Chinese Horoscope

Boar Chinese Horoscope

Boar Chinese Daily Horoscope
Leave the plastic at home if you want to avoid making impulsive purchases that you cannot afford. You may find yourself drawn to big-ticket items for the home, electronic items that break down easily or that fail to live up to the promises made in their advertising.


Tomorrow Boar Chinese daily:

You may have an identity crisis right now. Some event or experience from your childhood has flashed back into your mind, and you suddenly feel emotionally vulnerable. It may be that someone is deliberately pushing your hot buttons in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage.


Day after tomorrow:

Don't get in the middle of an argument about race, culture, education or religion. Keep yourself out of it, no matter how juicy or tempting the topic. You could risk alienating a friend or companion who is important in your career ambitions.

Dog Chinese Horoscope

Dog Chinese Daily Horoscope

You could be hearing good news about your finances shortly, and you will want to celebrate. Be careful of parties or gatherings that feature little more than chemical recreation, though. Drugs and alcohol could be dangerous for you right now. Instead, find a practical or creative way to expand your social circle.


Chinese Dog tomorrow horoscope:

You are suddenly eager to spend a lot of money, to buy pricey electronics items or to spiff up your personal computer right now. Be careful how, where, why and on what you choose to spend your money. The larger and more impulsive the purchase, the lower value it is likely to be.


Day after tomorrow:

You have gone through an amazing few days, and you may find that despite the fact that most of the news was good, you are suffering from some stress-related ailments or discomforts. If that is the case, take some time out for some extra sleep and relaxation. It's not time to push things or try out a new extreme sport.

Rooster Chinese Horoscope

Rooster Chinese Daily Horoscope

You may wonder what planet your partner's head got transported to - they do seem completely out of this world. But their vacation from reality is likely to be just that - a temporary situation. And they likely harbor some similar thoughts about you right now.


Rooster Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Family members may not be terribly supportive right now, especially if you are hoping for financial assistance. It will likely turn out you don't need their help, anyway. There will be other opportunities for you to make headway on your own.


Day after tomorrow:

You might better spend some time writing poetry or the great historical novel you keep putting off, rather than putting your wildly creative ideas into any work-related writing right now. Someone could come back and ask you where your head was at.

Monkey Chinese Horoscope

Monkey Chinese Daily Horoscope

An intuitive leap could be lucky for you financially, but you may have to work hard to get it across to others in your family or circle of friends who seem wrapped up in their own baggage right now. Focus on your bottom line, apply your creativity and wisdom to your own personal benefit.


Monkey Chinese Tomorrow horoscope:

You want to play and party with your friends right now, but work, career, health or family matters are tying you to other responsibilities. You will be highly creative and energetic, and will come up with a plan to dramatically change or alter your workspace.


Day after tomorrow:

You may have some challenging moments with your mother right now. Some old issue may come back to haunt you. This is not the best day to try to mend fences or to deal with hot-button topics with any member of your family, especially those you see as family leaders.

Ram Chinese Horoscope

Ram Chinese Daily Horoscope

Your search for meaning gets intense and confusing right now. A friend of yours may challenge you with new ideas, or is unsupportive when you bring up your concerns. Stick to your questions. They do have value, and the rewards could be immeasurable.


Ram Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

It will be even more difficult to concentrate right now because you'll be far more interested in playing or daydreaming than working or getting the family chores finished. Take the family out for a movie, it is a good day to enjoy a great flick or get out to a park.


Day after tomorrow:

If you are a parent you will find yourself wondering if your kids have mood swing problems right now, but the insanity is temporary. They are just working off some steam, in most cases. Someone may have a sugar or food intolerance though. Watch to see if there is a pattern to the madness.

Horse Chinese Horoscope

Horse Chinese Daily Horoscope

You need to get out of the house and get into some kind of physical activity that allows you to express all that extra physical energy you are carrying around inside right now. You may soon be asked to coach or lead a children's sporting team or club.


Horse Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You need to spend time, effort and energy on helping a loved one sort out a health problem, and it is wearing on your nerves. You need to book a little "self space", but that may be difficult or even impossible right now. Treat yourself as much as you can, you deserve breaks too.


Day after tomorrow:

You may find you are a bit frustrated and cranky with yourself lately. You need some more rest and re-creation time. Make sure you find at least a few minutes each day to get in a fun, creative activity, it will keep you from burning out.

Snake Chinese Horoscope

Snake Chinese Daily Horoscope

Your mind is wandering a lot right now and you could find it hard to stay focused. You have sudden burst of inspiration, but the impressions you get are fuzzy and uncertain. You should be careful when spending money on objects of art for your home.


Snake Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You may find that you have a great deal of additional energy right now, and it would be best spent getting caught up on the chores. Avoid spending too much time on the phone right now, as there could be unexpected misunderstandings or miscommunications.


Day after tomorrow:

You may want to hold off on a big renovation project until you get a second or third opinion. Someone may have underestimated the costs or time required to complete the job. Check your contractor and their online credentials before signing any contracts.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope

Dragon Chinese Daily Horoscope

You are in a mood to play and have some fun, but if you want any company, you must take on a leadership role and get everyone organized and ready to go. People will be energized and hyperactive, and will be hard to keep motivated in the same direction.


Chinese Dragon tomorrow horoscope:

A major change could clear the way to a trip, vacation, or to that return trip back to school to boost your education. You will have a lot of energy right now, and can get a lot of paperwork and overdue documentation cleared off your desk right now.


Day after tomorrow:

You are likely to be doing a lot of thinking and may even be writing about gender politics in the workplace right now. Even if it is only an email, be sure that you stick to facts that you can back up, because emotions may be running a bit high.

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope

Rabbit Chinese Daily Horoscope

It would be a good day to practice the virtue of being a good listener, because your words and ideas are apt to get you in a heap of trouble - especially with older family members. They already think they know everything, you'd only confuse them with the facts.


Rabbit Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You want to make sure all your credit card and utility bills are up to date, but if not, there could be problems with one of their representatives, especially if you are not patient or tactful. You can help a friend in the office place with a health problem.


Day after tomorrow:

You may be planning or taking a vacation soon. If you are considering your budget, some place close to home may be more fun and affordable, and there may actually be a lot less stress involved. And it is a low-stress break you are needing right now.

Ox Chinese Horoscope

Ox Chinese Daily Horoscope

You have an opportunity to make money out of your home on some kind of craft, hobby or creative business. Your ideas to redecorate your home may be costly, but there could be long-term financial benefit in having a more attractive home.


Ox Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Someone you have not heard from in a while may call or drop by unexpected. There may be good news from or about family that has brought them back into your life. Someone may be traveling soon.


Day after tomorrow:

Dig out your passport, it looks like you may need it soon. If you are not about to go on vacation, you may at least be planning a trip, or are found a lot of dream surfing online. You may meet someone interesting from another country.

Rat Chinese Horoscope

Rat Chinese Daily Horoscope

You may not feel you look or feel your best right now, but the truth is you are just being too hard on yourself. Nothing is sexier than a smart cookie with lots of self-confidence, and if you stay focused, you'll soon be back in the swing of things.


Rat Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Avoid impulsive spending, especially if it is motivated by impulses to keep up with the neighbors. We all deny we are vulnerable to such a shallow motivation, yet there are times it is frustrating to feel left behind. If you are careful with your budget, the tide will turn soon enough.


Day after tomorrow:

You need a break right now. Some time to "re-create" yourself. You have had a tense few days. So relax! Find a special way to treat yourself. Make sure to involve your significant other in the choice of what to do, or there could be a misunderstanding.

Tiger Chinese Horoscope

Tiger Chinese Daily Horoscope

High tech toys may bring frustration right now, but a glitch or breakdown could be a blessing in disguise. It may force you to consider an option you would have discounted otherwise. A short term inconvenience could pave the way to something rewarding.


Tiger Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

The workload looks pretty brutal right now. You have responsibilities that are taking you away from the attention you need to pay to your love life. If you are single, you need more time out. If you are married, you need to spend more quality time with your partner.


Day after tomorrow:

The words are flying out of your mouth at a mile a minute, but you don't seem to be making any sense. That's because your mind, and the minds of your listeners, are on two totally different wavelengths. You are so far ahead of your audience right now it's not funny.