Year of the Dog

Dog Chinese Zodiac personality:

The Dog is the most trustworthy and intelligent 12-year cycles of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac calendar connected with the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Dog is related to the earthly branch symbol. The character given here actually refers to the actual animal while the character refers to the zodiac animal.

General Personality:

The dog is perhaps the most lovable and trustworthy animal. A person who is born under this sign is loyal and trustable. He or she can help and assist other people when they are in trouble. He or she is there with you when you desperately want some immediate help. A dog character is very sensitive to others, and he or she can empathize with them with their heart. A dog character’s friends adore these likeable qualities and they can give their life in return.


A typical dog character is very honest and straightforward; he or she can be vocal and talkative when they feel to express their opinions. A person who is born under this sign can accept any responsibilities assigned to them. Once you assign them a job, they will ensure that they will return with the result without fail. Dog persons are younger in their heart and they can be very lively and energetic even in their old age. However, they can be very serious and melancholic as well!

A dog can be a person with impeccable sense of integrity and fairness. They are very idealistic and true to their life. They can be very good dreamers as well! They do not believe negative words like injustice and oppression. However, this could be quite negative in nature, as a dog personality will easily get upset when they face a piquant situation involving oppression and injustice. A sense of deep pessimism may seep in their mind during such scenarios. A person born under this sign could be very dedicated to their work and they always ensure that they give proper justice to the assigned work. At times, they may get annoyed when they sense that nothing is going in their way. They should learn how to relax and take rest during times of uncertainty and risks. Read Dog Chinese Horoscope

Dog in Love and romance:

A typical dog personality always likes a balanced and well-tuned love life. He or she also likes to enter into a relationship where the two partners are on equal platform; it means that a dog person likes the philosophy of give and take in love relationship. He or she can be very generous and broad minded in relationship while his or her loyalty is never in doubt! However, occasional instances of emotional instability can be very dangerous to the couple. On the other hand, anxious moments involving disagreements and quarrels may disturb their composure very much.

A dog person always likes to make friendship with the opposite sex before letting the friendship into full time partnership. If there is a commitment from the opposite side, he or she can be the most reliable and trustworthy partner. On the negative side, they can be extremely jealous and obsessive about their relationship. In all, a dog person is a sweet and affable person wants his or her own emotional security and safety.

Dog in career and money:

The dog personality is a very reliable person and he or she can be the best worker or employee for any organization. They can work sensibly and act responsibly by giving the best of their mind and body. However, they need proper guidance and instructions on what they need to do or perform in the course of daily work. When they understand their duty in a proper manner, they can provide you the best output. Reliability and steadiness are the hallmark characters of a dog person. They live harmoniously with other people in the office and they respect their superiors with a sense of devotion. However, he or she can be outspoken when someone deceives or renegades from a promise.

Dog in health:

A dog is a wily animal that can be very active and energetic throughout the life. Like a dog, a person who is born under this sign can lead a healthy life full of energy and vitality. However, he or she may need to take care to protect their digestive and circulatory systems.

Dog Compatibility

Highly compatible with: Tiger, Horse, and the Rabbit
Less Compatible with: Dog, Pig, Monkey, Rat, Snake, Ox, and the Rooster
Least Compatible with: Dragon, and the Ram

Positive and Negative Capability

Positive: A dog person can be very dedicated, trustworthy, assisting, well balanced, attentive, meaningful, warm-hearted, sweet, affable, modest, simple, affectionate, devoted, stoic, philosophical, responsible, intelligent, smart and enthusiastic.

Negative: On the other hand, he or she can also be very nasty, violent, aggressive, mean-spirited, quarreling, inflexible, foul-mouthed, bad-tempered, judgmental, hasty, quarrelsome, betraying, fickle minded, nervous, anxious, incapable and impossible.

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