Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Aquarius dailyAquarius today's horoscope:

Friday 24th of February 2017

Something or someone at a distance could be the focus of attention and many Water Bearers could find their thoughts drift to anywhere but the comforts of home. Whether you've got exciting travel plans to look forward to or connecting with someone from afar is a priority, anticipation is building. Whatever or whoever has been distant or detached is about to be brought closer.

Aquarius tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 25th of February 2017

The idea of pursuing something on your own rather than involving others might appeal to you but if doing so means you have to shelve an idea to take leadership in some way, then time on your own could be time well spent. There might be something you need to gain a better understanding of before you can involve others and that's something the cosmos is assisting with now.

Aquarius yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 23rd of February 2017

Wanting to do something your way makes sense to you but could be met with resistance by someone you could do with having on your side. You might believe you have an accurate assessment of what needs doing and why it needs doing your way but being receptive to someone's input could reveal a gap in your strategy. Try to be flexible where flexibility is needed.
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