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You have a wonderful opportunity to boost your education right now. It may be that the MBA course you wanted is now available online, or that class you wanted to take in eclectic pottery has come down in price. Something will smooth your path to a goal you have put off for far too long. More days: Rat Chinese Horoscope

You may find that your are presented with some challenging or disturbing ideas or news through printed media like newspapers or magazines right now. Don't let yourself get too wound up in politics or the world situation unless there really is something you can do about them. More days: Ox Chinese Horoscope

Extremely positive changes are coming to your family. You may have an opportunity to finance a new home purchase, to renovate your existing home, or to find new accommodations for an elderly relative that work better in managing their care. More days: Tiger Chinese Horoscope

Your intuition is telling you that it is time to take on a leadership role in your family. The theme in the zodiac for right now is "creating structure and organization out of chaos". Your family will provide opportunity for chaos to manifest. It is up to you to create the order. More days: Rabbit Chinese Horoscope

There is good news coming in the workplace. A change in someone's health or outlook in life could benefit your own upward mobility. Find a way to share a fun or entertaining moment with your coworkers, it could pay off in good will later on. More days: Dragon Chinese Horoscope

Friends and companions are a source of stress and joy at the same time right now. One group is working to help fix up your love life, the other is getting in the way of paperwork, research or travel plans. You may have to push someone out of the way in order to get the job done. More days: Snake Chinese Horoscope

You are likely to hear good news about travel or education, and you'll feel highly charged and energetic. A family member wants to rain on your parade though - they seem to think you spend too much time playing and not enough time plotting your advance up the ladder of success. More days: Horse Chinese Horoscope

You may have an identity crisis right now. Some event or experience from your childhood has flashed back into your mind, and you suddenly feel emotionally vulnerable. It may be that someone is deliberately pushing your hot buttons in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage. More days: Ram Chinese Horoscope

Financial opportunities are really good right now, so it is important to stay focused. That may be challenging right now because you are a bit mentally scattered, particularly where it comes to creative ways to make and spend your money. More days: Monkey Chinese Horoscope

You may return to work right now to discover that some kind of power struggle in the workplace has exploded into full-blow office politics. Keep your head low and your powder dry if you stumble across anyone who resembles the remarks in your horoscope right now. More days: Rooster Chinese Horoscope

You are asked to some social function at the last minute and if you decide to attend you will have to rush around like a chicken with its head cut off in order to whip yourself into shape in time. You may find it more prudent to beg off in favor of some household chores that need doing. More days: Dog Chinese Horoscope

You may have a challenging time with the people closest to you. They may seem a little twitchy or sensitive, especially where it comes to debts, financial investments or favors, or spirituality. Someone you know has a bit of trouble facing an upcoming life transition. More days: Boar Chinese Horoscope



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