Year of the Ram

Ram Chinese Zodiac personality:

The Ram or Sheep is the eighth significant sign of the 12-year cycle of Chinese animals, which appear in the Chinese zodiac calendar. The Year of the Sheep is related to the earthly branch symbol. As per Chinese traditions, people who are born under this sign are truly artistic and creative; however, these characters may not be true with all rams.

General Personality:

Ram is the most feminine zodiacal character of the constellation and it is a creative sign. Some rams are artistic and talented enough to create superb material designs. Fashion designing and painting are two of tailor made jobs for these people. Creating beautiful things is a thing of hobby for these people. A typical ram person is considerate and kind and they may never like to hurt other people’s feelings. If there is a hurtful situation, these people come forward to rectify it. With their stoic nature, they can solve any problem and face the ordeals of life with a sense of responsibility.


It is also very important that a person born under this sign expect lot of sympathy and approval from people they respect. However, they can be too demanding at times and they need too much attention from people; this trait may be one of the most glaring negative aspects of a typical ram. Too much sensitivity is another negative character of this sign; this particular character may make them insecure in the life. Thus, they also need protection and love from their family members. When they confront a difficult situation, they would like to withdraw from the stage as soon as possible. In all, they would want to avoid risks in life. During conflicts, they also withdraw from the stage to avoid confrontation with other people.

typical ram is a wanderer by nature because of his or her fickle mind. However, they can be great travelers who want to visit remote regions of the world. Simple things of life give them immense pleasure. In essence, they would prefer to sit back and relax for a long time if everything is right for them. A person who is born under this sign would like to listen to the inner voice and conscience. A ram finds it very difficult to seize good opportunities that come in their way. Read Ram Chinese Horoscope

Ram in Love and romance:

A ram person could be very sweet, affectionate and affable in relationships. However, in the matter of heart, they can be bossy and lazy with their spouse. However, their gentle and humane nature can be too intoxicating for the opposite sex. A ram person could be very weak in romance and love and he or she can shed tears when subjected to stressful and emotional situations. They are also very weak in expressing their true feelings and opinions that may deny some good opportunities to share their heart with others. They also need to their fragile mind protected by the opposite sex.

Ram in career and money:

Most rams are very good in art, writing and creativity and these noble characters may help them in such professions as painting, writing, publishing and fashion designing. They could even become very good astrologers or soothsayers! They can work slowly upward to achieve success through hard work and effort. However, very rigid and tough schedules may out them off and they may just decide to stop working for the goal. When you provide them a peaceful and serene atmosphere, they can be at their best! Making money comes naturally to them; however, they may wish to tighten their wallet to save money for the rainy day. A typical ram character is the ability to adapt to any career situations that demand neat and organized work; artists and painters of ram sign can excel in their field if they are dedicated to their work.

Ram in health:

A ram person is always at peace and relaxation; this helps him or her to maintain a very good health throughout the life. However, health may see occasional troubles especially when they confront extreme stressful situations. He or she may also face severe health problems related to digestive and circulatory systems especially later in their life.

Ram Compatibility

Highly compatible with: Rabbit, Pig, and the Horse
Less Compatible with: Monkey, Snake, Rat, Dragon, Tiger, and the Ram
Least Compatible with: Ox, Rooster, Dog

Positive and Negative Capability

Positive: The ram can be extremely appealing, cajoling, helpful, assisting, altruistic, creative, empathetic, artistic, imaginative, intuitive, thinking, magnanimous, generous, gentle, easy going, romantic, sensitive, fragile, open, candid and self-effacing.

Negative: A person who is born under this sign could be inferior, negative, pessimistic, fugitive, vengeful, deceitful, lazy, indecisive, wavering, fickle minded, angry, violent, irresponsible, careless and hasty.

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