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Aquarius dailyAquarius today horoscope:

The phrase, 'to pour oil on troubled waters' means 'to attempt to calm a problematic situation'. Where, in your world, might the equivalent be applied now? This could take the form of saying something to a particular person that you know they want to hear. It could also involve someone doing something similar to you. In any case, it is essential honesty plays a part. Avoid succumbing to an act of simply placating someone now – and be 'live' to it being done to you.

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Aquarius tomorrow horoscope:

Psychologists estimate there are around 500 different phobias. It must therefore make sense that there are at least 500 different fears, as a phobia is an extreme or irrational fear or aversion to something. How many phobias or fears do we experience in our lifetime? We have no way of knowing but we do know the power a single fear can have. Single fears are much more easily conquered and you're about to discover how easily conquerable a particular fear of yours is.

Aquarius yesterday horoscope:

Are we all happy with how we're seen by others? Generally, most of us are but because people are fickle, with different needs and a consequent need to be treated differently, we can often be seen as different ourselves in the eyes of different people. This doesn't make us inconsistent or insincere. You might believe you're being both through a need to adjust the way you're seen in light of changing circumstances but can trust you are being honest with yourself by doing so.
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