Chinese Horoscope

Boar Chinese Horoscope

Boar Chinese Daily Horoscope
A friend or companion has decided that your unsolicited advice or feedback has merit after all, and they will be expressing their appreciation together with some sheepish apologies most likely. Do your best to be gracious and understanding, it's not easy to admit you're wrong.


Tomorrow Boar Chinese daily:

You will be getting news about a promotion, improvements to your staff budget, or an important new client could improve your business picture. You have new and important friends. Look to older, better-established people who can improve both social and career prospects.


Day after tomorrow:

It would be a good day for you to look into alternative healing or healthcare techniques, especially those you are normally skeptical about. You will learn that you still can discover new pearls of wisdom from paths you long abandoned.

Dog Chinese Horoscope

Dog Chinese Daily Horoscope

You'll be discussing healthcare and the way that health affects your job performance. You could be coming down with the sniffles or suffer from a headache right now, but is most likely just stress, overwork or some temporary malaise that is responsible.


Chinese Dog tomorrow horoscope:

Communications and paperwork is even more confusing right now and you will be greatly tempted to throw it all in the "later" basket and take off for some mindless recreation. That may work if it's possible, but for those who are tied to a desk the distractions may be impossible to avoid.


Day after tomorrow:

Taking some much-needed time off could help you rebuild some perspective and give you some space to bleed off some hard energy you have been carrying home from the workplace lately. Make sure to treat yourself, you deserve a break.

Rooster Chinese Horoscope

Rooster Chinese Daily Horoscope

Your mate or partner may be insisting you "settle down", or vice versa. Somehow there will be issues involving commitment, stability, security and-or the children in your lives. Communication is the key - talking things out will actually help, give it a try!


Rooster Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Your energies are high, your mental creativity is at a peak, and your passion for life is into overdrive. If you are single, get out where you can share ideas. Any public event where speaking is involved could be lucky for you.


Day after tomorrow:

You need to stay positive and focused right now as others around you are putting out victim vibrations. You may be highly sensitive to other people and need to make sure their emotions do not drag you into their dramas.

Monkey Chinese Horoscope

Monkey Chinese Daily Horoscope

Are you being practical with your recreational plans? You'll be highly impulsive and prone to change directions at the drop of a hat. You are having a good time, but following you around could be terribly confusing right now. Give your friends and family time to catch up.


Monkey Chinese Tomorrow horoscope:

If you are looking around for money to sink into an investment plan, look no further than your own discretionary spending right now. Your chart says you are playing more than planning at the moment, and the high-tech toys you want could be eating into long-term goals.


Day after tomorrow:

You could be overcome by an urge to play matchmaker with a friend right now. If so, make your choice carefully. You may pick just the right person to push all your friend's vulnerable buttons. You may later ask yourself what you could have been thinking.

Ram Chinese Horoscope

Ram Chinese Daily Horoscope

Daydreaming again, aren't we? That's one of your favorite pass times, but your daydreams are of epic proportions right now. Put them to productive use. Dream up a way you can make a huge amount of money doing something you love and enjoy with great passion.


Ram Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Someone needs you to stand up for them. Sticking your neck out may seem like a risk, but saying nothing may feel worse in the long run. You may need to weigh the pros and cons before you act, but do not wait too long, you could miss an opportunity to make a positive impact.?


Day after tomorrow:

This is not the day to get into religious debates, unless you want to be taken down a notch or two. A family member with better knowledge than you may be the one to show you that there are aspects to the issue that you were not aware of or had not considered.

Horse Chinese Horoscope

Horse Chinese Daily Horoscope

You have an opportunity to climb a notch up the corporate or business ladder, but something from your past, or a family connection could be a sticking point. It may be that you feel you are not ready for the social demands of a new position.


Horse Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Don't listen to your intuition right now. It might be better to keep the lid on some juicy gossip, especially where it comes to other people's secrets. Gossip could get you into real trouble with a person who has some difficulty controlling their anger.


Day after tomorrow:

If you and your significant other are not seeing eye to eye right now, it may not be the best time to bring up your vacation plans, even if that makes for a welcome change of subject. If you want to surprise your partner with a spontaneous trip, make it to some place that they have always wanted to go.

Snake Chinese Horoscope

Snake Chinese Daily Horoscope

The financial picture is definitely looking up right now. There are unexpected twists and turns along the path that fate has set out for you. You may be tempted to gamble right now, but the best bet is on your own skills, talents, dreams and desires.


Snake Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You will find that your intuition brings mixed results right now. You are going through a period of changing attitudes about spiritual beliefs and concepts are not fully formed in your mind. For now, keep an open mind, and don't expect others to "get it" right away.


Day after tomorrow:

If you were thinking of making a new investment in your home, it will be a great day to check out home improvement supplies. Some extra cash will come in handy to improve your living conditions. Just be certain you don't over-spend your budget.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope

Dragon Chinese Daily Horoscope

A promising relationship could be threatened by a difference in cultural backgrounds or education, but that's easily fixed. The answer is as close as the local library or night school. You will both greatly benefit by sharing your diverse beliefs and backgrounds.


Chinese Dragon tomorrow horoscope:

Listen to your intuition right now, but before you take action, run your thoughts past your "common sense filter". Are you being realistic about things? Indications are that you are being pushed to change your lifestyle too quickly in an unhealthy direction.


Day after tomorrow:

You are looking at some more big personal changes right now, but you will find that they are mostly to your liking this time around. You could make a big change to your personal appearance, or take up a new hobby. You may also hear good news from a friend or relative who has been trying to get pregnant.

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope

Rabbit Chinese Daily Horoscope

You may hear unexpected news involving your home or family right now. There may be an unusual opportunity to improve your home computer, buy a new cell phone or update an electronic entertainment device of some kind. Keep an open mind about a wild new idea.


Rabbit Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

An argument or disagreement could lead to positive changes in your family life right now. You have an opportunity to turn a challenging moment between loved into a positive life-changing lesson for everyone concerned, provided that you can keep your cool.


Day after tomorrow:

You may be thinking about travel, but so are a lot of other people. Wherever you end up, it is likely to be seriously crowded. That could be a good thing, because it is likely to bring you together with interesting people, new friends and companions.

Ox Chinese Horoscope

Ox Chinese Daily Horoscope

You may need to have a visit with the doctor or a health-care professional, but if you are worried about the budget, it may pay to hold back a couple days. You could be given some costly advice. Just because you are making a little more money does not mean you want it to go right out the window.


Ox Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You may be playing nursemaid again, and this time you may be bandaging heart, spirit or soul as well as body and mind. Someone you care about is struggling with a religious or spiritual crisis and is reaching out to you for help you don't feel qualified to give.


Day after tomorrow:

If you are still single, you might not be for very much longer. You have an opportunity to meet someone new and interesting right now, perhaps in the workplace or through a business contact. Keep an open mind, they are likely to come across as a little spacey at first.

Rat Chinese Horoscope

Rat Chinese Daily Horoscope

You could be making or taking some interesting phone calls right now, focusing on a big entertainment event or a new hobby you have recently taken up. If you are a parent, you could be helping a child with their homework this evening and it could actually be fun.


Rat Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Communication is scattered and strange right now. People seem to be from some other planet or something. Hidden within the wild-eyed ideas are some useful innovations, though. This is not a good day to install new phone, cable or Internet services.


Day after tomorrow:

You seem to be on a "helping out kick" in the workplace right now, and while most folks are grateful for the extra energy you provide, someone else may find your efforts are a little too strident. If you see "that face", back off a bit and let them come to you on their own terms.

Tiger Chinese Horoscope

Tiger Chinese Daily Horoscope

You may have a sudden insight that leads you to take revolutionary changes in your personal appearance and lifestyle, but anything too drastic right now is likely to shock and surprise your loved ones. Remember to include them in your planning.


Tiger Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You and your significant other will find a wild new way of communicating with each other. You are making some profound changes in your attitude towards your partnership, and you will both be excited by new and dynamic possibilities that are entering your lives.


Day after tomorrow:

You are going to have some strange or unusual dreams this evening. You feel you are being pressured into some lifestyle changes that you are not ready for, and instead of confronting this, have chosen to bury it deep in your subconscious. That is why it's coming out in dreams.