Chinese Horoscope

Boar Chinese Horoscope

Boar Chinese Daily Horoscope
Learning about a family secret isn't always the easiest thing, but someone has been hiding some news under their hat that will be well received by you right now. It may be that someone is finally about to spill the beans about some special project they've been keeping quiet.


Tomorrow Boar Chinese daily:

This is not the best day to point out to a cranky or jealous coworker that you are not communicating well. That much is obvious. No matter how non-judgmental you try to make your language they may feel you are blaming them. Let them have the first and last word, be a good listener.


Day after tomorrow:

You are impulsive and restless right now, but your ability to make friends and influence people is at an all-time high. People are excited by your ideas, interested by what you have to say, and willing to let you take leadership roles in a number of group situations.

Dog Chinese Horoscope

Dog Chinese Daily Horoscope

You are talking about love right now, and there could be some challenging moments involving loved ones and relatives. They are not as supportive as you had hoped, probably because they have misunderstood something about your special someone. Patience is the key, they will come around.


Chinese Dog tomorrow horoscope:

An argument you had recently has radically transformed the way you view a friendship, and things seem miraculously clear right now. You know where you want to go from here now. You may decide to walk away or stay friends, but it is a healing moment for both of you.


Day after tomorrow:

You don't seem to be able to get people to understand even the simplest concepts right now. They are cranky, contrary and confrontational. You may have better luck if you wait until you are asked before offering advice. If you must put in your two cents, practice what you plan to say.

Rooster Chinese Horoscope

Rooster Chinese Daily Horoscope

It's a perfect day for kicking back at home and doing absolutely nothing. Everyone should try it at least once a month. Just find a comfortable spot and park yourself there with some snacks and a good book or the remote control. You deserve a break, so indulge yourself.


Rooster Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You have as much money coming in as going out right now. You could get whacked with a big phone bill on the same day that you get a raise, or find a big bargain that requires a large chunk of your savings in order to secure. The good will make up for the challenges.


Day after tomorrow:

You are still on pretty good terms with your partner or significant other, but you have some communications problems with authority figures right now. People seem to be in a bit of an authoritarian mood right now. Practice saying "yes, sir, no sir" because you may be saying it a lot right now.

Monkey Chinese Horoscope

Monkey Chinese Daily Horoscope

A dream or intuitive flash will provide you with an opportunity to get closer to a loved one. You will have the chance to connect on the soul level, to share thoughts and ideas about personal and spiritual growth. It could be a powerfully healing moment for you both.


Monkey Chinese Tomorrow horoscope:

You may be able to connect with a neighbor through shared interests or spiritual beliefs. You may feel the need to share your own spiritual experiences right now with the people who are closest to you. Someone you know will find your presence healing.


Day after tomorrow:

Happy days are here again! Whoopee, you have a little extra money and you'll be all too happy to spend it. I have two words for you: "savings account". Another few choice words of advice: The best thing you can do with your windfall is pay down the credit cards!

Ram Chinese Horoscope

Ram Chinese Daily Horoscope

Your companions have wild ideas about your love life. Someone has decided that they know better than you what is good for you. You may find that they react badly if you remind them that you know what you are doing. So just nod and say "Thank you for caring about me and sharing."


Ram Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

More adjustments and changes in relationships are coming and the "good-news-bad-news" flip-flops are likely to be terribly confusing and occasionally upsetting. You may want to shout, "Make up your minds!" but all you can do is sit back and watch the antics.


Day after tomorrow:

You are spending a lot of time thinking about romance right now and you could be told that you are smothering someone or pushing them too hard right now. If you are single there could be a sudden attraction that brings in a sensitive, attractive and carefree soul into your life.

Horse Chinese Horoscope

Horse Chinese Daily Horoscope

If you have children you may find their behaviour right now to be erratic and stubborn at the same time. If you are not a parent, the same behaviour could manifest in other people's children, or from your own inner child throwing a tantrum. Playful acceptance is the key.


Horse Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You feel torn between your own duties and responsibilities and a desire to help others right now. You have an opportunity to make some money, to improve your own financial conditions, but your attention is split between that need, and the needs of another.


Day after tomorrow:

Would you relax? Yes, you want to climb to the top of the corporate ladder in record time - who doesn't? But this is not the best day for pushing things. No-one is paying attention right now anyway. They all have their minds on home, family or the big game ... and so should you.

Snake Chinese Horoscope

Snake Chinese Daily Horoscope

Meditation is always a good idea, but you can overdo it. You need to get grounded. Place your feet and hands in cold water, or bend over and touch the earth. It will take away that strange vibe you are feeling, and can decrease your stress levels as well.


Snake Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Your compassion for others could put you in a vulnerable position right now. You may be frustrated with a family member or their judgmental attitude. Someone has made it plain that they disapprove of your lifestyle, appearance or personal habits.


Day after tomorrow:

You may find that you have a lot of ideas right now, but while you are eager to act on them, it may be difficult. Other people come across as dreamy and unfocused, and you may find they just don't "get it" when you try to engage them.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope

Dragon Chinese Daily Horoscope

You may get a letter or a phone call that has you adjusting some plans about your finances. You may decide to shuffle some money around for better tax or debt-reduction effect. Trust your intuition when choosing a new banker or investment advisor.


Chinese Dragon tomorrow horoscope:

Focus on the nuts, bolts and hard work of your daily life, chores and common tasks go well right now. The more challenging projects tend to be those you normally take pleasure from, hobbies, creative projects and fun time shared with children have unexpected challenges or changes.


Day after tomorrow:

You have friends or companions you could talk the night away with right now. If you are seeking to expand your circle of friends, now is an excellent time to do so. Look for people who share your religious, spiritual and personal values and interests.

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope

Rabbit Chinese Daily Horoscope

Keep an open mind about alternative health care, medicines, acupuncture, and spiritual healing. One of these alternatives could prove not only to be a benefit to you, but it is possible you possess skill or knowledge that could be put to use in your career.


Rabbit Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You will be spending a lot of time and thought on your home and family right now. The security of your home, the future of your family, these things are important to you. You may also be spending some time fixing the car or getting an oil change.


Day after tomorrow:

You may find that it is easier to deal with people you don't know as well right now. Those close to you, friends and family, are a little cranky and unreliable. You may find that the kindness of strangers makes the chores of the day much easier to handle.

Ox Chinese Horoscope

Ox Chinese Daily Horoscope

You are enthusiastic and energetic right now, and can carve a big swath through that growing mountain of paperwork on your desk right now. You may be a little overly energetic at times and this could lead to arguments if you are too insistent in resisting compromises.


Ox Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Today it is the "male-female" relationship that has raised your temperature. This may be because of a relationship in your own life, or from observations of others. Remember that your point of view has a distinct and personal colour.


Day after tomorrow:

You have some serious thinking to do about your love life. Someone in your circle, likely your partner, is coming through as hurt and needy right now. You need to do what you can to make them feel more secure if you want to help them turn around their mood.

Rat Chinese Horoscope

Rat Chinese Daily Horoscope

You need to pay attention to your body language. No, not the language of posture - the language of little aches, pains and discomforts, or sudden drops in energy, which are telling you that you need to make some rather significant dietary or lifestyle changes.


Rat Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Secret information could come to light right now that is challenging to your self-image in some way. You could hear some gossip or news that you don't want to believe. Don't worry though, whatever comes out, chances are it will work out for the best in the end.


Day after tomorrow:

You and your partner could reconnect through shared educational opportunities. Not only will you learn things about the world outside, but you will share new intimacy from learning things about each other. If single, check out a mega-sized bookstore.

Tiger Chinese Horoscope

Tiger Chinese Daily Horoscope

You won't feel much like working right now. Your mind is on some hot new gadget or a recreational activity you have planned. If you have to make a choice between "fun" or "study", hit the books. You can learn a lot right now, and you may find there is a big price to pay for too much distraction.


Tiger Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Your financial insights right now are a bit at odds with the greater culture. That can lead to trouble, especially if you are not careful to follow a calm and steady course. Plot your actions carefully for long-term growth together with a well-connected advisor.


Day after tomorrow:

You can improve your career, and get an unhappy family member off your back at the same time. It looks like they have great, perhaps unreasonable expectations for you, and while you may chafe at their nagging, they may in fact be right that you can do better.