Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Aquarius dailyAquarius today's horoscope:

Monday 25th of July 2016

'Don't be concerned if people are talking about or criticizing you. Be more concerned if they aren't.' Such words are often said or implied by politicians or anyone else who believes any publicity is good publicity. Successful people are often the most criticized and if you're feeling set upon or the recipient of criticism you deem unfair, then it should be welcomed rather than resented. You've made an impression in a particular way. It's something to be grateful for.

Aquarius tomorrow horoscope:

Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Being supportive of someone's view might keep the peace between you and them but you can likely see how it will result in upsetting an equilibrium with someone else. You could be at risk of isolating a certain person you'd prefer to remain close to by being supportive of something you know doesn't sit well with them. There is a way you can keep both sides happy and this involves making your view clear, openly and honestly to both. It is possible to refrain from a taking one person's side.

Aquarius yesterday horoscope:

Sunday 24th of July 2016

There's something amusing about the saying, 'barking up the wrong tree'. We know it to mean pursuing a mistaken or misguided belief, thought or action. We can't help but think of how daft a person would look doing such a thing. Perhaps, that was something whoever came up with the phrase had in mind when they coined it. You needn't be concerned about looking daft in the eyes of others, only yourself, if you continue to cling to a belief you know to be mistaken.
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