Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn dailyCapricorn today's horoscope:

Friday 28th of February 2020

A routine that may have become tiring or tedious could receive much thinking time or focus. Even if you want more excitement or spontaneity, don't sacrifice your long term security to live on the edge. Hasty or impatient actions won't bring the breath of fresh air or freedom you want, either. A process ticking along in the background intends to do that for you. Give it time.

Capricorn tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 29th of February 2020

A surge of positivity could be what's needed to remove you from a comfort zone or banish a belief that procrastination serves a helpful purpose. If you've wondered what possibilities exist beyond the confines of a restrictive situation or arrangement, then you have a chance to find out. Although a step taken could be the result of summoning courage, it probably has more to do with you possessing no fear of failure.

Capricorn yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 27th of February 2020

An influx of communication could come your way. You can avert trouble if you pay close attention to every word said to you as well. But unless you're able to keep your feet on the ground rather than your head in the clouds, even the most straightforward conversation or interaction could become complicated. As long as you keep the truth simple and sweet, you needn't worry about playing any part in communicative chaos.
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