Libra Constellation

Libra Constellation is located amid the Virgo and Scorpio constellations and so as to identify its periphery, you can see another three constellations i.e. Lupus, Serpens and Phiuchus. Peculiarity of this constellation is that you may not find any stars of high magnitude in it, but watching the formation of Libra constellation in the sky is a delicacy for sky observers because of its magnificence and speculating view. With clear sky and pleasant weather coming presented in the month of June, this time turns out to be that part of the year when Libra constellation can be viewed. The highly shimmering stars that comprise the making of this constellation are Zubenelgenubi, Zubenelakrab and Zubeneschamali. Another star known as Gliese 581 in this star-pattern is a lookalike of earth. 

Earlier interpretation of the Libra Constellation was quite confusing because of its Arabic naming. Because the term “Zubānā’ in Arabic, on one hand indicates a “weighing scale” and a “scorpion” on the other, the viewer saw this constellation bearing a close similarity between the scorpion’s claw and the sketch of a scale in his mind. Therefore it is not surprising that its erstwhile name was Chelae Scorpionis. Subsequent upon the studies conducted by Benjamin Gould in the midst of nineteenth century, the clearer view was drawn in the form of scales and thus emerged the name Libra, which also happens to be the most recent of the zodiacs. Surprisingly enough, it is also the only zodiac sign that is not represented by a living creature or being. 

Egyptian mythology with respect to the formation of Libra Constellation depicts a quite interesting story. This goes about Ma’at, the daughter of Sun. Ma’at was known to be allotted the task to ensure justice and retain a cosmic equilibrium every time after some interruption or disturbance occurred in the Universe. Meaning of the term “Ma’at” signified “Truth”. She got married to the deity of art and wisdom who was known as Thoth. Images of Ma’at have been always symbolizing fairness with reality, as she is seen to have holding something made of iron and wearing an academician’s dress along with a headband. She had to look after the afterlife destiny of souls and further decide their fate based upon how their heart weighed on the scale. So as to balance a person’s heart with, an ostrich’s feather would look enough. The measure of good or bad deeds carried out by the person depended upon whether the heart equals with the feather or tilts at the heart’s side. 

If the heart observed to be weighing more on the scale, the soul would be liable for torture & punishment because his life was governed with malpractices whilst if the heart was in balance with the feather, the soul would be gifted salvation. In other words, it is the Eye of the deity Ma’at that gets represented in the Libra constellation. 

Much alike is the goddess in Greek mythology to oversee balance in everything, from the rising and setting of sun to change of seasons to every type of happenings in the world. This goddess was known as Themis, to symbolize the Libra constellation in Greek folklore.

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