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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn dailyCapricorn today's horoscope:

Friday 22nd of February 2019

You're able to see what's positive and deserves to be nurtured in a close connection but could also be increasingly aware of restrictions that apply. It's possible you'll feel pushed to relinquish a certain level of freedom that you're determined to cling to or maintain. What you might feel needs to unfold slowly and gradually, a partner might feel needs more urgency attached to it. Common ground lies with you accepting you might be clinging too tightly to the status quo and someone else accepting that pushing you the way they are has more to do with them satisfying their needs than yours.

Capricorn tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

You and a certain person could discover you have a shared interest in a topic others might find bizarre or unusual. You and this individual might not be entirely on the same page regarding this subject, but enough common ground exists to keep conversations stimulating and intriguing. For some Capricorns, this could be the start of a long-lasting and potentially beautiful friendship – or more.

Capricorn yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 21st of February 2019

What might be easy or second nature to you might be something someone is keen to learn or grasp the concept of. You can play a helpful role in assisting with making their learning curve less steep than it might have been otherwise. Show willingness to share some experience-based knowledge. It will benefit both of you.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius dailySagittarius today's horoscope:

Friday 22nd of February 2019

If you thought you had a To Do List or schedule that wasn't prone to disruption today, then you could discover otherwise. Unforeseen developments or unplanned changes could disrupt your best-laid plans and make committing to any particular task a challenge. However, that doesn't mean a warm glow of satisfaction can't happen when you do strike one important task off your list. This could remind you of the rewards that come directly or indirectly with effort, patience, and perseverance.

Sagittarius tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

You could bring extra levels of energy to all you undertake today but could also be at risk of rushing around and looking at what you actually managed to complete with some degree of disappointment. Fortunately, your fervent energy can be harnessed most productively if you set guidelines with others regarding who's doing what. Once you know precisely what role you play in achieving your personal workload, you'll shine and bask in justified pride from jobs well done!

Sagittarius yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 21st of February 2019

Communication could be at the heart of more than one issue at this time. This might involve communication you aren't receiving or maybe wish you weren't receiving that could be sources of frustration. Your exchanges might be far removed from what you wish they were but don't believe what's frustrating will remain that way indefinitely. Where you'd made an effort or a point clear, proof is coming to confirm your efforts weren't in vain.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio dailyScorpio today's horoscope:

Friday 22nd of February 2019

You might have a schedule or agenda clear in your mind but find your efforts to stick with it are met with resistance by someone determined to push you to work entirely to theirs. Rather than allow your signature stubbornness to kick in, look closely at what someone needs from you and what's in for you to comply. Showing willingness to compromise or cooperate benefits both of you. With a more open and receptive mind, their request might not be the tall or selfish order you thought it was.

Scorpio tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

Wanting something to be done your way might make sense to you on umpteen levels, but progress relies on you being flexible and cooperative. With just a bit more willingness to be both, you could see that your reason for being inflexible or uncooperative stems more from fear that wanton stubbornness. Be receptive to what others or one person want from you. Unless you truly listen, you won't be able to spot the way or ways you can benefit from collaborating.

Scorpio yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 21st of February 2019

Pressure you might feel from a particular person might be well-intended, but you could see it as unhelpful. You know how and why pressure exists and what you have to make happen within a certain timeframe. Someone's keenness to highlight this might be unwelcome. Try your best to smile, nod and accept someone's trying to help, even if you wish they'd mind their own business.

Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra dailyLibra today's horoscope:

Friday 22nd of February 2019

It requires considerably more strength to admit a mistake or error of judgment than to pretend it never happened. You have a chance to convey this to someone who wants to instigate an open and honest exchange, too. If this can remain balanced with plenty of listening on both sides, then between you, you can bring fresh energy and an equally fresh perspective to a tired or stagnant situation. It all starts with honesty underpinning every word.

Libra tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

A fleeting idea or seemingly insignificant brainwave deserves a closer look. There could be something inspirational within what you're inclined to dismiss as fanciful, and one tiny imaginative vision could transform into something that reveals how fewer steps or stages will be needed to turn your vision into something tangible and real. Don't allow pessimism to override what excites or inspires you now, regardless of how impractical it might appear.

Libra yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 21st of February 2019

As much as you might wish you could steer or manage a situation or opportunity your way, you might have no option other than to involve and perhaps even rely on someone else's assistance or input. That shouldn't pose a problem. They might be better placed than you regarding knowing what to do or who to call upon for further help. Trust that any need to combine efforts will likely prove to be the most productive option for both of you.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo dailyVirgo today's horoscope:

Friday 22nd of February 2019

You might appear calm and composed on the outside, but this probably has more to do with you being able to deflect others' negative vibes. You know what you have to focus attention on and aren't about to allow external influences distract you. Gossip or negative aspersions cast by others are unlikely to interest you. You can be much more productive by remaining within a calm and tranquil protective bubble. Remember that whoever gossips to you, gossips about you.

Virgo tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

Letting someone's insensitive comment or observation bounce off you is the best strategy you can adopt toward it. You don't have to take the bait or respond with an equally hurtful comment. If someone is determined to convey negative thoughts your direction, then if you really want to rile them, ignore them. If they felt they had to provoke you and their efforts weren't successful, then they'll soon find someone else to target. Keep calm and carry on.

Virgo yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 21st of February 2019

Duties or obligations in more than one area of your world could demand attention, but you can't ignore one in particular that needs your attention now. It's possible you don't have any say regarding whether you fulfill what's expected of you but might have to deal with some level of opposition from one person who feels slighted. Make clear sensitively the importance of what it is you must do, and they'll understand.

Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo dailyLeo today's horoscope:

Friday 22nd of February 2019

Be honest about what inspires or motivates you – and why. It's possible a bold step you're considering is the result of wanting to free yourself from heavy constrictions or restrictive protocol imposed upon you. It's natural to want to allow your rebellious side to take over, but hastiness or recklessness come at a price. There is stability within what seems tired, predictable or restrictive. Shaking a situation out of boredom could disrupt stability you've worked so hard to create. Proceed confidently and slowly.

Leo tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

You can show justified pride in success that came largely from your efforts, but it's important to acknowledge the role at least one other person played in it. You can see where a line exists between what you made happen singlehandedly and at which point someone else had to intervene. However, the fact that whatever was achieved required a group or collaborative effort shouldn't dampen your spirits. If anything, it reminds you and others of how fantastic a team player you are and why they should collaborate with you again in the future.

Leo yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 21st of February 2019

Credit might need to be given where it's due, and it's possible someone could be benefiting from effort you invested in the past. Thankfully, comforting aspects imply you'll be more inclined to shrug it off or chalk it up to experience. The cosmos is on your side with this and in the way truth always emerges eventually, you can trust it will reveal itself with no effort or intervention from you.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer dailyCancer today's horoscope:

Friday 22nd of February 2019

You could be tempted to shake up the status quo, perhaps to prove a point to someone who is determined to stick with what's tried, tested and predictable. They're unlikely to share your keenness to inject change where they sense it simply isn't needed. Your determination to make clear what you want to change could be met with someone asking why you're so keen to 'fix' something they don't see as 'broken.' It's not impossible to find a compromise but laying down the law or issuing ultimatums won't help.

Cancer tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

You're keen to let your experience-based talents speak for themselves. Something that others might struggle even to know where to start with could be something you can complete by the time they've devised a strategy. This ability won't go unnoticed by powers-that-be either, so make sure you respond with sensitivity and humility. 'Showing off' isn't what it's all about – you just see no reason to dillydally when you know it's important to knuckle down to achieve a result.

Cancer yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 21st of February 2019

Uncertainty permeates more than one area of your world, and although you might believe you have a reason to be cautious, it's possible you could look at more than one situation pessimistically. Look at what's positive with what you might be fearful of. Don't put yourself at risk of encouraging negative outcomes by focusing intently on them. Let yourself off the hook where wishing you'd done something differently is concerned. It's in the past now.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini dailyGemini today's horoscope:

Friday 22nd of February 2019

You could feel it's necessary to change your priorities, especially if someone has done the same with theirs. An arrangement that has worked well until now could have altered or be in a transitional phase, and how you allocate time or resources might need to be reassessed because of this. However, don't believe you must subject your routines to a complete overhaul. You could have a bit more free time that can be filled with something new and reassuringly productive.

Gemini tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

You might feel someone is owed a detailed explanation or insight in some way and see the act of providing either or both as time-consuming and unnecessary. However, there could be something about hearing or reading your own words that helps you connect more strongly with your motivations for doing whatever you're asked to explain or justify. Outlining your thoughts honestly can only gain approval from others, even if you weren't interested in gaining it recently.

Gemini yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 21st of February 2019

You could be helpful in dispelling a fear or concern nurtured by a friend or someone close. They could be at risk of tying themselves up in knots by worrying or giving unjust attention to a certain issue. You're armed with more knowledge about this than you might believe yourself to be and some calming words from you could soon put their mind at ease.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

Taurus dailyTaurus today's horoscope:

Friday 22nd of February 2019

Look closely at your options before drawing any conclusions about the next step needed to take a cherished goal to a new level. The fact that you have some degree of freedom should make it easier to focus on what's best for you without having to consider someone else's needs to the extent you might feel obliged to do. Even if it feels as if you're at a crossroads, especially in your career, you know what offers the most viable path to self-fulfillment. That's the one to follow.

Taurus tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

What might be only a niggling and maybe even an annoying thought could reveal itself to be an answer you've been looking for. Don't dismiss any random thoughts as pointless or annoying at this time. In fact, it could be general or generic enough to be applied successfully and effectively to more than one area of your world. Open your mind and take note of what it becomes tuned-in to. A closed or intensely discriminating mind does you no favors at the best of times and especially now.

Taurus yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 21st of February 2019

Being in demand or sought after for assistance you can provide or a skill you possess might be flattering but there could also be something stressful and demanding about it. You might feel pressured to deliver or match others' expectations and also need to put your foot down or make clear what you're able to fulfill and what must shift down your priority list. Reminding certain people you only have two hands is a good idea.

Aries Daily Horoscope

Aries dailyAries today's horoscope:

Friday 22nd of February 2019

You might be dealing with much that is vague or ill-defined in more than one area of your world but probably have a clear idea about where you stand financially – and what steps need to be taken to enhance your monetary position. If a certain discussion needs to be had with someone who, with a simple nod or a signature can be integral to boosting your earnings, then don't be shy about coming forward. It might be something they're expecting.

Aries tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

You could have a helpful and willing sounding board in the form of a close friend or family member who can help you make a decision you're wrestling with. Normally, you'd be quite happy to be guided solely by instincts but might not have time on your side in a way you wish you did. There could be something about this person's experience-based wisdom that you want to gain access to – and they're probably only too happy to assist.

Aries yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 21st of February 2019

What's good for a goose, is, as they say, good for a gander. In an area of your world, what suits someone else that you might have taken time to accept could suit or benefit you. It's probably easier to embrace a situation than resist or continue trying to find flaws or faults in it. Be willing to consider what you've been quick to reject, and you'll likely find that, very soon, you gain in a way you'll be pleased with.

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces dailyPisces today's horoscope:

Friday 22nd of February 2019

Finding common ground in conversations could prove tricky, especially if you sense you're the one bringing interesting and thought-provoking topics to any exchanges. It's not that you're uninterested in hearing about what's occurring in others' worlds, but you could want to experience a conversation underpinned by as much as passion as you bring to it. Discussions could be about anything under the sun as far you're concerned as long as they inspire or, even better excite the listener. It might be up to you to gently encourage more intriguing interactions.

Pisces tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

You don't mind being asked to share knowledge or insights but are right to accept that you're not obliged to assist anyone who doesn't ask respectfully. However, you could be unaware of how barbed or aggressive your responses are, and filtering your words before releasing them can keep conversations civil and manageable. You're happy to be involved with heartfelt exchanges of ideas, thoughts, and opinions but might need to dial back any unintentional aggression to do so.

Pisces yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 21st of February 2019

What you believe is a sensible choice based on a decision that has had plenty of thinking time could be something someone thinks you haven't thought through properly. If they knew what you know, then they'd likely think differently, but could have a selfish, vested interest in what you're doing or considering. If you haven't succumbed to pressure now, then continue to pursue something your way. Your instincts can be trusted regarding steps taken so far.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Aquarius dailyAquarius today's horoscope:

Friday 22nd of February 2019

Your brilliant mind could come up with a fantastic idea. 'Fantastic' could be spectacular or wonderful, and it could be mean it's rooted deeply in the realms of fantasy. Either way, this epiphany deserves to be put in a mental folder marked, 'important' and not dismissed as whimsical or idealistic. You could find that combining imagination with effort brings a result that reassures you that your idea, plan or vision offers more than just potential.

Aquarius tomorrow horoscope:

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

You and a certain person could have more in common than you realize, and it's only by taking a conversation out of usual, run-of-the-mill chitchat that you'll likely discover this. Even if you don't discover that your paths likely crossed in the past or you share the same social connections, you could share a certain ambition that can benefit from combining talents or resources. Whatever comes to light, you and this individual could make a formidable team with a willingness on both sides to do so.

Aquarius yesterday horoscope:

Thursday 21st of February 2019

You might feel it's necessary to accept a less than satisfactory offer or suggestion and could also be inclined to accept this for the sake of an easier life. It's possible that, the more you understand it, the more willing you'll be to accept it, especially if a certain person also seems to be so supportive of it. This could be a time to forgive, forget and move forward confidently. Push aside any reservations or resentments you've nurtured.