Year of the Rabbit

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac personality:

The Rabbit is the fourth significant animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac system. As per the traditional Chinese astrology methods, the Rabbit is very calm and quiet, reserved, introspective, retrospective, thoughtful, fortunate and lucky. The Year of the Rabbit is related to the earthly branch symbol.

General Personality:

People who are born under this sign are extremely cordial, mild mannered, diplomatic and conservative. They can be the best diplomats and negotiators. A rabbit person is extremely graceful, cultured and magnetic. However, they are extremely reserved in their heart and they could be extremely active when they engage themselves in some academic and scholarly work. These people could be extremely sensitive to the people and situations around them. On the other hand, aggressive and challenging environment may not be too suitable for their linking.


They can get too nervous and frightful when someone forces them to take risks. Their inner world is too fragile and delicate for those entire external stimuli that are unsettled and uncertain. They always like to create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere around them. A typical rabbit is a very hospitable person who can care and attend to people close to him or her. These people look for minute details in everything and they can be the most patient people when it comes to work that needs immense patience and effort.

One more notable trait of these people is that they pay attention to every detail. Thus, they can be wonderful party hosts or meeting organizers. They may miss very good opportunities just because they are too safe and calculative. However, these people are very much responsible and they take their work very seriously; perseverance and capability are the other two positive characters of these people. A rabbit person can be very compassionate and sentimental. Read Rabbit Chinese Horoscope

Rabbit in Love and romance:

A rabbit is a very good lover and he or she can be very good partners in a marriage relationship. Romantic, affable, affectionate, sweet, loving and faithful, a rabbit can be very a good husband or a wife. However, they demand trustworthiness and fidelity from the opposite sex. They need security and tenderness in their relationship. A rabbit can be the happiest person in the world when he or finds peace and relaxation in relationships. However, one negative character of rabbit is that he or she can be in charge in any relationship and if something goes wrong, they can withdraw into their shell until the opposite sex seeks to amend the situation. Careless remarks and undue comments may lead to bitter fights among the couples. However, rabbit is quite forgiving as well; he or she can forget the past and get ready to lead a life full of contentment and value. A rabbit can be very choosy and selective when it comes to selecting the life partner. He or she can wait for some time until a good and suitable partner comes across the path. A person born under this sign can discuss the problems of life with the opposite sex and share those moments of joy and sorrow with a sense of purpose.

Rabbit in career and money:

You can call anything you want! Call them timid, patient or even extra cautious! A typical rabbit person is a person who is able to succeed in his or her career. They will never undertake any work or assignment before weighing the merits and demerits of each of the actions involved. They are very accomplished workers and they can carry out any assignments with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. They are balanced in their thinking and cautious enough in work approach. They would like to know each aspect of a given assignment before starting working on it. However, they can be too conservative and over cautious in carrying out a particular assignment, which may make them to miss some very good opportunities. A rabbit person can be an excellent project manager and a strategic thinker like a company secretary. Giftedness of radical thinking and organizational capability make them wonderful leaders working behind the screen!

Rabbit in health:

A person who is born under this sign tends to be very healthy without any major health problems barring occasional hiccups. However, he or she needs to be on guard to protect their immune system particularly the endocrine system. Problems related to digestive and nervous system may occur later in their life.

Rabbit Compatibility

Highly compatible with: Ram, Pig, and the Dog
Less Compatible with: Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Ox, Tiger, Snake, and the Monkey
Least Compatible with: Rooster and Horse

Positive and Negative Capability

Positive: They can be extremely sensitive, timid, planning, strategic, careful, well meaning, tactful, home-loving, affectionate, affable, sweet, well-refined, intelligent, smart, prudent, long-living, ambitious, goal achieving, well-cultured, mild mannered, artistic, scholarly, polished, hospitable, humble and virtuous.

Negative: They can be very snobbish, boring, contemptuous, jealous, obsessive, secretive, complicated, difficult, indifferent, self-indulgent, hypocritical, self-righteous, deceptive, scheming, selfish and condescending

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