Year of the Horse

Horse Chinese Zodiac personality:

The Horse is the seventh of the 12 animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Horse is always associated with the earthly branch symbol of and horse is an animal that signifies action and work.

General Personality:

Extremely independent and highly confident of their innate abilities, people born under this sign can give a lot to people by helping them with timely assistance. These people are very quick like a galloping horse and they can think very fast with a quick reflex mind. He or she is also very witty with their keen sense of intuition. He or she is also on the nick time when they are doing some work; they often possess a lightening brain that helps them to work at a furious pace. Gifted to their core, a person under this sign is often highly conniving and intelligent. They like attention and they make sure that they get the required action when they are in the crowd.


Easily flattered and encouraged, a horse can show its mettle with hard and dedicated work. Horse people can be very honest in their action and mind and this trait helps them to make a number of friends and associates. They are genuinely warm and cordial to others. People often like a horse because he or she will show an active interest in their affairs; they can easily share other people’s sorrow and happiness with a sense of deep friendship. One of the most disliked aspects of horse people is that no one can trust then when you tell them a secret! Never ever, expect horse people to keep quiet and preserve any secrets! They are very hasty and open and the characters make them little bit weak when it comes to share intimate secrets of others!

You can easily inspire them with your ideas and expressions while it is very easy to make them work on those new ideas. A horse person can be too impulsive and quick footed which makes them susceptible to some situations. If they do not get the desired results from their work schedule, they can abandon the project completely and look for others that are not too important. However, snake people have lot of innovative ideas in their brain and they can use them with maximum effectiveness. He or she can offer very good advice and suggestions while his quick mind can analyze the given problem to arrive at a valid solution. However, these people can be very proud and arrogant to the core. This negative character may pose some unique problems in their life. They also show occasional moments of conceit towards others. At times, they can withdraw and brood for hours before regaining calm and composure. Read Horse Chinese Horoscope

Horse in Love and romance:

A typical horse personality is a fickle minded person, and he or she can be an effective emotional adventurer who can spend much of time in falling in and out of love with others. With instant charm and appeal, a snake person can catch the attention of the opposite sex very easily. However, their newfound interest in other people may just be momentary because they can lose interest in them within no time. There is a belief in China that women born under this sign may never be good wives to their husbands! Relationship with a horse person can never be boring because the companionship is always full of fun and thrill. A horse person needs constant attention and devotion.

Horse in career and money:

People who are born under this special sign can be very good business partners while those who work for others may be very good workers. When you assign them a clear-cut goal or an objective, they can go all the way to achieve it with all their hard effort and time. They possess a productive imagination and timeliness that eventually help them to achieve many things in life. However, people may not like their methods and strategies, as they are unconventional in nature. They also have the ability to hone their skills for use in the future. A negative character that may bother a typical horse is that he or she may never try to resolve a pending problem when they develop repulsion to it. People belonging to this sign are cash rich at times and cash strapped at others because of their reckless spending. However, they have the ability to earn lot of income with their hard work and dedication.

Horse in health:

People born under this sign are agile and healthy throughout their life and they may lead a healthy lifestyle. However, ailments that affect their heart and circulatory system may bother them in the other half of their life.

Horse Compatibility

Highly compatible with: Tiger, Dog, and the Ram
Less Compatible with: Pig, Monkey, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Ox, Rooster, and the Dragon
Least Compatible with: Rat

Positive and Negative Capability

Positive: People born under this sign are productive, hard working, dedicated, thinking, enthusiastic, encouraging, witty, chatty, amusing, warm-hearted, affectionate, loving, skilled, talented, negotiable, studious, generous, independent, strong willed, curious, persuasive, compulsive and logical.

Negative: They can also be very defiant, stickler for rules, authoritative, hot headed, demanding, conniving, condescending, anxious, moody, pragmatic, opportunistic, deceiving and very obtrusive.

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