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Libra dailyLibra today horoscope:

There's a difference between a wish and a goal. Wishes can become goals but if a goal becomes a wish, it has been downsized or downgraded. We keep wishes to ourselves and tend to make more effort to pursue goals in the belief they're more achievable. You might need to distinguish between something you'd love to see happen but know it is more of a fantasy and something you know, with effort and belief, you can achieve. That's because it is achievable!

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Libra tomorrow horoscope:

'What have you got to lose?' This is a question we are asked by others and even ask ourselves when we're unsure about whether or not we should take a risk. If you're feeling reluctant to take a risk in an area of your world now, then it's likely history is playing a part in this. You are aware of what occurred previously and this is setting an unhelpful and unfair guideline for the future. A risk is worth taking now, provided you believe you're dealing with a very new set of circumstances.

Libra yesterday horoscope:

Imagine how dull life would be if we didn't 'aim high' or set expectations that exceed what we believe we're likely to receive? Gamblers, for example, are just as addicted to the thrill of wondering if they'll lose as they are winning. It's the adrenalin rush that comes from wondering if we've been too ambitious that spurs us on at times. You're being wise, not foolish or irresponsible, by setting what seems like an inflated or ambitious goal.

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