Chinese Horoscope

Boar Chinese Horoscope

Boar Chinese Daily Horoscope
Family secrets are coming out right now. Some of this is for the good. Unexpected news about someone's investment or estate planning could be in your favor. But there is also some concern about a loved one whose emotional state is somewhat erratic at the moment.


Tomorrow Boar Chinese daily:

Be careful if you are investing or setting up a business involving shared assets right now. This is not an auspicious day for the beginning or initiation of new shared ventures. You may find that the project drags on forever, goes nowhere, or has to be restarted at a later date.


Day after tomorrow:

You may be considering an about-face in your educational plans for the future. You may be considering going back to school, or changing your course plans for the future. Don't put too much stock in where you are going now, because new information may force changes.

Dog Chinese Horoscope

Dog Chinese Daily Horoscope

You may not be able to help yourself where it comes to being politically incorrect right now. The place you have to be the most careful is with family members, especially older people who have strong political ideas and heavily moralistic attitudes.


Chinese Dog tomorrow horoscope:

If you own your own business and deal with the public, you are likely to find it is a banner day for sales. People will be drawn to you, to the kind of work you do, and they are highly interested in your skills and talents. If you are looking for work, it could be your lucky day.


Day after tomorrow:

The focus moves to your pocketbook and you are only too happy to open it up and collect the money. You will hear good news about family finances, money related to home or real estate investments, and there could be good news about your credit rating.

Rooster Chinese Horoscope

Rooster Chinese Daily Horoscope

It is not the best day for your best buddy to ask for a loan right now. Woe be to anyone canvassing for a local religious charity. You have enough challenges of your own without having to deal with someone looking for a handout. Be patient and tactful right now, words can come back to you.


Rooster Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

If you are considering a new business partnership, consider if you might not be better off on your own. You have a strongly positive aspect that supports your work, finances and career future, but there are challenges from partners and competitors.


Day after tomorrow:

Work or health matters are getting in the way of your love life at the moment, and just when things were heating up so nicely! You do have this tendency to go overboard in relationships right now and if you have a new partner be careful you don't move along too fast.

Monkey Chinese Horoscope

Monkey Chinese Daily Horoscope

Some of the pressure on you is eased and you feel much more happy and energetic. You could be considering spending time or money on planning a much-needed vacation or get-away. You cannot spend too much time away from your career ambitions however, and it may have to be a "weekender".


Monkey Chinese Tomorrow horoscope:

If you want to make an impression on a boss or authority figure avoid topics including, but not limited to, politics, culture, religion, faith, sex and spirituality. That is quite a spectrum, but getting into the mysteries of life is likely to lead you down a giant path to nowhere right now.


Day after tomorrow:

You may be able to help a loved one or family member out of a financial or health-related bind right now, but if a friend shows up looking for assistance, you may find there is not enough time or money to go around. You could be forced to decide between two worthy causes.

Ram Chinese Horoscope

Ram Chinese Daily Horoscope

A supervisor, manager or client in your workplace may be coming across a bit like a barking dog right now, and likely they can say the same. They are just passing the misery along. It may be easier to tolerate their ill humour if you do not take things they say personally right now.


Ram Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

If you are feeling bored right now, consider volunteering in your local community. You could get a lot of value out of getting out of the house. You would also prove to be very helpful and welcome at any number of local charities.


Day after tomorrow:

You may be interested in boosting your education. An online class may be more affordable than you think. Check into local resources and online colleges. A part-time class could considerably boost your career advancement prospects.

Horse Chinese Horoscope

Horse Chinese Daily Horoscope

You know what two people really need to do to get their act together, but the hard part is that if you speak up, you will become the problem they can fight against together. Even if your advice is sought, discretion may be the better part of friendship right now.


Horse Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You will get strange phone calls out of the blue right now. Friends and siblings are calling to ask you for your advice or for help with unexpected problems at the last minute, and you could find it disruptive to your plans. You might want to consider screening your calls.


Day after tomorrow:

You are likely to be buying a gift for your mate or partner on the spur of the moment right now. Your eye will be drawn to unusual, pretty baubles, strange technological toys that flash and light up - but that may not be the gift they were hoping for.

Snake Chinese Horoscope

Snake Chinese Daily Horoscope

The balance of power in a personal relationship is changing and this could throw you off balance right now. While you regain your equilibrium, ask yourself if you might not have all the answers after all. Find an advisor who can bring more experience to the table.


Snake Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

A group of women may hold the key to future career opportunities. Networking, masterminding, and sharing ideas could lead you to a creative career solution. A home based business is not as impossible as you may think. Ask around for ideas if you are feeling stuck.


Day after tomorrow:

Your career is a little confusing to you right now. You need a little time to sort out the direction you want to go in the future. You may be exploring a lot of different options, or deciding between two or three different job offers. Take your time.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope

Dragon Chinese Daily Horoscope

Your body is crying out for a hot tub of warm water. You really want to do nothing more than relax, but your mind is playing stress games on you. Put those worries aside - you can't do anything about these problems until they get here, and most of them never arrive.


Chinese Dragon tomorrow horoscope:

A family member could ask for your advice regarding some challenging changes that they face right now. You will discover that despite the fact that they are asking for help, they really have to come to their own solutions, they are not ready to hear the truth from you.


Day after tomorrow:

You are going to be hearing some interesting news within your social circle. Someone's juicy little scandal has exploded, and some of the resulting shrapnel could end up in your front yard. Take the high road, be discrete and avoid an understandable urge to spin things when the gossips call.

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope

Rabbit Chinese Daily Horoscope

Any kind of home improvement project that does not involve telecommunications equipment or structural changes would be a good idea right now. You can accomplish a lot by focusing on the surface appearance of your home, or on getting some time out for some heart-pumping exercise.


Rabbit Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Healing is the keynote of the day, and you can find both equal measures of pain and relief in your career and ambitions right now. If you are feeling strongly pushed to succeed socially right now, it is likely because you are determined to overcome rejection in the past.


Day after tomorrow:

You may have to make some unexpected changes or adjustments to a planned "family outing". While you have been busy trying to get everyone's schedules together, they are busy flying off in sixteen different directions at the same time. This is not one of the best days for a picnic, unless you have loads of patience.

Ox Chinese Horoscope

Ox Chinese Daily Horoscope

Make sure that you listen to the concerns of your partner if the subject of the budget comes up right now. If you are still single, you may have a dispute with a date over the payment of the dinner bill if you are not careful to agree who is paying in advance.


Ox Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

A sudden stroke of luck in the workplace makes for an excited and happy day. There could be celebrations involving music, and there is likely to be news about increased budgets, better sales figures, and perhaps even a raise or bonus is coming soon.


Day after tomorrow:

Don't get too wound up in the "What do I want to do with my life" muddle you have been struggling with - it is a battle you can't sort out in one day, and right now it's just counterproductive to your mood. Indulge in a little pampering right now as soon as you get some time to yourself.

Rat Chinese Horoscope

Rat Chinese Daily Horoscope

You give up. No matter what you say or do, it seems you are being misunderstood right now by just about everybody. So you are tempted to sneak quietly into a corner and suck your thumb. But that won't help. It does not hurt for you to think things through a bit, but don't give up on your own needs.


Rat Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Your intuition probably won't work for you right now, particularly in matters of research, paperwork, travel and communication. You seem to put your foot in your mouth despite your efforts to be careful and compassionate of others. It is a day to listen, not to talk.


Day after tomorrow:

You have a lot of good ideas right now, but they may be a bit ahead of their time. Don't be overly eager to get your thoughts in front of others. Focus on getting them down on paper first. You may find better ideas come to you if you slow yourself down a bit.

Tiger Chinese Horoscope

Tiger Chinese Daily Horoscope

You may be getting a raise, promotion, bonus, or job offer soon. You'll be happy with the challenge and opportunity, but one of your friends may be jealous. They need to see that the change is not going to come between you. Just be patient - they will come around eventually.


Tiger Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Your inner child is pouting. It feels neglected or abused. You need to take it out for ice cream or something. Set aside some play time soon. If you can afford nothing else, get some crayons and doodle, or find some craft or game to help you reconnect with your sense of fun.


Day after tomorrow:

You have subconscious fears about traveling right now, and this could make it difficult if you are the designated driver. Your mind is far away on other things, but your family members and relatives may be counting on you to taxi people around town right now. Drive safely.