Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini dailyGemini today's horoscope:

Wednesday 24th of April 2019

When we accept how integral patience is to a plan we need to move up a gear or two, it's usually a sign that we've put everything in place to get it running properly. As keen as you may be to closely monitor a particular plan or process, try to leave it alone. It can gain momentum with you nudging it gently rather than steering it determinedly. If you distance yourself from it, it could have a pleasant surprise in store.

Gemini tomorrow horoscope:

Thursday 25th of April 2019

It's important to focus on what you stand to gain from an arrangement rather than what you sense you're likely to lose or compromise. A bigger picture may need to be considered and you might also need to apply a bit of imagination to see what more can be gained further down the proverbial road. Trust that, for now, you have or will soon have something to feel deservedly proud of and reassured about.

Gemini yesterday horoscope:

Tuesday 23rd of April 2019

If someone isn't taking an interest or showing support in ways you need them to, then you're not obliged to keep begging for it. Immerse yourself in the company of those who do understand you and what you're keen to achieve. You have a clearer idea about where one vision is heading and anyone who's going to accompany you needs to share your desire to be in it for the long-haul. There may also be one person you've carried for long enough.

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