Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra dailyLibra today's horoscope:

Thursday 14th of December 2017

Your efforts in a particular area might not be met with approval or applause by certain individuals or possibly one person in particular. However, don't let their apparent lack of praise or recognition cause your enthusiasm levels to drop. Something needs you to continue giving it the levels of focus and effort you've been giving it. Someone might be slow in recognizing your diligence, but that doesn't mean they don't.

Libra tomorrow horoscope:

Friday 15th of December 2017

An area of your world has benefited from you being accepting of something you felt unable to accept way back when. You might have believed it was easier to bear with a situation rather than continue to resist it. As this situation has now had a chance to progress, you might be asking yourself a similar question now. This time, you have more influence to make it more agreeable on your terms – even if it means turning the tables to make an arrangement suit you better!

Libra yesterday horoscope:

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

The cosmos is encouraging your altruistic side. At a time of year when many are giving more than just thought to those less fortunate, it appears you can contribute something that brings a greater sense of comfort or stability to someone's world. A way in which you're benefiting can benefit them at the same time. Dig deeply into your reserves of love and generosity.

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