiliar and unexplored call loudly to you now. The call will only get louder, so be willing to respond to it.

Taurus tomorrow horoscope:

Sunday 19th of November 2017

A plan you believed to be solid could be revealing cracks. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it's crumbling. You might have a bit of repair work to do to get it back on track but trust that whatever appears flimsy or unstable now is helpful with highlighting issues you might need to keep an eye on and prepare for in the future.

Taurus yesterday horoscope:

Friday 17th of November 2017

The past is unchangeable where your connection with a certain person is concerned, but you have a chance to correct something that went wrong previously. You could be pleasantly surprised by how they react to your desire to improve or bring closure to a situation or arrangement. Knowing your motives and intentions are genuine helps both of you to put behind you whatever open-ended issue exists.

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