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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn dailyCapricorn today horoscope:

You are going about your business as others go about theirs and, occasionally, your respective life patterns overlap. It is the way someone else's drama affects you now that is causing the greatest sense of discomfort within you. You are likely growing weary of having to make allowances for someone else's issues. What's occurring in their world does affect you. By helping as opposed to opposing them, you stand to gain something very special that will lead to you feeling in a stronger position.

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Capricorn tomorrow horoscope:

A stressful and dramatic scenario is very much within your power to change. You're aware of pressure coming your direction from certain quarters to change it but have yet to feel confident or reassured that changing it really is in your best interests. No matter how you slice this, it comes down to you needing reassurance and protection. You couldn't want better celestial protection than what's available to you now. Take a step forward, even if it is just a seemingly small one.

Capricorn yesterday horoscope:

'What's your problem?' It's interesting how we equate that question with negativity and confrontation when we read it. The question needn't be interpreted in such ways. It could be said by someone who is genuinely concerned and wants to offer assistance or insight. Someone in your world wants to help you to solve a problem now. Your first reaction could be to be wary or defensive. You can trust this helpful person has your best interests at heart.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius dailySagittarius today horoscope:

All too often, we believe ourselves to be capable of achieving certain things only when we see evidence of our being able to achieve them. We react toward tasks we feel unsure about with hesitation and create reasons why we ought to avoid setting ourselves up for disappointment. You're about to surprise yourself in some way now. What you believed was difficult or impossible to achieve is about to become feasible and achievable. You have only your willingness to try the previously untried to thank for this revelation.

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Sagittarius tomorrow horoscope:

Dare you go 'all the way?' Part of you appears excited with the prospect of taking a risk. Another part of you flatly refuses to invite levels of change that could, potentially, enter your world through doing so. The truth is, you would prefer to see action rather than non-action and achieve a small result than no result at all. It's the possibility of an avalanche of upheaval that could result that is causing your hesitation. You might be right but can trust that any hesitation will be short-lived.

Sagittarius yesterday horoscope:

The most successful people are also the most criticized. People in positions of power are always on the receiving end of what they do wrong as opposed to what they do right. That's why they have teams of people to support them. Before long, powerful people see themselves as a unit instead of the individual, sensitive human beings they are. Others are keen to advise you on what you ought to be doing. Listen, but don't lose your ability to make decisions yourself.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio dailyScorpio today horoscope:

Human beings will always have a tendency to disagree with each other. When we're presented with a different option or opinion, we disregard it believing our minds to be made up through making a decision based on what we believe to be factual. You and someone else could agree to disagree on a particular matter now, but might the biggest obstacle to reaching an agreement lie with your lack of willingness to consider a fact you really ought to be considering?

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Scorpio tomorrow horoscope:

'Don't worry, be happy…' Remember Bobby McFerrin and that late-eighties' hit? It's very easy to tell someone not to worry. It's a tiny bit more difficult to tell them to be happy. You could be inclined to believe that doing either right now is an exercise in futility. If it appears something isn't going to plan, then it's because the plan needs more time to reveal what it's capable of providing. Don't believe you have all the answers, not while Mercury continues its backward motion.

Scorpio yesterday horoscope:

Imagine two children playing together outside. An argument ensues. Both mothers come to investigate. Each blames the other's child for causing the dispute and both mothers start a heated argument, claiming to never want to see each other again and storm back indoors. What happens next? The children become friends again and continue playing together happily. Perhaps this drawn-out analogy will help illustrate futility surrounding your current dispute with you-know-who!

Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra dailyLibra today horoscope:

People often tell us that every cloud has a 'silver lining'. To find this, we are still required to look closely at the cloud that we believe to be the harbinger of doom and gloom. We become so focused on its dark and dreary qualities that we forget we were meant to be looking for the silver lining contained within. A silver lining does exist in a situation you believe you have little reason to feel optimistic about. To find it, do nothing and let a reason to feel optimistic present itself to you!

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Libra tomorrow horoscope:

'Anything', we are told, 'is easy once we know how to do it'. Are there not some things in life that we never grow accustomed to or find easy? What about reciprocating love or experiencing heartbreak? Surely, every time we experience either, we become aware of how difficult either can be. It's important that you recognize the need for a learning curve in a particular area. Your lack of knowledge or experience is, as you will soon see, something to be grateful for.

Libra yesterday horoscope:

We have two ears and one mouth for a very good reason. It's important now to understand why a much greater need exists to listen than make your point to a certain person. The reason has much more to do with discovering a very helpful piece of information that can help you in more ways than one than it does courtesy. If you're willing to truly listen to what's being told to you now, you can gain immensely from it.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo dailyVirgo today horoscope:

Less, we are told, is sometimes more. We live in a world that is becoming increasingly compact. Where we once had faith in all things large and impressive, we have learned not to underestimate the power offered by smaller things in life. I make this point now because you are about to experience 'less' in your world than you're used to. Trust that any downsizing will result in less stress, dilemmas and confrontation but will lead eventually to more choice where you need it.

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Virgo tomorrow horoscope:

A way forward is becoming clear to you but it is the fact we're all dealing with a backward-moving Mercury at present that is likely to be causing you more than one headache. When your ruler chooses to slumber for a few weeks at a time, we must all accept delays and setbacks on various levels. What you're experiencing now is a delay but should not be seen as a setback. You're being given valuable time to ensure an arrangement is sorted properly.

Virgo yesterday horoscope:

Are you able to detach yourself from a situation and make clear, concise judgment about it? There, in one sentence, is the sky's message to you now. You appear to be struggling in some way to decide a way forward with a certain scenario because you have formed set-in-stone opinions and attitudes about it. You believe the situation to be cut and dried but someone else believes some level of discussion or reassessment is needed. Perhaps they are right?

Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo dailyLeo today horoscope:

A particular result you are keen to achieve depends entirely upon which attitude you choose to adopt toward it now. You believe you have reason to feel frustrated or despondent about lack of progress. However, you know a particular story isn't finished yet. You are not 'losing' a particular battle. You're simply encountering obstacles which can be made less significant if you're willing to see then as small as they really are.

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Leo tomorrow horoscope:

The road to success is dotted with many parking spaces. These make it easy for people travelling along a particular journey to pull over and take stock of their situation. They also make it easy for others to pull over and quit. You have an opportunity to take stock of where you're at with a plan close to your heart. Despite appearances to the contrary, you've been moving forward in some way. Are you where you need to be? You are and can expect more than a glimmer of hope to confirm this.

Leo yesterday horoscope:

Is it a case of 'once bitten, twice shy'? Are you in a situation that smacks of familiarity and are certain you've 'been here before'? If so, then you're blessed with the benefit of hindsight. You're in a superb position to be grateful for what you know now that you wished you knew back then! Yet, you might not be grateful for the position you find yourself in. It's easy to recall an outcome and believe with certainty that it will repeat itself. Make an effort and then see how different things are this time. A different more pleasing result is assured.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer dailyCancer today horoscope:

You have, for some time, been unsure about how best to proceed with a plan that involves you having to invest considerable trust in someone else's motives. You've had no choice other than to believe what someone has been telling you and been basing your next move on how believable what you're being told is! This has caused you to feel reluctant toward involving yourself further. Expect clear evidence of why you were right to refrain from involving yourself further.

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Cancer tomorrow horoscope:

'Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today'. So said James Dean. Ancient Romans had similar attitudes, coming up with the phrase 'carpe diem' which means 'seize the day'. I think you get the gist of where I'm going with your forecast. An opportunity is not just hanging around waiting for you to notice it. It's virtually begging you to recognize its potential and grab hold of it firmly. To identify it, simply look closely at the idea that scares you slightly.

Cancer yesterday horoscope:

Can you believe what you're hearing? It is, after all, your own voice. Can you therefore believe what you're saying? It contradicts much of what you've adhered to in the past. If you're wondering how and why a change in attitude or willingness on your part to venture into territory you swore you'd never go anywhere near is happening, then be grateful for any uncertainty or confusion. Both are steering you toward where you need to be and this time, you will know how right this feels.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini dailyGemini today horoscope:

Have you exhausted every option? Have you pursued every choice available to you? Part of you is beginning to feel you have no more effort to give to a particular plan. You feel you've stated your case enough times already and investing more time and faith will result only in more disappointment. There is an approach you haven't yet tried. An angle exists that is as yet unexplored. Prepare to experience a renewed sense of perspective on a tired situation.

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Gemini tomorrow horoscope:

We're told that 'having a plan' is an essential part to any plan. We're also told or have learned from experience that plans don't always go to plan. Is it therefore safe to say that the best plan of action should involve us being somewhere in the middle? In an area of your world, you would like to know that something is going to go entirely to plan. At the same time, you fear a potential result of it doing so. Trust that a plan is precisely where it needs to be and you have nothing to fear.

Gemini yesterday horoscope:

Do you 'know best'? In your mind, there's no doubt about you having absolute grasp of the reality of a situation, what needs doing and who's doing what. Sometimes though, we get so close to certain situations that we fail to recognize how someone else might actually have valuable input that can change an understood and agreed plan. Don't be confused or irritated by a change of plan happening in such a way now. You will soon be grateful for input that causes this.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

Taurus dailyTaurus today horoscope:

It wouldn't take very much for you to feel more confident, comfortable and secure. You have almost grown used to a volatile situation that, when it's ticking along nicely has you on Cloud Nine but when it decides to become something less predictable has a tendency to cause you to wobble. You appear to crave stability in an area of your world that seems to struggle to provide it. Soon, you will become aware of how well connected you are and little you need to fear.

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Taurus tomorrow horoscope:

'Build it and they will come'. Those words have formed the basis for many biblical stories and films. Each of us is, in our own way, building something. Every day, regardless of how little we believe we have achieved, takes us closer to a goal in some way. That's why it's essential that we know what our efforts will bring us. You're being encouraged now to abandon a particular plan to make room for a more worthwhile one. See this as exciting and necessary, not daunting.

Taurus yesterday horoscope:

Society has strict rules about what is deemed acceptable and what isn't. Usually, we're happy to keep within the guidelines of 'acceptable-ness'. We understand why certain rules exist and how they're intended to help. Sometimes though, we wonder why a faceless person from years ago decreed that we must behave in other ways. Sometimes, we can't help but think that some rules were created by unimaginative people. You can afford to bend a rule or two now in terms of enjoying yourself in ways that others might scratch their heads at.

Aries Daily Horoscope

Aries dailyAries today horoscope:

We believe we know ourselves best. We know what we like and tend to like what we know. We're willing to receive advice and support from those who also know us but believe advice and support we receive are supplementary to what we provide ourselves. After all, nobody apart from us truly knows what we need. Er, that might not actually be true now. Allow someone to help or support you. You could be genuinely surprised at how 'in touch' with your needs someone else really is.

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Aries tomorrow horoscope:

There's much talk these days about time and how relative it is. Seriously though, what is 'time'? An obvious definition could surround it being an unseen force that prevents everything from happening at once! You're experiencing something similar where one situation that has ticked along unimpressively or without much excitement has become very much a focal point recently. You could feel you're running out of time. Trust that you will do more than cope admirably.

Aries yesterday horoscope:

We discard what is of no use or value to us. Often, we do so without hesitation. We know when what has been used has fulfilled its purpose and generally have no issue with bidding it farewell. Then, we cling to what we feel we must cling to whilst knowing we need to release what we're clinging to. Unknown to us at the time, we need to make space for something better and more suitable. That's precisely what you're in the process of doing now. Embrace the need to let go of what you know, in your heart, needs letting go of.

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces dailyPisces today horoscope:

If you're feeling confused, then welcome it. Where trepidation exists, embrace it. Confusion and uncertainty are symptoms of an otherwise healthy picture. You want a situation to change. Change cannot occur without a few side effects and these include confusion and trepidation! As the change progresses, so too will you. Very soon, you'll feel considerably more confident. With confidence will come optimism followed by strength.

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Pisces tomorrow horoscope:

We all know what it's like to suddenly have a brainwave, believing we have overlooked a crucial aspect of a plan and frantically make changes to it only to discover we've made it more complicated – or worse! Your determination in a certain area is admirable but is it sensible? That's what the sky's asking you now. You are wise enough to know when enough is enough. Now is such a time. Stand back, bow out gracefully and move on.

Pisces yesterday horoscope:

Do you feel as if your hands are tied? Are you experiencing a noticeable sense of restriction where you wish you had more freedom? You are in a situation that is frustrating you because of your perceived inability to do more to help in some way. As keen as you are to be more involved, trust that whatever or whoever it is can manage on its or their own. Focus instead on what help you could use in more than one area right now!

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Aquarius dailyAquarius today horoscope:

Something is shifting where your material world is concerned and the fact that there appears to be more month left than money in your bank account probably isn't helping matters. To feel reassured, you need to have an uncomfortable conversation with a certain person who can allay many of your concerns about your future security. Once you get the facts from them, you will be in a stronger position to put certain plans in place.

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Aquarius tomorrow horoscope:

'Out with the old, in with the new'. It doesn't take long to grow used to new situations. Despite fearing and dreading time and effort we expect will be required to embrace upheaval, we tend to find our new situation doesn't feel quite so new after a short space of time. You appear to be getting used to a new situation that has replaced a much more established one. Don't reflect on how long it took you to get used to the predecessor. You'll soon grow to love the successor.

Aquarius yesterday horoscope:

Balancing acts can take time to perfect. Few of us are able to begin a complicated walk along something narrow without falling off a few times before finally getting it right. You and someone else are having to do the equivalent of a balancing act now. A delicate and sensitive situation requires each of you to 'do you share' or at least agree to fulfill your side of the bargain to the letter. Teething problems with this arrangement are natural. Don't see them as anything else.