Year of the Rat

Rat Chinese Zodiac personality:

The Rat is a protector and symbol of material and mortal prosperity. It is an animal associated with immense wealth, riches, charm, and discipline, yet also related to aggression, courage, death, destruction, war, the occult and darkness, mystery, and violence. In the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Rat is related to earthly and mortal branch. In many regions of the world, a year of this animal is known as the Year of the Mouse, because it signifies "rat", "mouse", or, "rodent".


General Personality:

A typical rat type is extremely sociable and outgoing. A person who is born under the rat sign is charming, vivacious, energetic and bubbling. He or she loves being with different types of people. A typical rat is very planning, schematic and intelligent, in that he or she can seize the available opportunity to the best of abilities. He or she can achieve the most impossible things and objectives in their life by using or seizing very rare opportunities. People who are born under this sign are very strong willed and highly ambitious. They are extremely dedicated as well. However, one negative character with them is that they always force their ideas on other people that may cause undue problems and risks. These people can enliven any occasion with their wit and humor.

These people are extremely hard working and perseverant; with these noble qualities, they can achieve the most impossible things in their life. However, they may look selfish and self-centered at times with their arrogance. People believe in their innate abilities and strengths that make them to rely on them. People born under rat sign are extremely cordial in their approach and they expect the same thing from others. They do not like others to deceive them and they expect sincerity from other people as well. With age, they can become wise and tolerant.

With such qualities as gregariousness and sociability, these people are very interesting and cajoling interlocutors. They are gregarious and possess a very good quality of humor as well! These people are very secretive and they would like to keep their secrets to themselves. Neither do they like other people to divulge their secrets. Read Rat Chinese Horoscope

Rat in Love and romance:

In the matter of heart, these people are extremely passionate and lovable. They are attentive as well! They are not afraid of showing their affection to their loved ones. They are full of emotions and fidelity during their relationship with others. However, they expect the same level of sincerity from their partners. Otherwise, they will be too cold in their relationship and at times, they can even be very impersonal. Opposite sex may need to take care of these people with the best of their abilities. A person who is born under this sign always needs security in the marital relationship. When they get assurances from their spouses, they can become very attentive and loving. They also like to enjoy the goodness of life and they ensure the best of life to their spouses as well! If taken care, a person who is born under this sign can be the best life mate!

Rat in career and money:

People who are born under rat sign are exceedingly talented and intelligent in their career. They are organized and talented in their profession. People who are born under rat sign could be very successful executives and politician. These people are man sided and multi-dimensional. These people can adjust to any different career conditions and they can adapt to difficult work atmosphere. They can even perform a number career related tasks along with their main occupation. They are also master strategist and tacticians in their career. They also command extreme command and respect from their colleagues. However, with money they can be unlucky as they can spend their money within no time.

Rat in health:

People born under rat signs generally possess good health and they do well in their health until their advanced age. However, they will need to take enough caution with their digestive and immune systems because of occasional impairments in their day-to-day health functions.

Rat Compatibility

Extremely compatible with: Dragon, Monkey and the Ox
Less compatible with: Snake, Dog, Pig, Rooster, Ram, Rat and the Tiger
Least compatible with: Horse

Positive and Negative Capability

Positive: Rats can be extremely charming, intelligent protective, vivacious, affectionate, loving, conservative, compassionate, communicative, dynamic, upright, extremely attractive, prosperous, calm, sensual, loving, caring, talented, skilled, adaptable, open-minded and brilliant and thoughtful entrepreneurs.

Negative: They can be extremely possessive, meticulous, calculative, meaningful, defensive, excessive, addictive, stingy, anxious, argumentative, overbearing and self-obsessed.

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