Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces dailyPisces today horoscope:

To be supportive of others, we sometimes need to adopt a contrary way of thinking to their own. If someone is feeling down or negative, then we must turn the proverbial telescope around and point out reasons why they should be positive and optimistic. Where you might feel a sense of concern now, you will need to be selective about from whom you seek support. It appears more than one person is keen to encourage you to think as negatively as they do.

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Pisces tomorrow horoscope:

If you sense enough is becoming enough in some way, then accept you're being encouraged to put an aspect of the past behind you. This is becoming increasingly necessary and no longer an option that can be considered when you feel inclined to consider it. For as long as you're allowing yourself to dwell and focus upon why certain situations occurred, you're oblivious to some fantastic opportunities on offer. They need and deserve your attention now.

Pisces yesterday horoscope:

Many websites have pictures of smiling men or women asking how they can be of assistance. You enter your query in a box and converse with a fake person responding only with pre-prepared responses to anticipated questions. It can be a helpful but impersonal service. Someone in your world is responding in a lazy way toward questions you need answers to. To make progress, you're going to have to win some trust that will ensure a more personal response!

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