Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio dailyScorpio today's horoscope:

Friday 28th of April 2017

You could be growing to dislike the vibe of someone in your world as they appear focused only on getting their way, regardless of input or suggestions you offer. You might appreciate and even respect a bit of bolshiness but are also very finely tuned to when a line gets crossed into rude or disrespectful territory. If someone wants your input or support, then they need to know neither will be received if they carry on in such ways.

Scorpio tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 29th of April 2017

Your determination to do something your way isn't fueled by stubbornness. Instead, you can see how your no-nonsense approach is what's needed to make progress you yearn to make in a certain area and you don't have time or the patience to explain or justify your actions. If certain others want proof you know what you're doing, then they need only watch and wait to be reassured you know what you're doing!

Scorpio yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 27th of April 2017

It might become clear that your determination to stick with a plan you know will deliver a cherished goal or ambition might have been more along the lines of stubbornness. Does it matter, though? Some might argue that determination and stubbornness are two very different things but if you sense you'll need to be relentless in your pursuit of a dream, then you're right. Refusing to budge or give up is what's needed, regardless of how it's labeled!

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