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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn dailyCapricorn today's horoscope:

Sunday 26th of January 2020

Admiring someone who has achieved success in an area that you yearn to achieve it within is helpful, especially if it proves that what you want to accomplish is realistic. However, the twists and turns they experienced on their ambitious journey will undoubtedly differ from yours. Looking at how they got from A to B should only remind you of the determination and perseverance they applied to do so. You might need to make a concerted effort to remember that your journey will be uniquely yours.

Capricorn tomorrow horoscope:

Monday 27th of January 2020

Although information could arrive in waves, not all of it can be trusted. You might need to make a concerted effort to separate facts from fiction, and your intuition is your ticket to doing so. Data that comes your way could appear accurate or reliable but any gaps that exist are your clue to the need to do some necessary digging. Getting your hands a little bit dirty by doing so is bound to be preferable to having to clean proverbial egg off your face due to making incorrect - or even embarrassing - assumptions.

Capricorn yesterday horoscope:

Saturday 25th of January 2020

Getting an important plan off the ground or possibly reviving it relies on you gaining feedback from others whom you believe take your goal or aspiration seriously. What you don't want or need are people who will nod and tell you only what you want to hear. You know you can benefit more from the input of those who understand the twists and turns you're likely to experience. Seek out those you know are on your side. Even if they tell you what you already know, you'll at least feel reassured that you're covering every base.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius dailySagittarius today's horoscope:

Sunday 26th of January 2020

Whether you're an accomplished artist or have never picked up a paintbrush or an instrument of any kind in your life, you could be surprised at and delighted with the results of any creative urges now. But masterpieces can manifest in other ways, especially if you convey thoughts or feelings from the depths of your heart that resonate deeply within another person. There are usual, traditional, and perhaps unimaginative ways of connecting with your muse. The more open-minded your approach, the more profound the results will be.

Sagittarius tomorrow horoscope:

Monday 27th of January 2020

Your sense of adventure is activated, and removing yourself from tedious surroundings could be at the top of your list. If you can embark upon a physical journey of some kind, then you're bound to find it blows away the cobwebs, revives your enthusiasm and recharges your batteries in more than one way. But there could be just as much fun enjoying an imaginative journey if it takes you to a vivid world of your creation. That's daydreaming, but this time, with a purpose.

Sagittarius yesterday horoscope:

Saturday 25th of January 2020

Bizarrely, you may have drawn comfort from lowering your expectations or choosing not to focus on a bigger picture on offer in your world. Whether this is due to wanting to 'play it safe' or finding whatever is manifesting in the distance to be daunting, your future requires you to summon more courage and belief in your abilities. Accepting that you've drawn comfort from settling for second best in some way for too long might be the first, necessary step to take.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio dailyScorpio today's horoscope:

Sunday 26th of January 2020

The proverbial ball could be in your court regarding whether to be a peacemaker or a bringer of tension. There's much you can do to keep things copasetic between you and others by seeking kind-hearted and light-hearted individuals rather than those you know wait for a chance to raise a difficult topic or instigate an awkward exchange. Although choosing the former is a no-brainer, once you set out on that path, make a point of sticking with it. You could find less congenial people to be very persuasive.

Scorpio tomorrow horoscope:

Monday 27th of January 2020

You could look at a particular responsibility or obligation and believe that it couldn't fall shorter of your expectations in terms of inspiration, fun, or enjoyment. However, you're one small attitude adjustment away from turning what is painfully dull into something pleasurable and a swift application of light-heartedness is all it takes. If you find you're not alone with tackling something uninspiring, then your unique brand of positivity or cheerfulness could help others to make lighter work of what may have been heavy-going, too.

Scorpio yesterday horoscope:

Saturday 25th of January 2020

You're encouraged to shift your attitude in some way, and this probably has much to do with boosting your faith levels in particular talents or abilities. If you attempted something in the past that failed, then there could be something enlightening and possibly thrilling about spotting how better positioned you are now to have another go at whatever-it-is. It could be the way you draw upon previous experience that ensures failure is not an option this time around.

Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra dailyLibra today's horoscope:

Sunday 26th of January 2020

Although you might not ask for others' input or opinions, they could come thick and fast nonetheless. This could be helpful on one level but frustrating on another if you struggle to separate the nuggets of useful insights from those based on what others think you want to hear. Fortunately, you can apply an effective 'mental filter' to assess each bit of verbal data that comes your way. It will soon become clear who truly understands your circumstances - and therefore understands you.

Libra tomorrow horoscope:

Monday 27th of January 2020

The Moon's influence with all things fun, romantic, and spontaneous can be integral to helping you get along with just about anybody today. Opinions that come your way could be no match for your enhanced creativity, either. This is likely to be a time when you put the pursuit of pleasure above business, and rightly so. When you allow your light-hearted qualities to emerge, then others rarely fail to appreciate and connect with them. The more willing you are to laugh, the easier it will be for the world to laugh loudly with you.

Libra yesterday horoscope:

Saturday 25th of January 2020

Doing something excessively or extravagantly could appear thrilling, but life would be much less complicated if any over-the-top actions on your part didn't affect someone else. In fact, should this person come forward and tell you to dial back any tendency to overindulge or overspend, then their advice is worth listening to. They're not trying to spoil your fun. They're trying to save you from regretting your actions later. The biggest regret you might have is not taking their advice.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo dailyVirgo today's horoscope:

Sunday 26th of January 2020

Time could be your most precious commodity if it feels as if there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish all that you must work your way through. However, it is possible to reduce your stress levels by managing your and others' expectations about what you can achieve. Regardless of what precedents you set in the past, you won't be at risk of losing face by making clear that you may have been too ambitious back then. Being upfront and honest now saves considerable hassle in the future.

Virgo tomorrow horoscope:

Monday 27th of January 2020

All it might take is one kind word or selfless gesture from you to turn someone's frown upside down or at least nip any potential tension brewing between you in the bud. However, you might be unaware of the serious or intense vibe you bring to interactions or exchanges now, which puts others 'on the defensive' and encourages you to react similarly. What you give is likely to be mirrored back at you, so don't underestimate the positivity you can bring - or create - where it's needed.

Virgo yesterday horoscope:

Saturday 25th of January 2020

If you're waiting for circumstances to become perfect before taking a step or bold move, then you might be waiting for a long time. That's why it's important to be honest with yourself about whether your quest for perfection is a convenient excuse to procrastinate. You know what you want to achieve but, for some reason, could also look for a reason to delay taking that necessary, crucial step. That 'iron' is 'hot.' This is your time to 'strike.' Step confidently up to that plate.

Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo dailyLeo today's horoscope:

Sunday 26th of January 2020

Silence, they say, is golden, and it could be your ability to say nothing that puts you in the most influential position now. As keen as you might be to speak your mind, there could be more benefits to being an observer and choosing a better time to say your piece. You could gain respect and admiration from others who know that's precisely what you're doing, too. You're right to believe your opinion matters but are also right to accept a more appropriate time to offer it is coming.

Leo tomorrow horoscope:

Monday 27th of January 2020

If it feels as if you're up against the clock or time isn't on your side, then be honest about how much pressure you're experiencing comes from within you. If there aren't enough hours in the day, then it makes sense to adjust your schedule or perhaps others' expectations realistically. Rushing anything is not advisable because you're bound to have to backtrack to put something right eventually. Focus only on what you know you can do to the best of your ability and, wherever possible, leave the rest for tomorrow.

Leo yesterday horoscope:

Saturday 25th of January 2020

You can be certain that particular circumstances intend to evolve, and the support you need to grow with them is very much available to you. So, try to accept that pushing or forcing progress in any area is likely only to increase your frustration and stress levels. You've probably received enough of a reassuring glimpse recently into the direction something close to your heart is heading. Now, you must trust the trajectory it's on.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer dailyCancer today's horoscope:

Sunday 26th of January 2020

The truth is known to hurt from time to time. Whether it's you who reveals or releases it in a way that shocks a particular person or you're the recipient of someone's blunt but honest words, a harsh fact can't be suppressed or ignored any longer. Regardless of whatever tension this exchange creates, there could be no denying that what's said or conveyed is truthful. Bringing the truth into the open can only encourage deeper levels of authenticity in any exchanges, and that's bound to be helpful.

Cancer tomorrow horoscope:

Monday 27th of January 2020

Reassurance that you're doing something right could come in the form of praise or recognition from individuals whose opinions matter. Although you might not actively seek either or both, a pat on the back, whether verbal or physical, won't be unappreciated. If those closest to you offer praise for what you've accomplished at this early stage, then what might they think when you get a plan underway properly? As that classic song goes, they 'ain't seen nothing yet.'

Cancer yesterday horoscope:

Saturday 25th of January 2020

If you're confident that a particular decision has been made, then doing a U-turn now is bound to bring unwelcome complications. It's important that you continue with something you started and avoid self-created obstacles by looking backward constantly rather than the direction you're now heading. You started something as you meant to go on. So, continue to move it forward.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini dailyGemini today's horoscope:

Sunday 26th of January 2020

Whether you see them for yourself or have your attention drawn by someone else, a particular person's actions aren't as 'above board' as they believe them to be. Someone's determination to do something their way could appear to have others' best interests at heart, but looking beyond what's obvious or 'reading between the lines' could reveal that their motives are more selfish than altruistic. You could choose to say nothing until their actions affect you directly. If so, then that time is coming.

Gemini tomorrow horoscope:

Monday 27th of January 2020

You could be surprised at the direction a conversation or exchange heads toward, especially if it leaves you feeling inspired or motivated in ways you didn't expect. Somebody's input can reveal options or opportunities you hadn't considered or spotted, and there are benefits to picking their brains to find out more. This person could possess knowledge and experience that you would be wise to draw upon. The really good news is, they appear very willing to share both.

Gemini yesterday horoscope:

Saturday 25th of January 2020

Circumstances unfolding in a particular area undoubtedly have positive qualities, but don't be too quick to view what's uncertain as negative. There's no doubt that a situation or an arrangement is evolving and in ways that affect you, but feelings of hesitation or trepidation could intensify if you cling too strongly to comfort attached to the past. Not only does the universe have your best interests at heart, but so too does a particular person. You really can afford to relax and trust both.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

Taurus dailyTaurus today's horoscope:

Sunday 26th of January 2020

When raising and discussing a sensitive topic, you could sense others prefer to clasp their ears and shout something nonsensical rather than listen to you. You know your intentions don't surround reopening wounds or pushing bruises but also know that you could benefit from input or feedback from others to see if they think along similar lines or feel what you feel about a particular matter. Don't give up at the first hurdle. Give others a bit more time to connect with you in a way you need them to.

Taurus tomorrow horoscope:

Monday 27th of January 2020

Your instincts might be helpful but only to a point when it comes to deciphering accurately the messages coming from others or one person in particular. It could be easier to wonder what somebody says and try to piece together their point in your own time. However, nipping any communicative discrepancies in the bud saves considerable hassle later. If in doubt, speak up and ask. All you're doing is trying to reduce or eliminate any confusion - and that will be appreciated.

Taurus yesterday horoscope:

Saturday 25th of January 2020

It's interesting how we can be happy for someone to take the lead or control within a shared or group situation and then feel we'd do a better job if given a chance. Although you could sense that, if a plan or project were left entirely up to you to manage, you'd do it differently than someone else, that doesn't mean you and they can't create something impressive together that exceeds an expectation or two. There might be room for more than one leader where this collaborative effort is concerned.

Aries Daily Horoscope

Aries dailyAries today's horoscope:

Sunday 26th of January 2020

Although you could identify a long list of improvements you're keen to introduce to various areas of your world, it's essential to accept the need to focus on bringing these one at a time. It could be easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of activity and then find you've started much but finished nothing. Whether your list is mental, electronic, or on paper, identifying genuine priorities from deceptive ones can help you to accomplish what's most important and beneficial now.

Aries tomorrow horoscope:

Monday 27th of January 2020

Superficial chit chat is unlikely to interest you at any time, but especially now. Although that doesn't necessarily mean others are deliberately shallow with their communicative efforts, you could be integral to bringing greater depth to exchanges and with minimal effort. If somebody acknowledges you with one word, then respond with three or more. See what I mean? The more you encourage open dialogue, the more you'll receive it - and everyone benefits by doing so.

Aries yesterday horoscope:

Saturday 25th of January 2020

Leaders need to be seen to be doing something right, or they don't attract followers, simple as that. Nobody's going to follow anybody they believe is missing an important point or possesses no inspirational qualities. If you sense that you could lead by example in some way, then you're right. You might even be oblivious to how many people look to you for guidance or at least some level of input. Summon some confidence and then show them how something should be done.

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces dailyPisces today's horoscope:

Sunday 26th of January 2020

The spirit of partnership or collaboration could be alive and well within you at this time, and you might need no persuading of the benefits of drawing upon others' energy or talents. However, you also have the right to be selective about who you allow into your creative club because only serious contributors need apply. Your instincts could excel at separating anyone who has a mere passing interest in what you're keen to accomplish from those who can make a valuable contribution. With the right team in place, a dream can become real in time.

Pisces tomorrow horoscope:

Monday 27th of January 2020

Helping somebody to face a particular fact, even if it's a difficult one, needn't be a painful exercise if you also help them to identify and be inspired by possibilities and options. You could draw attention to the problem but can also offer support with a solution. Your involvement with somebody's dilemma could be extra handy if they've become too close to a particular issue to see the most obvious way forward with it. Your insights can offer precisely the reassurance someone needs, too.

Pisces yesterday horoscope:

Saturday 25th of January 2020

Any unpleasantness, discomfort, or pain that comes from looking backward at a previous episode in your life enters your world only because you allow it to. Replaying a hurtful experience in your mind is similar to watching a film in the hope that the ending will be different. Your priority must involve taking a deep breath and a brave step in the opposite direction. Although you may never be able to move on fully from whatever occurred, you can certainly move forward - and there's a massive difference between the two.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Aquarius dailyAquarius today's horoscope:

Sunday 26th of January 2020

Any effort on your part to make anyone's world sweeter or more comfortable will be worth making. Push aside any belief that you're creating an imbalance between giving and receiving and choose instead to give what you can, where you can. Summoning and applying kindness could have far-reaching implications that go way beyond what you suspect any generous or selfless act will bring. The more warmth and love you bring to others' worlds, the more you can expect within your own, and that's a well-deserved reward you'll be glad to have earned.

Aquarius tomorrow horoscope:

Monday 27th of January 2020

Being acutely aware of what's missing in your world could create a dilemma surrounding whether you wait to see if it arrives of its own accord or take action to find it. If it hasn't manifested on its own by now, then it probably won't do. So, that leaves you with the option of deciding what you want, how much of it you want, and to adjust your efforts accordingly. The level of abundance you bring will be dictated by your faith in your ability to deliver it. Don't do yourself a disservice by aiming anywhere less than high!

Aquarius yesterday horoscope:

Saturday 25th of January 2020

Assessing an idea or plan from umpteen angles might make sense but doesn't move you forward. You can carefully dissect it until the proverbial cows come home but are no closer to achieving your goal while convincing yourself that you're doing what's sensible and practical. Results waiting in the background can only appear if you take a step to bring them. Thinking needs to be replaced with action, and you've nothing to fear by taking that step you know is required.