Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo dailyLeo today horoscope:

In some way, you appear determined to gain the upper hand and prove beyond any shadow of doubt that you'll not accept defeat where a particular quest is concerned. That's admirable but is it an effective use of your time? Might such levels of diligence and perseverance not be put to better use in another area? That's what the sky is asking you to consider. You can benefit more by leaving a particular situation alone than you will by showing it or someone else who's boss.

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Leo tomorrow horoscope:

Anyone can look at a car in need of repair and confirm there's something wrong with it. This might not always be immediately apparent and, whether it's a car that needs fixing or anything else, it takes someone familiar with how something 'works' to be able to make an accurate diagnosis. You're able to look far beyond the exterior of a certain issue and through having a sound understanding of its composition, will be able to apply the best possible solution.

Leo yesterday horoscope:

What do we mean when we describe someone as being 'creative' or 'imaginative'? We tend to associate such words with someone possessing artistic or musical talents yet we know many creative or imaginative people can possess neither. Through adopting an open mind and being willing to apply some classic Leo imagination, you will be superbly placed to put an area of your world on a much more stable and more meaningful footing.

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