Year of the Monkey

Monkey Chinese Zodiac personality:

The Monkey is one of the most significant 12-year cycles of animals that make its appearance in the Chinese zodiac system related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Monkey is related to the earthly branch symbol.

General Personality:

The monkey is possibly the most active and agile animal in the animal kingdom. In addition, a very versatile animal possesses immense energy. People who are born under this sign could be great inventors, entertainers and creative whizz kids who can perform extremely well in the selected field of work. They are down to earth and natural with a witty disposition. They can find out everything that happens on the street; in other words, they are street smart and intelligent to the core. They have a legendary memory power and they can remember events, people and their names for a long time. In fact, they are very agile and energetic with a fluid mind that has the ability to think out of the box.


Monkey characters can learn and master any subject with precision. They are trustworthy and reliable; your secret is completely safe with them! Honest and true to their inner heart, a typical monkey person can be straightforward and direct talking. Most of them are very good in solving problems. If you have any problem, just pick up your phone and ask these people to solve it for you. Monkey people are good listeners and they can suggest solutions to any dicey problem.

Whatever the positive characters are, even monkey sign possesses its own set of negative characters! These people could be spiteful and dangerous if they find that someone is trying to cheat them. They also have lot of stamina and determination that makes them very strong and caustic with others. People may feel that monkey character is manipulative and scheming. However, making friendship with monkey sign is an honor as he or she can return the best of friendship in return. Monkey sign person possesses a flexible mindset and he or she can be extremely confident about the inherent abilities. On the negative side, typical monkey personalities show a disorganized attitude, when they find that their work schedule is losing its momentum. Read Monkey Chinese Horoscope

Monkey in Love and romance:

Love life comes naturally to a typical monkey personality. Humor, passion, affinity, love, sweetness, quarrels, arguments and patch up – these are some of the things that you expect in a monkey person’s life! People born under this amazing sign are born passionate. They can express their love in a pronounced manner. In fact, the opposite sex can easily cajole them into a passionate relationship. However, getting a definite and clear commitment from a monkey character is often very difficult.

In the initial stages of relationship, monkey persons could be unpredictable and childish; in fact, these people can be very tough nuts to crack. Person born under this sign may take something very seriously and this may cause a sudden shift in the mood. However, this perceived shift in their mood is temporary and they can become normal within double quick time. Once they confirm that their relationship is on the even keel, they can be the sweetest people on the earth!

Monkey in career and money:

Many well-known people in this world are born under this sign. Whatever they do, these people can reach their pinnacle within years. Their charm and magic can captivate you in seconds. They are energetic and have immense strength; these characters enable them do a number of jobs at the same time. When needs arise, they brilliant and imaginative in their career. In times of fierce competition, people who are born under this sign can be ruthless and brilliant with an amazing ability to plan for a guaranteed plan of action. Once they set a target or a goal, they can do anything to reach that goalpost. They have an astute sense of financial situations; in fact, they can be the best money managers around! With the right type of organizational skills, they can succeed in any occupation or vocation.

Monkey in health:

In the realm of health, monkey characters are fit and hale enough to face any unfavorable situations. Actually, people born under this sign are healthy throughout their life barring occasional hiccups related to respiratory and circulatory systems.

Monkey Compatibility

Highly compatible with: Dragon, and the Rat
Less Compatible with: Dog, Ram, Monkey, Rabbit, Horse, and the Ox
Least Compatible with: Snake, Tiger, Pig, and the Rooster

Positive and Negative Capability

Positive: A typical monkey could be reasonable, accommodating, sincere, trustworthy, independent, faithful, honest, candid, truthful, altruistic, helpful, successful, creative, co-operative, assisting, intelligent, smart, and generous.

Negative: Monkey persons could also be hyperemotional, fickle minded, malicious, scheming, guileful, self-indulgent, caustic, rusty, immature, insecure, indifferent, and careless.

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