Chinese Horoscope

Boar Chinese Horoscope

Boar Chinese Daily Horoscope
If you said "No" to a friend or coworker yesterday, right now may be the day you pay for it in other ways. You may discover that someone you thought was a friend was really after something more tangible than companionship. You may be better off without them. Trust your instincts here.


Tomorrow Boar Chinese daily:

You'll be hot, passionate and excitable right now, but it may be difficult for you to make up your mind. You will be overly chatty at times, running off at the mouth, and while that will annoy some selfish sorts, those who listen will learn some interesting things.


Day after tomorrow:

Home, family and relatives form the keywords for your activities right now. You may find yourself asking why everyone you are related to suddenly is demanding your time and attention. They are looking to you for advice, suggestions and wisdom, you are seen as the teacher and leader.

Dog Chinese Horoscope

Dog Chinese Daily Horoscope

Some of the pressure on you is eased and you feel much more happy and energetic. You could be considering spending time or money on planning a much-needed vacation or get-away. You cannot spend too much time away from your career ambitions however, and it may have to be a "weekender".


Chinese Dog tomorrow horoscope:

You have financial opportunities presented to you right now that are far less lucrative than they appear at first, so be careful how and where you choose to spend your money. Beware of hidden costs and other secrets. When you sort the wheat from the chaff there are hidden opportunities too.


Day after tomorrow:

You are looking at some big changes in your career. You may be given a position of responsibility that you do not quite feel ready for, dealing with other people's money or valuables. Just take things one day or one step at a time and you will adjust.

Rooster Chinese Horoscope

Rooster Chinese Daily Horoscope

Financial changes and challenges are the theme of the day right now. You may find that you are presented with some rather strange or unreliable advice. Double-check anything that seems too good to be true, or is too far out into left field.


Rooster Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You are feeling good about yourself right now, and your energy is glowing and positive. People may comment and compliment you on your physical appearance or the "aura" you generate right now. You will have a lot of energy and may make new friends right now.


Day after tomorrow:

It is time you got your back side moving. You may mistake your extra physical energy for anxiety or nervous tension when your body is really screaming to run or dance. Getting in motion would help in more ways than the merely physical, if you are single, a coed exercise class or gym could be a great place to meet someone new.

Monkey Chinese Horoscope

Monkey Chinese Daily Horoscope

You may be thinking about changing something about the way you earn, save or invest right now, but keep in mind you will be incredibly impulsive, not at your most practical, and that hot deal you are excited about may not be as good as advertised.


Monkey Chinese Tomorrow horoscope:

You are likely to be out looking for art, music or decorations for your workplace right now. Your mind is on work, not pleasure, and while you may not be able to get into the office, you can still have fun thinking up new ways to get ahead right now.


Day after tomorrow:

You may have to push yourself to get motivated right now. You may feel some insecure or anxious because a career competitor is better educated or more experienced. Don't let that get to you! You have the skills and knowledge, and there is plenty of room for your insight.

Ram Chinese Horoscope

Ram Chinese Daily Horoscope

Even though you are still popular and in demand right now, you realize that you can't please everyone. Someone out there is determined to argue with you right now. Relax! A challenging verbal exchange may turn out to have unexpectedly positive consequences.


Ram Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Look around the house for an answer to a health problem or challenge. The answer may be in a common herb or supplement that you already have at hand. Look to friends or siblings for ideas if you are stumped. Someone may have just what the homeopath ordered in the cupboard.?


Day after tomorrow:

A career or financial idea will keep you busy sorting out the fine print but make sure you set aside a little time for fun and relaxation while you have the time. A little music or paint to brighten up your workplace could make a positive impact on your productivity.

Horse Chinese Horoscope

Horse Chinese Daily Horoscope

Your love life is about to get extremely interesting right now. If you are still single, you may meet someone whose religious beliefs, values or moral traditions are different from yours. Keep an open mind, they might not be as different as you think.


Horse Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You will want to escape your responsibilities right now, but there will either be scheduling or financial challenges in the path of your plans. Be alert for opportunities in your career path or work sector. You can take a giant step ahead right now.


Day after tomorrow:

You have a dramatic and positive lucky streak in your chart for relationships right now. If you are still single, you could luck out online, meeting someone who you have been day-dreaming about. If you are already married, a gift could spark passion.

Snake Chinese Horoscope

Snake Chinese Daily Horoscope

If you are invited to join a new club or group right now, ask if you can put off the commitment for another day. It is not an excuse to say you need more time to think about things - and you won't regret spending a little time to read the fine print.


Snake Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Some extra money will come your way soon, and you may be thinking about ways to spend it. It would be a better idea to spend some time thinking about ways to save or invest it. Money set aside for the future is an important and lucky theme for you right now.


Day after tomorrow:

Your spiritual gifts are starting to show, and you may discover that you have a healing gift that can bring comfort to others. You may be studying, learning, or even teaching others new ways to heal themselves through spiritual or holistic techniques.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope

Dragon Chinese Daily Horoscope

Disagreements and arguments over travel plans are possible right now. There are potential delays along the roadway as you make your path from one place to another. You may be easily distracted or lead astray, especially if you spot a "for sale" sign.


Chinese Dragon tomorrow horoscope:

A friend or companion could tempt you to join them on a "comfort spending spree". You may both be feeling a bit moody. A small trip to the local chocolate shop may work wonders on your mood, but leave your credit cards at home if you are going anywhere near the mall.


Day after tomorrow:

There are too many sad or distracting memories floating around your mind right now, and it may be most challenging to keep your mind on your work right now. There are a lot of unexpected course-corrections on your way to and from the workplace so plan for longer than expected commutes.

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope

Rabbit Chinese Daily Horoscope

You might have to decide between an investment or savings plan, and a sudden desire for a recreational get-away. Leave the decision for a day or so. Be sure you can really afford it. Don't allow yourself to be tempted by the offer of a pre-approved credit card.


Rabbit Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Listen to a friend who offers help or advice on health issues. You may feel a little swamped just dealing with daily chores, and there is a pal who wants to help - but they may fear you'll be offended if they offer. Ask if they can help, you'll both enjoy working together.


Day after tomorrow:

You may have an interesting and unexpected insight that has you considering a move or change in residence. You should be aware that you are likely to be heavily influenced by things you see or read on the Internet right now, so take a few days to make up your mind on any new information.

Ox Chinese Horoscope

Ox Chinese Daily Horoscope

If you are involved in team sports, or follow a team, you could have a winning moment right now. If you have children, one of the ways to brighten their lives and futures is to get them involved in a competitive team sport where they are physically active with their peers.


Ox Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role in your family, but the challenges presented may have you thinking twice. The women in your family want you to take on more responsibility, but they may be pushing you towards a role you are not ready for quite yet.


Day after tomorrow:

Your head may be spinning with the many different changes life seems to be throwing at you lately. Go with the flow needs to be your mantra. Do not allow yourself to get overly attached to things, ideas or outcomes. You could block your own progress if you insist on things staying status quo.

Rat Chinese Horoscope

Rat Chinese Daily Horoscope

Keep a notebook by your bed tonight, as the dreams you have could prove to be powerfully beneficial. Your dream material should be interpreted in light of both your current spiritual and financial conditions, as there are messages for you there.


Rat Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You may feel that someone is challenging you based on your knowledge or skill-set right now and you may be a little too sensitive. You'll come charging out like the proverbial bull in a china shop if someone suggests you don't know what you are doing.


Day after tomorrow:

If you are in a relationship right now, you may feel you have stepped into an awesome Twilight Zone episode where you and your partner are playing Gomez and Morticia. Your crazy, silly side really needs to come out and play.

Tiger Chinese Horoscope

Tiger Chinese Daily Horoscope

Your energy has gone a little wacko right now, and if you are involved in a committed relationship, well, that may add a little spice to a rather dull companionship. If you are single though, you may find yourself attracted to some real odd balls.


Tiger Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Someone could suddenly seek your advice about their children's spiritual education, or about financial investments. Be careful how you respond. You may come across as critical when you mean to be helpful. There will be a blessing in the experience though, one neither of you expected.


Day after tomorrow:

If you find yourself over-reacting to financial challenges right now, ask yourself if you are not over-identifying with what you have, instead of who you are. You need to take a step back from your job and income, and realize that you are a lot more than what you do.