Year of the Dragon

Dragon Chinese Zodiac personality:

The Dragon is the only well-known mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac system. In China, dragons mean immense strength, virility, daringness, health, harmony, peace and good luck; dragons placed on tops of roofs can drive away demons and evil spirits. The Year of the Dragon is related to the earthly branch symbol.

General Personality:

The Chinese dragon is an amazing and a majestic creature. It is magnificent and captivating! It is attractive, fearsome, attractive, awe-inspiring ad full of vitality. It has lots of strength as well! Dragon is a symbol of royalty and it is imperial. It is also the male element of the Yang and it belongs to the emperor. The dragon is a sign of ultra power and wealth.


People who are born under this sign are attractive, powerful, charismatic, and highly gifted. They exude power and luck as well! They are easily visible from a distance and you can notice them even in a big gathering. The dragon is very active and agile and you can notice him or her working furiously with a deep sense of purpose. He or she can show an active interest in everything that happens around. A dragon is extremely self-confident and he or she knows how exactly to impress others. They are extremely extravagant as well and they want to do everything in style and grandeur. Ambitious and highly egoistic, a dragon will not stop or rest until they finish off the work given to them.

A person who is born under dragon sign is a fortunate person and destiny has a number of things for them. He or she can achieve a lot of thing if the goals and objectives are right and to the point. A dragon possesses lot of energy, intelligence and talent. They also show their magnanimous side of life by acting graciously to help others. A dragon is always there to help his or her friend who is in deep trouble. A dragon is always ready to a take a deep step forward to solve any type of problem. In times of crisis, they can be too composed and relaxed.

With good fortune behind their back, a dragon is also a very good organizer of event and occasions. They can be quick tempered and impatient at times when things do not go in their way. They are also outspoken and their caustic tongue can hurt some people. They may never like take other people’s opinions. In spite of their positive attitude, they can be selfish at timers by taking things in their own way. Read Dragon Chinese Horoscope

Dragon in Love and romance:

These people are extremely passionate and loving in their personal life. They may be too blind when in love with someone. They can shield their opposite sex partner if he or she is in deep trouble. They do not like their love life troubled by any type of unforeseen events. In the matter of heart, these people display tremendous power and determination. They are cajoling impressive and majestic. With their charisma, they can attract the opposite sex very easily. On the negative side, they are over developed with egos and self-centered with heart full of contempt of nothing goes in their way. They need constant attention and care by their spouses or lovers as they are more likely lose their patience and become frustrated. If the dragon wants his or her successful love life, they must pay attention to other’s expressions and opinions.

Dragon in career and money:

Person who is born under this sign is very resourceful because he or she can raise enough money for any project or assignment. Dragon has the ability to work out deals and contracts with anyone just by using their intelligence and smartness. Soon after finalizing the deal, he or she will work tirelessly to make project a big success. In job, they can command lot of respect and awe with their charm and work ethic. Most people working under this sign accept the authority imposed in an office ambience. Dragon is a wily creature and it can succeed in any venture by using its intelligence and wisdom.

Dragon in health:

Even with a busy mind and physical body, a dragon is the most likely candidate for a number of illnesses and symptoms. However, their unbridled enthusiasm can make them live and energetic even when there is an incidence of illness. Dragon person needs to take care of his or her health on a regular basis.

Dragon Compatibility

Highly compatible with: Rat, Monkey, Snake, Rooster, and the Tiger
Less Compatible with: Dragon, Ox, Rabbit, Pig, Ram, and the Horse
Least Compatible with: Dog

Positive and Negative Capability

Positive: A dragon is energetic, enthusiastic, courageous, colorful, vibrant, hospitable, magnanimous, well meaning, affable, cordial, charismatic, principled, resourceful, compelling, sentimental, emotional, talented, accomplished, and prodigiously shrewd.

Negative: A dragon person can also be self-centered, selfish, remote looking, caustic, dissatisfied, ruthless, cunning, forceful, demanding, egotist, egoistic, defensive, power-mad, willful and pompous.

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