Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Aquarius dailyAquarius today horoscope:

Through downsizing a certain expectation, you weren't being unrealistic. You were, at the time, being sensible. Why? Because, through adjusting your expectation some way, you knowingly or unknowingly started to adjust your attitude toward what you believed and disbelieved to be attainable or achievable in some way. Now, it appears you have a second chance to make something close to your heart happen. It's time to aim a bit higher than you're used to.

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Aquarius tomorrow horoscope:

Life does require all of us to suffer in silence sometimes. Even the most outspoken or gregarious person chooses to quietly take on responsibilities and deal with situations with little or no help from anyone else. When we find ourselves on the receiving end of a reward for our efforts in the form of release from what we've had to deal with, we question it. It's important you accept the appreciative gesture coming your way from a helpful and rewarding cosmos. You've earned it.

Aquarius yesterday horoscope:

People speak about ways in which we 'sell ourselves short'. In other words, we lower expectations to the point where we barely have any and therefore have little to be excited about or inspired by. Who else would tell us we're being unrealistic by pursuing a dream than someone keen to see us fail? Such a Machiavellian person might not exist in your world in quite that way but someone has their own reasons for trying to discourage rather than encourage you now.
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