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You may be looking at changes in your spiritual beliefs or value system right now as the result of some unusual information you get from a friend. Some of what they have to say could be wildly speculative though, so it pays to keep an open but skeptical mindset. More days: Rat Chinese Horoscope

If you have kids they are likely to be hyperactive and excitable right now - but that may work, because they are getting it from you. If you want your loved ones to calm down right now, you are going to have to calm down yourself first. Take three deep breaths. There. Feel better? More days: Ox Chinese Horoscope

Financial changes and challenges are likely heading your way, but don't let short-term challenges get you too flustered right now. You could discover that an unexpected financial challenge leads you to someone new who could be incredibly helpful in sorting out your bottom line. More days: Tiger Chinese Horoscope

You are best advised right now to leave your cash and credit cards at home. Every shiny, pretty thing with a huge price tag is going to catch your eye. If you buy creative products or supplies right now you may find they sit in the closet a long time before you actually use them. More days: Rabbit Chinese Horoscope

Your phone will be ringing off the hook right now. The people you associate with financially or in business tend to be cranky while friends and companions are supportive. Someone you are close to is like a brick that you can count on to hold things together no matter what. More days: Dragon Chinese Horoscope

Your intuition is strong and your insights profound right now. You may have a money-making idea that seems to strike like a bolt of lightning out of the blue. You may be strongly impulsive right now, especially where it comes to shopping for bargains. More days: Snake Chinese Horoscope

You may be considering a career change that involves travel, higher education or international communications. The change you are pondering could be risky, but you will always wonder what would have happened if you let this one go. More days: Horse Chinese Horoscope

You get some interesting thoughts and ideas about investments right now. It is unlikely that you will act on them right now. Store them away for a future time when your motivation is higher. Avoid signing any new paperwork or documents related to finances right now if you can. More days: Ram Chinese Horoscope

If there is a leadership struggle in the workplace right now, be extra tactful and considerate. Don't take sides if there is a battle between the men and women, or between one male supervisor and a female supervisor. If you are one of the warring parties, listening pays. More days: Monkey Chinese Horoscope

You need to play. You may find yourself impulsively buying new home electronics and entertainment devices right now. If the budget does not permit you to upgrade your home computer or TV, you might assuage the sudden urge by renting an energetic movie for this evening. More days: Rooster Chinese Horoscope

You will be asked to take on a sudden challenge, or a leadership role, and will be looking at the possibility of going back to school, taking a night-school course, or taking Internet lessons to boost your personal knowledge. Changes will be exciting. More days: Dog Chinese Horoscope

Trust your intuition. You will have a insight into a relative's behavior and attitudes, and that will help you connect with them in a more healthy and positive way going forward. Listen carefully, because you will learn something important. More days: Boar Chinese Horoscope



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