Year of the Snake

Snake Chinese Zodiac personality:

The Snake or a serpent is one of the well-known and recognized 12-year cycles of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac of the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Snake is related to the earthly branch symbol.

General Personality:

No one can match the wisdom and intelligence of a snake born individual! He or she is the smartest and enigmatic person of all and most philosophers, theologians and scholarly men belong to this great sign. In the modern day scenario, a typical snake could be a wily and smart CEO or a company manager. All snake people can think very well and they live up to their reputations when it comes to matters of intelligence and wit. They like good food, drinks and clothes apart from books and music. All good things in the life come naturally to them and they enjoy them too! Their sense of sophistication and regal nature help them avoid all frivolities and ordinary things of life.


All snake people are very good communicators with an impeccable ability to out across their opinions and expressions without confusions. However, they are very dynamic with their wavering attention span. In fact, they would like spend their time in interesting and fruitful conversation and not on any ordinary things. These people have an amazing ability to think and act correctly with an air of self-assurance. They can judge the situations very correctly and they are always open to new possibilities and vistas. They are acutely self-confident and they may not listen to other people’s opinions; in fact, this is one of their glaring weaknesses. This needless character may land them into occasional trouble with other people.

However, they can listen to other’s problems and when there is a challenging situation, they can lend their hands of help to people. They also possess a strong sense of conviction that makes them extremely reliable and trustworthy. Snake people are also those people who like to relax a lot and you can watch one of them either reading a book or just listening to some soul music. Another negative character with any snake person is the uncontrolled anger that may result in ugly confrontation with other people. Read Snake Chinese Horoscope

Snake in Love and romance:

These people are extremely passionate and loving in their personal life. They may be too blind when in love with someone. They can shield their opposite sex partner if he or she is in deep trouble. They do not like their love life troubled by any type of unforeseen events. In the matter of heart, these people display tremendous power and determination. They are cajoling impressive and majestic. With their charisma, they can attract the opposite sex very easily. On the negative side, they are over developed with egos and self-centered with heart full of contempt of nothing goes in their way. They need constant attention and care by their spouses or lovers as they are more likely lose their patience and become frustrated. If the dragon wants his or her successful love life, they must pay attention to other’s expressions and opinions.

Snake in career and money:

All snake people are career oriented and they actually do well in their chosen line of profession. They may never feel that they are out of money because they have the ability to generate funds for their life. They can succeed in any career that requires intuition and planning. Snake people are always independent in their action and they like to operate on their own terms. In career, they are highly organized and logical, and they can succeed in their chosen profession by choosing to acquire new skills and techniques. In a workplace environment, they are diligent and honest enough to give the best of their abilities. Financially, a typical snake possesses very good luck and they may never face any problems with money.

Snake in health:

A typical snake is very healthy and fit for the first half of their life while minor health problems may worry them in the second. Snake is always a wily creature and this ability makes them to develop resistance to a number of diseases and ailments. People born under snake sign may live for a long time unless they neglect their health deliberately.

Snake Compatibility

Highly compatible with: Ox, Rooster, and the Dragon
Less Compatible with: Rat, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Dog, and the Ram
Least Compatible with: Pig, Monkey, Tiger

Positive and Negative Capability

Positive: People born under this sign could be very accommodative, affable, easy going, negotiable, well mannered, helpful, compromising, honorable, sympathetic, stoic, philosophical, charitable, and likes modern fashion, intuitive, thoughtful, planning, diplomatic, amusing, funny and passionate.

Negative: They can also be uncouth, scheming, hotheaded, imperious, schematic, judgmental, conniving, cribbing, clinging, pessimistic, fickle, nervous, haughty, and a bad loser.

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