Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces dailyPisces today horoscope:

Is saying nothing an option now? It is an option but, more to the point, is it the right one? You might believe information that has come to light recently can put you in a stronger position in some way and, through simply keeping what you have discovered to yourself, you can retain the upper hand in a situation. The sky implies you can benefit in the short term by saying nothing. It implies even more strongly that a longer term benefit can come from disclosing what you know.

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Pisces tomorrow horoscope:

Some people push their luck and manage to get away with doing so. They disregard certain laws or rules in the belief they'll escape the eyes of those enforcing them. Others, seeing what the lucky ones manage to achieve, try their luck and get caught immediately. Where you might feel inclined to push your luck in the belief it won't be noticed, avoid doing so. Success you see others enjoying will be short-lived and you're likely to be the one who wishes they hadn't tried!

Pisces yesterday horoscope:

What skill is required to be effective at persuading? Sheer persistence isn't enough. We can, sometimes, wear someone down to the point where they agree only to cease further discussion but to effectively persuade someone to what we want or need them to do, we must clear the benefits to them of doing so. Any salesperson would agree. To effectively persuade someone now, they simply need to know how they'll gain in addition to how you'll gain. That's easy. Tell them.

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