Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer dailyCancer today horoscope:

Consider what your 'breaking point' is with regard to a certain situation. Give thought to how much more you're willing to accept or tolerate, too. Now, also give thought to how much of what irks or infuriates you can be left alone, ignored or simply pushed to one side. It's possible you're trying to dive too deeply into a shallow pool of concern. You can afford to trust a little more than you're doing at present. Summon that and a concern will shrink significantly.

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Cancer tomorrow horoscope:

What's that you're dragging? Ah, it looks like a horse. Where are you taking it? It looks as if you're taking it to water and – ah, you're probably determined to make it drink. You seem to be going through much effort to make the stubborn animal see the benefits of drinking. Why do you believe you need to go to such effort? If you were to be patient, might it choose to do what you want in its own way and time? I think you get the gist of what you need to do in some way now.

Cancer yesterday horoscope:

We are surrounded by facades. Products are dressed up in ways that encourage us to believe the promises made by their manufacturers. People smile sweetly at others but their thoughts conceal a much different attitude. It's a good thing Cancerians can often see through a facade. Such a talent is going to come in very handy now. It's the way you will be able to spot the truth or reality in a situation and motives of a certain person that will prepare you in a necessary way.

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