Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini dailyGemini today horoscope:

To reach a level of fairness in an area of your world requires compromise. This, according to the sky, might require a need on both sides to bend a rule in order to do so. Where you and they have believed a certain situation offered little in the way of flexibility and has to remain as it has been for some time, it is possible both of you can agree upon a way forward by accepting one rule in particular doesn't need to be adhered to as strongly as it has been.

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Gemini tomorrow horoscope:

By adhering to an understood rule or enforced limitation, are you doing what you believe to be right or what someone else believes you ought to be doing? You could be disinclined to upset a few proverbial apple carts by doing what others or one person in particular expect of you yet you know, in your heart, you should be afforded more freedom than you're receiving. You might need to summon courage to step across a clearly defined line now but you know it needs to be done.

Gemini yesterday horoscope:

We have ideas we believe to be far-fetched and can find ourselves surprised at how attainable or achievable they are. How does that happen? What makes a far-fetched or seemingly impossible idea possible? This usually has much to do with a faint glimmer of hope appearing where we convinced ourselves the investment of hope was futile. Expect, very soon, to see a very hopeful reason to be optimistic about something you thought was unattainable, unlikely or impossible.

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