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Leo dailyLeo today horoscope:

All of our actions are motivated in some way, by something. Everything we do is preceded by a thought but some actions should have been given more thought than they were. Whether this is due to selfishness or a sudden act of deceit on someone's part, we often have reason to question what someone was thinking when they pursued a plan of action. An explanation along such lines is about to come your way. Try to be understanding rather than resentful.

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Leo tomorrow horoscope:

What happens to heroes or heroines about twenty minutes from the end of any film? A situation causes them to believe their efforts have been in vain and they must accept defeat. A turn of events appears to give the 'baddie' the upper hand or instils a belief that our central character has been pursuing very much the wrong plan. Of course, we know most stories have happy endings that usually involve a surprise of sorts. Don't rule out such an ending in an area of your world.

Leo yesterday horoscope:

There are times when we receive good news but don't react as positively as we should do because of good news being overshadowed by situations we believe to be less desirable and requiring more of our attention. We receive good news and then say to ourselves, 'ok, that's great to know but right now, I am focused on this less than desirable scenario.' Don't be too quick to ignore a positive development now. It could change much that is less than desirable!

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