Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio dailyScorpio today horoscope:

If we watch the news on four or five channels, we usually get an accurate overview of what's happening on our planet. Even though information is presented in different ways, the message is, usually, somewhat consistent. The same can be said about advice we seek. Often, we know what we should be doing but want to see if someone can offer something we hadn't considered. A consistent message of advice you're receiving now should mirror what you know to be right.

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Scorpio tomorrow horoscope:

Yours is the sign ruled by Pluto, that governs among many things 'that which is concealed or secretive'. That's why many Scorpios make such good detectives. You thrive on challenges that require truth to be made known or whatever needs exposing to brought into the open for all to see. This can also make you skilled at knowing how to ask certain questions to obtain information in a clever and surreptitious way. That skill looks like it will come in very handy now.

Scorpio yesterday horoscope:

Where you appear to be receiving answers to some pressing questions, how reassured are you that they are the right answers? Ask ten people for an opinion and we often get ten different responses but what you appear to want and need now is one particular answer that makes sense and offers some level of hope and reassurance where speculation and assumptions are rife. Expect soon to be provided an answer in some way that finally puts your mind at rest.

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