Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini dailyGemini today horoscope:

Habits have an annoying tendency to be habit forming. We grow very accustomed to repetitive situations and feel lost when faced with a need to alter what we have grown so familiar with. Note, though, how I didn't use the word 'comfortable'. All that we become familiar with in a repetitive sense does not always bring comfort. The cosmos is working now to relieve you of an unhelpful repetitive scenario - and you can trust you'll feel comfortable about this soon!

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Gemini tomorrow horoscope:

It is timely that you're now likely assessing how much time, effort and emotional investment is being aimed at a source of negativity. It's possible you've grown used to nurturing resentment toward an area of your world you've struggled to see anything positive within. It might also be possible a certain person could be pivotal in terms of assisting you to recognize what is actually very positive and worthy of your time, effort and emotional investment now.

Gemini yesterday horoscope:

There are many times during our lifetimes where we have little choice other than to stray from 'the beaten track'. By removing ourselves from an obvious course of action and allowing ourselves to venture into unknown territory, we can make delightful discoveries. In an area of your world, you're about to do precisely that. An obvious, familiar and tried and tested option is about to be replaced by something far more appropriate and exciting through your willingness to find it.

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