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Many songs have been written about being able to feel 'magic'. We feel magic every moment of our lives but choose to ignore most of it. We want to experience what we believe to be 'real' magic; the type that presents itself in a way that makes us believe we have been singled out by a rewarding, unseen force determined to make our lives wonderful. To confirm yourself to be the recipient of such a thing, simply allow yourself to feel how right a certain plan or idea feels now.

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Pisces yesterday horoscope:

When we even hear the word 'obstacle', we visualize struggle that has made itself known through something unforeseen and is bound to make an already difficult or uncertain situation more so. Yet, there are only two different types of obstacles: those that require effort and imagination to overcome and those that are overcome so easily, it is only after they have been overcome that we discover we did so! Expect to find yourself relieved in such a way soon.

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