Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces dailyPisces today horoscope:

We want help sometimes and then question the way it is provided, especially when the cosmos is involved. We fail to see a bigger picture where help we need is concerned and focus so intently on the present that assistance that comes our way is seen as irrelevant or unhelpful. Try not to make that mistake now. You are being helped and supported by a caring cosmos, even if it appears it has missed the point completely about the kind of help you believe you need.

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Pisces tomorrow horoscope:

Help and support can be found in the most unlikely places and from the most unlikely people. We believe we make accurate assessments about who cares and is willing to assist us in ways we need assisting but have all, at some point, discovered we made an error of judgement. Where you find yourself surprised by an offer of assistance, trust that it is real and genuine. Someone might actually be better placed to offer it than you thought they were.

Pisces yesterday horoscope:

We understandably believe others don't have similar trains of thought to those we have. After all, how could they? Out thinking and beliefs can be as unique as we are as individuals and we can't always assume others see or think in the same way we do. It's always helpful when it happens, though. Where you might have thought you and a certain person have been polarized in your view of a shared scenario, you look set to be pleased to discover how in common your thinking is.

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