Scorpio Constellation

Alike all other constellations, there can be myths found associated to the Scorpio constellation too, that come from various civilizations. The most renowned folklore connected with this constellation signifies the story of Orion. Orion, who was born to Eurayle and Poseidon, carried a notion that he is so powerful that he would not let a single wild animal survive on earth. His parents, also the Greek deities, were obviously quite unhappy with such bragging declaration of their son. It is said that so as to stop Orion from succeeding in his desires, Gaia the Earth Goddess in Greek folklore, chose a massive and powerful scorpion that would also finish Orion. The story advances further in different versions as, while one version states that Gaia later on sympathized with Orion and in order to prevent the clash of these two mighty warriors, positioned Orion in the sky near Scorpius, the other version portrays that Orion ran away by sea-route towards his sister Artemis. Apollo, their enemy, used deceptive tactics to make Artemis shoot in the sea and managed to kill Orion. 

It is also interesting to note that astronomical and astrological views about locating of Scorpio constellation differ too. While period of stay of Sun in Scorpio as per astrological experts is for one month i.e. from October 23 to November 23, the astronauts observe Sun’s visit in Scorpio constellation to be only for 9 days i.e. starting October 23 it ends on October 30. The astronomical view further identifies the Sun’s transit in another distinct constellation known as Ophiuchus for remaining days of the month. Not to our surprise, there are yet some mythological instances and folklore in support of this variation in Sun’s transit. 

Scorpion constellation is viewed in summer from the southern hemisphere. As an observer, you can identify this constellation from the feel of the arched tail and hook-like claws of the scorpion. You can locate it amid the Libra & Sagittarius constellations and underneath Ophiuchus constellation. Antares is a known to be a massive star, red in colour and having an orange shade. This star is gigantic to the magnitude of 1.06 and is sufficient to get the observer a feel of Scorpion’s head. Located more than 600 light years away, Antares resembles with Mars in terms of colour. Next, Shaula is the second most shimmering star in the Scorpio constellation. This star has its significance in identifying Scorpion’s tail & has 1.62 as its magnitude but it places much beyond Antares and is more than 700 light years away. 

Having a magnitude of 1.86 lies Theta Scorpii, which is an as much luminous star located in the south of Shaula. Then there is the star duo that is identified as Mu1 and Mu2 Scorpii exactly over the star line and towards the centre body of the Scorpion. Pi Scorpii and Delta Scorpii are stars of relatively high magnitudes and they respectively mark the tips of lower and upper claws of the scorpion. There is another star called Beta scorpii but it is one of the brightest constituents of the Scorpion constellation and also has the magnitude of 2.56. 

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