Year of the Ox

Ox Chinese Zodiac personality:

The Ox is one of the well-known 12-year cycles of mortal animals, appearing in the annual Chinese calendar. The Year of the Ox is denoted by the earthly and mortal branch character. In the Vietnamese zodiac sign language, the water buffalo takes the position of the ox.

General Personality:

The year 2009 is the year of Ox and this year is very dependable, calm and average. People born under this sign may work hard to achieve their objectives and goals. They may also realize their financial aspirations and goals with their sustained effort. In general, an Ox is a sure sign of peace and prosperity with lot of hard work and perseverance. These people are dependable, very calm and quiet. Ox is a tireless person who can slog for hours and hours without losing patience. Ox is capable of enduring and facing any amount of hardship and obstacles.


People born under this sign needs a peaceful and quite environment to solve their problems. They are capable of working through their ideas and strategies if they work under a serene atmosphere. When they bend on achieve something, they can do that with élan! An Ox is a very logical person who can think with a precise mind. An individual born under this sign can be very organized and systematic. He or she can also be stubborn at times. They speak little but work like mad people! They can be articulate, expressive and eloquent when you speak to them.

These people are truthful and sincere. However, they can be very secretive about what they do and perform until they reach an assured level of success. They are also welcome by all people because of their honesty and fidelity. They have many friends and admirers who accept the reality that they are reliable and dependable. Ox people are sociable, outgoing and relaxed with their close friends. They get immense encouragement by any event or possibility that is challenging and enticing. Read Ox Chinese Horoscope 

Ox in Love and romance:

Though an Ox person is very practical and calculative, he or she can be very naïve about all things connected to heart and love. However, he or she can pick up the cues accordingly to develop deep and intimate relationship with their loved ones. An Ox can show how sincere and committed to his or her love and affection. He or she will provide that rare sense of security and safety in the realm of relationship. Once he or she develops trust with others, the ensuing life can be very sweet and romantic.

The ideal partner for an OX is very smart and shrewd, as he or she knows well how to cajole and invite the person to a productive relationship. However, an Ox could also be very sensitive and weak when he or she misinterprets opinions of his or her loved ones. The resulting situation could be one of detrimental nature; be sure how you can talk or tease a typical Ox person. In the end, an Ox person can have a very long and cherished love and married life if everything goes according to the plan.

Ox in career and money:

A typical Ox is a career person who can excel in a number of occupations especially one that concentrates on observation, memory, dedication and intuition. An Ox will have a superb memory and a trait of perfectness and endurance. Because of their extraordinary memory power, they can excel in a number of fields that require intelligence and brilliance. As a cardinal rule, an Ox person takes his or her work very seriously and they can plan their work in a meticulous manner. They can excel in professions like teaching, thinking, corporate governance, medicine, military and police. They also love those career opportunities that offer them enough challenges.

A typical Ox person is very organized about saving money for the rainy day. He or she can be very good at saving money from their earning. Moneymaking comes very natural to these people while they could be very good investors in share and gold markets. The year 2009 poses a tough challenge to them because of global recession. However, you can expect an Ox to face even a black scenario and come out successful in saving some amount of money.

Ox in health:

In general, an Ox can face some health problems in the New Year because of tremendous stress placed on the body and mind. He or she should be careful about the health especially digestive and nervous system. However, the general health status is quite good with minor problems occurring throughout the year.

Ox Compatibility

More compatible with: Snake, Rooster, Rat, Dog
Less compatible with: Dragon, Monkey, Pig, Ox, Tiger
Least compatible with: Ram

Positive and Negative Capability

Positive: Extremely patient, contemplative, thoughtful, forceful, thinking, technical, skillful, dexterous, perfect, conservative, eloquent, supremely confident, authoritative, demanding, studious and affirmative

Negative: Extremely prejudiced, chauvinistic, over-headed, immensely proud, tyrannical, planning, scheming, petty, critical, cynical, eccentric, wayward, grumpy, angry and violent

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