Aries Constellation

Looking at the sky at night is really an amazing experience and as we, human beings, have the finest brain on earth, many imaginations popup naturally when we see those vast number of stars on a clear night. Our imagination allows us to find something very special from these stars, such as different shapes and patterns. But even more than that, humans are so creative that they try to give names to these shapes like mythological characters, animals, people and general objects. In short, these patterns of stars are called constellations which give us a meaning or name. 

Out of those 88 constellations discovered by astronomers, this article focuses on Aries constellation. Aries is a Latin word and its meaning is ‘ram’ (sheep). Its location is between Pisces to the west and Taurus to the east and it was first observed by the residents of Egypt. It is represented by (Unicode ♈) symbol and this Unicode symbol signifies richness and renewal.  

Aries constellation is made from the stars Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Lambda Arietis and apart from these stars, there also are Pai, 30 and 53 Arietis that contribute in the structure. An interesting fact about Aries constellation is that Alpha and Beta Arietis symbolize the head of ram. However, galaxies NGC 972, 697, 772, and 1156 are also part of Aries constellation. Among these stars, Alpha Arietis is the brightest star. 

There are various stories related to Aries constellation but most exciting is a Greek mythological story. According to this story, Aries (“ram”) took Helle and Phrixus (The king of Thebes - Athamas and his wife Nephele had one son Phrixus and daughter Helle) on its back to escape from stepmother Ino. But due to some reasons Helle fell into the sea and died. When they reached their destination, Aries requested Phrixus to sacrifice him to the Gods. Because of his loyalty and honesty, Gods put him amid the stars. 

Hamal and Sheratan are the two brightest stars in Aries and they are 66 and 60 light-years away from us while “Teegarden” star is very close to sun and 7.5 light-years away from us. Apart from stars some extra solar planets are also observed by astronomers but their presence is still unconfirmed. Most common fact about Aries Constellation is the second brightest star after Hamal is Sheratan. 

The most interesting fact about Aries constellation is the “first point of Aries”. This means when ecliptic and celestial equator are crossed and vernal equinox gets signified. According to modern astrologers, this point lies in the Pisces constellation but is still considered in Aries constellation. 

Stay of the Sun in Aries constellation has its affirmative and depressive implications. While the positives of this union get signified in the form of gaining leadership, courage to tackle newer challenges, physical & mental strength, gaming spirit, a feeling to generate win-win situations, the negative impacts are seen in as selfish motives, recklessness, use of false practices, defeat, unwanted outcome of efforts, impassiveness to others’ sufferings, inability to sense forthcoming dangers, etc.

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