Year of the Boar

Hai is the twelfth significant sign of the Earthly Branches. Its animal representation and significance is the Boar or pig. In Chinese tradition and culture, the boar is related to the factors of fertility and virility. To bear many children in the year of the Boar is known to be very fortunate and favorable, for they will be extremely happy, prosperous and honest.

General Personality:

The boar type is a very honest and trustworthy person and he or she is very patient as well; most of these people are extremely patient and tolerant enough to listen to other people’s problems. A typical boar is also a shy and modest person who hesitates to express opinions in the public. He or she prefers to work behind the screen and when there are not many people around. With an air of shyness and reserve around them, they tend to cultivate friendship at first before opening their mind. They will slowly gain confidence to give their best to near and dear ones.

However, a significant sign like a boar will make a number of true friends and associates in the latter part of their life. They will also have a few numbers of friends who can stay with them until their death. A boar type will never let you down in any manner and you can trust them completely and without any fear. A boar is also very sociable and friendly. A boar is not a vengeful character and in case someone hurts them intentionally, you can expect them act in a peaceful manner to resolve the pending problems; in fact, they will become cautious to avoid any future problems! Most of the people belonging to this sign are truly conservative in nature. One plus point of admiration is that they always love nature, plants and animals.

A boar person is a patient man or woman! He or she can listen to you with utmost patience for hours together. Once they understand your problem, they will provide you practical and useful solutions. However, they are not weak either! They can fight with those who try to annoy unnecessarily. They also know how to defend their honor and name. A typical pig or boar could be a sentimental dreamer who wants to achieve many big things in life. However, the quest for name and fame will be just in their dreams unless they work for those dreams. This is possibly the most notable negative character of a boar character. On the flipside, the most significant positive aspect in a boar is its firm belief that all men and women are good! In fact, many boar people can sacrifice their happiness to keep others happy and live! Read Boar Chinese Horoscope

Boar in Love and romance:

A boar person could be poor in the matter of love and romance. However, they can do very well when they begin experimenting and discovering the basic aspects of romance with the opposite sex. In general, all boars are very sensitive and emotional to their core. They are very sweet but naïve and caring. They are very romantic and relation-ready type of people who keep looking for someone is trustworthy and loyal. They are also very good learners of the game of passion and emotion. They love the freedom of expression, and they allow their partners to express their heart-felt opinions and feelings.

Boar in career and money:

A typical boar is an amazing character that can gel with others very easily. This positive character helps them to cope with the rigors of workplace environment. Pig characters are very loyal to their employers and extremely faithful to their assigned work. A boar can effectively work in his or her office to perform to the best of the abilities. A boar may not be too keen to fight for promotions and pay hike; this could prove negative to them, as a typical office environment is always full of cutthroat competition. A person born under this sign is a very good organizer and planners of office work; this positive character will help them work with maximum productivity.

Boar in health:

A pig or boar character is a wily and tough creature that tends to face all minor health problems with aplomb. However, they may face frequent health problems of minor nature. Slowing down to take enough rest and taking enough precaution is the only form of protection against minor health problems.

Boar Compatibility

Highly compatible with: Rooster, and the Ram
Less Compatible with: Pig, Rabbit, Horse, Ox, Rat, Tiger, Dog, and the Dragon
Least Compatible with: Snake, and the Monkey

Positive and Negative Capability

Positive: A typical boar person could be extremely sensible, smart, thinking, wily, intelligent, well meaning, and sensitive, extremely naive, caring, affable, scholarly, erudite, skilled, knowledgeable, talented, agreeable, outgoing, witty, altruistic, hospitable and virtuous.

Negative: On the other hand, he or she can also be angry, hot-tempered, aggressive, pessimistic, faulty, snobbish, authoritarian, demanding, competitive, scheming, bossy, stingy, and sometimes truly defensive.

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