Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo dailyLeo today horoscope:

We're told anything we need at any point in our life is always nearby and close to hand. With little difficulty, we could all argue this point. Perhaps though, by doing so, we're failing to recognize what we truly need and how available it really is. Bear that in mind now. With a bit of effort, willingness and imagination, you can get what you need now. Be honest about what the need really is, not what's disguising it.

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Leo tomorrow horoscope:

How much are we supposed to eat each day? What do our bodies consider to be ideal amounts and what do they consider to be superfluous or overindulgence? What we believe they need and what they need are likely different. We do something similar in other ways. We believe we need more of something than we really do. Frustration surrounding a perceived shortfall is about to wane in light of you realizing you actually need less of something than you thought you did.

Leo yesterday horoscope:

Someone once said 'money can't buy happiness but it can buy the kind of misery you prefer'. Are all rich people happy? We know many are not. Regardless of what occupies their bank accounts, they will experience shortfalls in other areas. As keen as you might be to see an improvement in your fiscal affairs, consider what you have to be positive about where other developments unfolding now are concerned. A coming reason to celebrate has nothing to do with money.

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