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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn dailyCapricorn today's horoscope:

Thursday 14th of December 2017

We know, instantly, when we have found an elusive answer. We know when a Eureka Moment has arrived and usually know what's required from us to bring closure to a troubling or confusing issue. The sky speaks of such a moment arriving for you, now or very shortly. Even if it's spotting an answer to someone else's problem, you can still benefit from your own advice!

Capricorn tomorrow horoscope:

Friday 15th of December 2017

A change of heart you're experiencing in an area of your world shouldn't be seen as indecisiveness. You might have traveled down a particular road to a point where you need to revise your strategy. This could also be due to having more information available to you now than you did previously. You're now able to base your next move on facts rather than guesswork.

Capricorn yesterday horoscope:

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

We undertake numerous journeys in different ways all the time. Generally, we have faith in whatever form of transport we're using getting us to our desired destination safely and predictably. History probably plays a part in why we're so trusting. But what about journeys the universe takes us on? We can be very distrustful of those, even if the past tells us otherwise. You're about to embark upon a special journey of self-discovery, courtesy of a kind and caring cosmos. Trust it. At this point, you probably have no idea how magical this will be.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius dailySagittarius today's horoscope:

Thursday 14th of December 2017

It's just as much within our abilities to bring about negative outcomes as it is positive ones. Much depends on what 'plan' we're working to. There is always a plan for success and another one for failure. Fortunately, you appear able to modify a plan in your world to take it from the negative outcome it's heading toward to a positive one. All this requires is a simple change in attitude.

Sagittarius tomorrow horoscope:

Friday 15th of December 2017

Rather than try your hand at some serious multitasking, focus instead on one task you know you will excel at. An array of options might present more questions than answers, but you're at risk of spreading yourself too thinly by taking on too much at this time. Ensure your strategy is a simple one. Trust your heart to guide you to what will bring the most appropriate and impressive result.

Sagittarius yesterday horoscope:

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

Hopefully, it's becoming clearer how and why you needn't nurture a strong sense of guilt in a particular area. Even if you believe 'guilt' isn't necessarily the right word, you're encouraged to let yourself off the proverbial hook where you've carried a particular burden for too long. You deserve to feel a greater sense of liberation where this is concerned. That's what the cosmos is working to bring you now.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio dailyScorpio today's horoscope:

Thursday 14th of December 2017

The Moon's influence in your sign boosts your passion levels, but it might become clear how your passion in one area outweighs someone else's. if you've planted a seed of inspiration in someone's else's mind, then allow them a chance to become inspired in the same you are. Being impatient and trying to get them to see the obvious could only delay them from doing so.

Scorpio tomorrow horoscope:

Friday 15th of December 2017

A plan that suits you might not meet with someone else's approval, but don't let that become a problem. They might need some time to get to grips with how seriously you're taking an idea – and why pursuing it is so important to you. Continue to pursue your plan passionately. A certain person will be more accepting of it soon.

Scorpio yesterday horoscope:

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

You have a chance to lead by example and, fortunately, this requires you to simply be yourself. You can encourage others to see certain life scenarios in the positive and loving ways you do. You're prepared to give and make others' worlds a more comfortable place. All you appear to want is for them to do the same in return. You're about to see how that's not an unreasonable request.

Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra dailyLibra today's horoscope:

Thursday 14th of December 2017

Your efforts in a particular area might not be met with approval or applause by certain individuals or possibly one person in particular. However, don't let their apparent lack of praise or recognition cause your enthusiasm levels to drop. Something needs you to continue giving it the levels of focus and effort you've been giving it. Someone might be slow in recognizing your diligence, but that doesn't mean they don't.

Libra tomorrow horoscope:

Friday 15th of December 2017

An area of your world has benefited from you being accepting of something you felt unable to accept way back when. You might have believed it was easier to bear with a situation rather than continue to resist it. As this situation has now had a chance to progress, you might be asking yourself a similar question now. This time, you have more influence to make it more agreeable on your terms – even if it means turning the tables to make an arrangement suit you better!

Libra yesterday horoscope:

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

The cosmos is encouraging your altruistic side. At a time of year when many are giving more than just thought to those less fortunate, it appears you can contribute something that brings a greater sense of comfort or stability to someone's world. A way in which you're benefiting can benefit them at the same time. Dig deeply into your reserves of love and generosity.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo dailyVirgo today's horoscope:

Thursday 14th of December 2017

Even if a simple 'thank you' from a certain person for effort you're investing on their behalf wouldn't go amiss, you're right to continue giving in ways you are. You stand to benefit from your efforts, even if the payback isn't immediate. You are more appreciated and valued than someone might be letting on. Soon, they'll make their appreciation clear.

Virgo tomorrow horoscope:

Friday 15th of December 2017

Ways in which we learn from past mistakes often play a part in us wanting to ensure someone else doesn't make the same mistakes themselves. We don't always point out the potential pitfalls to someone to make ourselves feel superior or knowledgeable. We do it because we want to play a part in making someone's life easier and less stressful. Be willing to play such a part now.

Virgo yesterday horoscope:

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

Communication, we know, is best when it's a two-way process. However, we can sometimes forget that listening must be the same. It can be easy to think that listening requires one of us to shut up while the other does the talking. However, for someone to believe we have truly listened, we need to be given a chance to speak to confirm this. It's important you confirm how well you've listened to something told to you.

Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo dailyLeo today's horoscope:

Thursday 14th of December 2017

A sense of the unknown could be instilling a false sense of urgency or, even worse, fear, within you at this time. What you don't know, can't hurt you, so you're in the best position possible by remaining unaware of what's transpiring. It's important to trust that you're in safe hands and have support where you need it. You're not alone in tackling and resolving what needs resolving now.

Leo tomorrow horoscope:

Friday 15th of December 2017

There's always something comforting about knowing who our friends are and the cosmos could help to bring such a level of enlightenment your way, now or shortly. If tension and doubt have been prevalent between you and a certain person, then coming events should provide a good reason why either or both can be replaced with comfort and certainty.

Leo yesterday horoscope:

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

We can be quick to heed the opinions and suggestions of others at times but will go to great lengths to ignore what our inner voice is trying to tell us. Don't make that mistake now. You can call it a 'hunch' if you like, but it's important you don't push aside a message coming from your intuition. If it needs to keep hounding you, then it will, and for a very good reason.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer dailyCancer today's horoscope:

Thursday 14th of December 2017

The saying about huge oak trees growing from acorns might be one of the oldest clichés in the book, but it's relevant to you now. A plan or idea could hold massive potential. You might only see a few tiny shoots emerging from soil at this stage, but these are being nurtured in the right way to create something permanent and far-reaching that you'll have every reason to be proud of.

Cancer tomorrow horoscope:

Friday 15th of December 2017

If you need proof that success is often the result of who you know, rather than what you know, then evidence is coming. You might have to request assistance from someone who might have to request it from someone else. However, this growing network of contacts is one you probably would have taken an age to create yourself. You're lucky to have someone so supportive on your side so don't be embarrassed to ask for help from someone willing to provide it.

Cancer yesterday horoscope:

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

Knowing you were right in a particular area might be enough to fill you with a warm glow of reassurance and pride. Of course, you wouldn't reject an apology from one individual, but a quiet understanding of the fact you were right about a certain matter or to pursue a particular plan appears forthcoming. Ways in which you've maintained dignity or been extraordinarily patient are about to pay off.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini dailyGemini today's horoscope:

Thursday 14th of December 2017

Who brings out 'the best' in you? Your list might be a long one, but it appears one person is capable of firing your imagination and encouraging your creative side to reveal itself. This collaboration has all the hallmarks of success. Whatever is underway creatively between you and a certain individual needs to be nurtured and encouraged. Don't be hemmed in by any perceived restrictions.

Gemini tomorrow horoscope:

Friday 15th of December 2017

If frustration arises from you not receiving a simple answer to what you believe is a simple question, then consider how you're asking the question. What might appear straightforward to you might only be so because you're much closer to the idea or plan you're trying to get someone to understand. Their seemingly unhelpful response might be due to them having a slightly better idea than your own.

Gemini yesterday horoscope:

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

People successful with get-rich-quick schemes tend to make available what they believe people 'want'. This might sound obvious but given that so many present us with ideas we would never support or part with money for is a testament to how many get it wrong. You have an idea you believe will be met with approval from others. You might be doing something differently or offering something unique. Be patient, and your idea will be embraced warmly.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

Taurus dailyTaurus today's horoscope:

Thursday 14th of December 2017

As much as you might normally go to great lengths to avoid relationship conflict, you could lose self-restraint when subjected to someone's inconsiderate behavior. If this interrupts a routine you need to run without a hitch or obstacle, then you won't hold back with letting someone know this. Your words carry considerable clout now, so be aware of the consequences of lashing out in a way you want to.

Taurus tomorrow horoscope:

Friday 15th of December 2017

It might feel frustrating to give detailed information where you believe only basic facts are needed. All you see is a result beckoning on the horizon and believe achieving it doesn't require focusing on the finer details of a plan. Allowing yourself to look deeply into the mechanics of your strategy helps you to understand it. Look closely at what you've dismissed as irrelevant or superfluous.

Taurus yesterday horoscope:

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

A sense of reassurance or possibly acceptance helps with boosting your motivation levels. After all, do we not all struggle to find motivation or inspiration when we feel as if our efforts are unappreciated? If you're not yet aware of how appreciated you are by at least one person, then coming events will help to make this crystal clear.

Aries Daily Horoscope

Aries dailyAries today's horoscope:

Thursday 14th of December 2017

You have a choice regarding how you choose to react to someone with a differing opinion. Your first reaction might be to fight fire with fire but will hopefully see how that doesn't help either of you. Taking time to reflect on why someone is contrary helps with seeing less malice in their words than you believed existed. It might be you who's reacting unfairly or unnecessarily.

Aries tomorrow horoscope:

Friday 15th of December 2017

You might underestimate the calming influence you can offer in some way. You can help others to lower their defenses or agree to be more cooperative, and this benefits everyone involved. Your natural ability to lead and by example. It's your approach to a collaborative effort that makes lighter work of what needs to be done.

Aries yesterday horoscope:

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

We're prepared to wait for many things in life. We understand waiting is a necessary part of many processes but often want the 'waiting time' to be on our terms. Then, of course, there is that age-old saying about what comes to those prepared to wait. The sky speaks of something very real and potentially heartwarming coming your way if you're able to summon the necessary patience for it to manifest properly. To identify this, simply look at where you feel most impatient!

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces dailyPisces today's horoscope:

Thursday 14th of December 2017

We all know people who, knowingly or unknowingly, adhere to a motto along the lines of 'do as I say, not as I do.' Some people can offer advice on any subject under the sun but aren't quick to do as they advise others to do. You, however, are an exception to this. Advice you're able to offer someone is reinforced by two things: experience and an amazing ability to connect with what someone truly needs to hear!

Pisces tomorrow horoscope:

Friday 15th of December 2017

Despite what you might be encouraged to believe, your opinion about a certain matter is something someone is willing to listen to and consider. However, you'll need to accept the proverbial ball is in their court where a decision is concerned. A certain person will benefit much more from you being supportive instead of critical. Offer your input and insight. Then, step back and allow them to decide on their own.

Pisces yesterday horoscope:

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

We often equate 'caring less' with being selfish or irresponsible. There are times when we are painfully aware of how much care and attention we've given something that has no intention of cooperating. It's usually at that time we decide to focus time and effort elsewhere and then what happens? We discover our efforts were helpful in some way after all. It's by stepping back and allowing a process to breathe that you can accelerate its progress. Care less, even briefly.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Aquarius dailyAquarius today's horoscope:

Thursday 14th of December 2017

It's not like you to be concerned what others think. As far as you're concerned, the more unusual an idea is, the better! It might take one or two others some time to get to grips with your thinking, but it's a case of 'better late than never.' You might be excited about an unusual train of thought you're experiencing now. Don't let others' apparent lack of enthusiasm cause you to question it.

Aquarius tomorrow horoscope:

Friday 15th of December 2017

Something you believe you have an accurate understanding of could be something others are doubtful toward. Your confidence pushes you to convey yourself with absolute belief, but others appear to need more convincing. Getting anyone on your side requires you to make crystal clear the benefits to everyone who chooses to share your vision, and not only the benefits to you.

Aquarius yesterday horoscope:

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

We tend to be more willing as children than adults to explore 'what else might be possible' or push a boundary or two. That's because we possess fewer fears and doubts as youngsters. It could be more than helpful for you to connect with your inner child and push aside fear or doubt in a particular area. You're right to wonder what else might be possible or if a boundary is as flimsy as it appears to be!