Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo dailyLeo today's horoscope:

Friday 6th of May 2016

An old saying surrounds causing the demise of two birds with a single piece of gravel or rock. For the sake ornithological cruelty, let's just say you're in a situation where you can achieve success in more than one way with a single action. Much though, comes down to how confident you are to take a particular risk. You can play it safe and focus on achieving one success but if that can be doubled with the same effort, is the risk not worth taking? The sky definitely implies it is.

Leo tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 7th of May 2016

You might feel a need on your part exists to accept a less than satisfactory offer or suggestion and you could be inclined to simply accept this for the sake for the sake of an easier life. It's possible that, as you understand more about it, the more you're willing to accept it, especially as a certain other person seems to be so supportive or embracing of it. This could be a time to forgive, forget and move on. Push aside whatever reservations you have nurtured.

Leo yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 5th of May 2016

When we know we must make a decision or take action that will have a knock-on effect to at least one other person, then we naturally want to weigh up our options properly before doing anything. The Catch-22 situation we find ourselves in usually surrounds being aware our decision or actions could be something someone will be appreciative of and, of course, the opposite applies. If what you're doing feels right for you now, then you can be sure it's right for someone else.

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