Year of the Tiger

Tiger Chinese Zodiac personality:

The Tiger associated with good and favorable fortune, extreme power, and fierce royalty, is considered both fearful and respectful. Everyone rushes forward to seek his or her protection and wisdom. In general, the Chinese view this symbol as the king of the jungle while this sign is related to the branch symbol.

General Personality:

These people are very tough and they are very difficult resist! They are very cajoling, magnetic and compelling with their charming looks and persona. They also exude a natural air of self-confidence and courage that no other people can do. They are calm, self-assuring and warm hearted as well! They are soft and mysterious in their own ways. They are ready to enjoy life that is full of danger and risks. They also like to confront unexpected events and scenarios that might pose grave dangers. Many people are too keen to know and understand a typical tiger’s life as it is full of magic and thrill!


A typical tiger takes an immense pride in leading a life of adventure and fun. Usually very open and frank, a typical tiger can withdraw from the scene if he or she senses that there is something really danger. He or she can also get extremely aggressive in case there are moments of anxiousness. Once he or she gets confident of facing the odds and obstacles, the same old magic returns that will catch the imagination of everyone around. A typical tiger always tries to trust his or her instinct though they are capable of taking a cautious and well-calibrated approach.

heer determination and heavenly passion can take these people to high pedestal of achievements. Tiger’s enthusiasm for facing challenges and risks often can backfire when other people do not approve the actions. When a tiger fails to reach a goal, he or she can become inflexible and self-centered. A typical tiger can signify high and lows of life with a delicate mixture of good and bad. Read Tiger Chinese Horoscope

Tiger in Love and romance:

Most tigers are always sensitive and emotional in their relationship. Most of them are capable of showing great love and affection to their spouses and friends. At times, they can even be very sensitive about their love affairs. In love and matter of heart, they can be too possessive and jealous. In the matter of heart, they can be too territorial and abiding. However, tigers can be a bit wayward in the domain of passion as they fail to understand the meaning of moderation.

Tigers also like those people who are quite independent in their character and persona. On the other hand, people who love tiger must match tiger’s intensity and passion action by action. Tiger can express his or her mind in an effective manner only when the opposite sex gives a chance. Tiger can also open his or her mind to express opinions and feelings. In all, a typical tiger needs a partner who will remain a steady and constant companion for the rest of the life.

Tiger in career and money:

Most tigers are always in a hurry and they want to achieve everything yesterday. They are also very eager to achieve things in a big hurry. Tigers are solitary animals and they operate on their own. Tigers are hard working and dedicated. They are fast moving and dynamic. If you assign a job to a tiger, just be cool and relaxed! He or she can do it within no time. Tigers can accomplish given task with an air of easiness and confidence. Some of the great characters of a tiger are optimism, perseverance, dedication, attention, motivation and focus. However, a tiger can become easily frustrated when there they face an uncertain situation that may lead to possible failure. Tigers are capable enough to earn and save lots of money in any type of profession. Tigers can excel in any type of career that needs determination and perseverance.

Tiger in health:

Tigers could face health problems related to nervous and respiratory systems. However, they are fit and agile for the entire duration of life. Occasional heath hiccups can affect their career performance and earning capability. In general, a typical tiger person is very tough in his or her attitude and this attitude and capability make them fit enough to face any adverse situation.

Tiger Compatibility

Highly compatible with: Horse, Dragon, Dog
Less Compatible with: Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Tiger, Ram, Pig
Least Compatible with: Rooster, Snake, Monkey

Positive and Negative Capability

Positive: he or she could be very lovable, affectionate, affable, captivating, magnetic, alluring, warm-hearted, friendly, helping, assisting, altruistic, respectable, honorable, determined, pleasant, sweet, independent, engaging, conservative, and extremely dynamic and idealist.

Negative: Extremely rash, rushing, hasty, dominating, obsessive, reckless, infatuated, quarrelsome, argumentative, harsh, caustic, moody, melancholic, hunting, rebellious, dishonoring and irreverent

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