Virgo Birthstone

Virgo birthstone Carnelian gained vast popularity in Islamic countries given the fact this gemstone was wore by Mohammad. Its mythological importance depicts in the form of its profound use by travellers for safety from evil forces not only during the life’s journey but also after life. A wearer of carnelian was not required to worry about blood purification coming as its inherent quality and benefit women in pains causing due to menstruation cycle. It was also advised to be worn by those who were hesitant to public interactions or in speaking boldly. While there are folklores that refer use of this gemstone in desire gratification and security from jealousy, Egyptians believed that wearing this gemstone eases the voyage of the departed soul from to the other world! 

People in ancient Rome are known to be using hot wax with carnelian for sealing documents and envelops. European and Greek history also evidences the belief of their civilizations in carnelian, as an element to attract fortune and affluence of all best things in life. This gemstone has been worn in the form of an amulet or pendant in Asian countries since ancient times. Extraction of carnelian is mostly done in the mines of Brazil and Brazil happens to be highest carnelian supplying country to the international market. Carnelian is predominantly also found in India and Australia and in the United States in California, Nevada, Washington etc.  

Individuals belonging to the sun sign Virgo can largely benefit from carnelian which turns out to be a great motivator for its wearers. Those individuals, who want to prove their real worth in the world overcoming personality challenges, are advised by astrologers to confidently do so with the support of this birthstone. In extreme stressful conditions, Virgo individuals can also pat or massage this birthstone to get rid of stress and even conquer depression. Communication being a distinction associated to carnelian, Virgo men and women who wear it are sure to align them and stay in full control of the circumstances in their life. An individual holding this birthstone is said to be always at pace with his life and oozing with confidence to enjoy life to the fullest. All that is required is that the individual believes in the energies associated to their birthstone carnelian and feels his or her innovation blossoming with the motivation naturally carried in it. 

Spleen chakra that lies at the bottom of backbone is said to get activated when carnelian is wore. This ensures the flow of energies stay natural and obstacle-free, within the body.

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