Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini dailyGemini today's horoscope:

Tuesday 23rd of May 2017

You could receive confirmation that your instincts were correct in some way but it's also possible you'll discover an idea or plan you thought had potential on one level could hold much more potential than you realized. This could be the result of joining forces with a certain person and feeling creative energy increasing between you. You're both on the same page and bouncing ideas back and forth will ensure one amazing one gets agreed and actioned.

Gemini tomorrow horoscope:

Wednesday 24th of May 2017

Seeing more within certain situations than others might be something you view as helpful but they're likely to regard as frustrating or unhelpful. You're blessed with an ability to see the pros and cons in situations that others are more inclined to simply take at face value so be prepared to have your ideas met with resistance. However, it won't take others long to accept what you're able to highlight is something they had overlooked or failed to consider.

Gemini yesterday horoscope:

Monday 22nd of May 2017

Focusing on and channeling energy toward the pursuit of a closely-held dream or aspiration isn't irresponsible. You might find yourself slipping away into a world of fantasy and feel you're being unrealistic or impractical by doing so. In truth, the best place to draw inspiration is from within yourself and that's why it's important you give your fantastic visions a closer look. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe in, it can achieve.

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