Year of the Rooster

Rooster Chinese Zodiac personality:

The Rooster or Cock is one of the meek and stubborn 12-year cycles of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac calendar related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Rooster is related to the earthly branch character.

General Personality:

The people who belong to this sign have the ability to observe things very carefully. The most amazing thing with them is that they are always right when they observe and note their opinions on an event or issue. These people always love to remain the limelight and on the center stage. They also love entertaining people and adore meeting new people to make new friendship. These people are always neat and tidy and you can never see them come unprepared for a party or an event. In fact, a typical rooster may easily be the best dressed for any given occasion.


Most of the rooster characters show keenness and an affinity towards designer clothes, colors and fashionable accessories. They may be too critical about how others dress and behave in public. They also like others to flatter and compliment them. However, a typical rooster personality is also always conservative in his or her mind. They are extremely sociable and well mannered. They are compassionate, wise and brave in nature, hallmarks of great people!

Because of their strong, independent nature, it becomes very difficult for them to accept other people’s advice. They are also very confident of their own abilities and they belief in their capacity to make own judgments and choices. One of the negative traits of these people may be their “within the box” type of thinking that may eventually hurt their relationship with other people. Thus, they may do well if they control their outspokenness at least for sometime so that they will not spoil relationship with other people.

A rooster can dream as well! Although, they are very sharp, practical and knowledgeable. They always like to remain in their shell at least for sometime in a day. These people are sincere with their inner feelings and they can easily convey them with their loved and closed ones. Their friends appreciate their courage and self-belief and give immense respect in return. Read Rooster Chinese Horoscope

Rooster in Love and romance:

For most roosters, love may mean a big responsibility and a sacred duty. It may be a big challenge as well! Most of them like to court with opposite sex by interacting with them in a pleasing manner. In family relationship, they can be very genuine and real, while their passion for love could be very intense and heated! They are always ready to create a very romantic atmosphere around them. An impressive mind and a great appearance are the hallmarks of all roosters.

In their urgency to show their goodness, they may fall prey to self inflicted deceit and fallacy; at times, they may simply fail to read people’s mind. In the affairs related to heart, they would rather be harsh and straightforward. Roosters can be reliable life partners and trustworthy companions.

Rooster in career and money:

Roosters are highly accomplished show-people and they can be the central point of focus in any workplace. They will do well in some professions that need smartness and agility. In fact, these people can do well in such professions as sales executives, fashion designers, travel writers, journalists and restaurant owners. Roosters are also highly polished and seasoned deal-makers because of their immense charm and polished nature. Roosters always like challenges and risks and they do well in such situations. They can get their pay hikes and promotions in a quick manner because of their achievements. In financial matters, their wallet is always full of money and they like to show off their money by buying expensive things and materials. However, they may not tolerate people who oppose their views and thoughts that may lead to bitter intra-office squabbles and disagreements.

Rooster in health:

In general, a rooster is always healthy with a fine balance of mind and body. Roosters like to keep their body fit and trim; this attitude makes them to visit local gymnasium for extended workout sessions and schedules. You can easily spot them with a weight trainer who is a professional in providing weight training and workout exercise tips and ideas.

Rooster Compatibility

Highly compatible with: Ox, Snake, and the Dragon
Less Compatible with: Dog, Pig, Horse, Rooster, and the Rat
Least Compatible with: Tiger, Monkey, Rabbit, and the Ram

Positive and Negative Capability

Positive: Some of the positive characters are forthrightness, bravery, enthusiasm, loyalty, hardworking, tenacity, resilience, adventurism, meticulousness, promptness, astuteness, proficiency, and gregariousness, sensibility, generousness, charm, and witty.

Negative: Rooster can also be very cranky, fussy, fickle-minded, empty, vain, egotistical, jealous, pretentious, materialistic, hasty, cynical, self-absorbed and extremely quixotic.

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