Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn dailyCapricorn today's horoscope:

Monday 24th of October 2016

We tend to react defensively to a sense of urgency making itself felt. We might fully appreciate how time-sensitive a situation demanding our time and efforts is but would prefer to be tackling it on our terms, rather than those being enforced in some way. The sense of urgency making itself felt in your world exists for a helpful reason. It seems to understand your need for something helpful to happen sooner than later. That's precisely what you can control now.

Capricorn tomorrow horoscope:

Tuesday 25th of October 2016

An area of your world that might have slowed to a snail's pace around the middle of this year is likely showing signs of picking up significantly. That's why you should be welcoming of a new sense of pressure you're feeling. You're being spurred on to return focus to an area that lost momentum earlier this year and has possibly instilled within you a sense of pessimism or apathy. If all it takes is one positive reason to revive your enthusiasm, then it's coming. And more.

Capricorn yesterday horoscope:

Sunday 23rd of October 2016

Have you ever seen mimes performing in a way that makes one appear to be a mirrored reflection of the other? Each does precisely the same action at the same time. As you get to grips with an aspect of your personality or character you've long wanted to improve, the greatest improvement will come from key people in your world responding and reciprocating to what they receive from you. That's why you need to send out the most loving and kind message.
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