Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer dailyCancer today horoscope:

How much help or support do you need now? Your initial reaction could be along the lines of, 'a lot'. Where you might believe you're not being listened to or effort made on your part for someone to see sense and accept a point you're making with absolute conviction are concerned, you could be at your wits end in terms of knowing what more you can be doing. Success relies on someone believing your idea to be their own. This will happen soon and progress will be made.

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Cancer tomorrow horoscope:

Help can appear evasive or elusive but it is always available to us. There are times though, when we have to appear receptive to receiving it. We don't always have to appear desperate. Just sending out a clear signal of receptiveness is all we need to do much of the time. The cosmos, however, is willing to offer help and support where you need it most now. All you need to do is be willing to accept it. You don't have to ask. Just relax and let it happen.

Cancer yesterday horoscope:

It's important to distinguish between what you can change and what is beyond your ability to change or influence. The latter is nothing we should ever feel despondent about. It's usually through accepting what can't be changed that we identify a solution that frees us in some way from it and takes us into new and exciting territory. The way you're refusing to resign yourself to an unacceptable situation is precisely what will eventually free you from it.

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