Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra dailyLibra today horoscope:

An astrological equivalent of a green light is being given in some way now and it might become clearer how a commitment or obligation you were considering but held back from embarking upon for one of numerous reasons could be more appropriate now. An obstacle has either been removed or is about to be removed. A union or collaboration of some kind is imminent. Trust that this time, something is going to be very different and in a right and necessary way.

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Libra tomorrow horoscope:

In the absence of essential information, we can all be guilty of making assumptions and tend not to have a one hundred per cent accurate track record with these being correct. We're human. We make mistakes. We accept that. Yet, you might be investing an unjustified level of faith in an assumption now that, very shortly, you're likely to discover is far removed from the reality of a certain situation. This could be an error you'll actually be glad to have made.

Libra yesterday horoscope:

Rarely, are we faced with a problem that has us punching the air with joy. We recognize when we must take action and often assess how much time we have to do so or how urgently the issue needs solving with a view to finding reasons why we can delay taking action. If an unpleasant experience can be postponed, then a reason can often be found to do so. If you must succumb to a need to buy yourself time, then use it to formulate a proper problem-solving strategy.

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