Taurus Birthstone

As a predominant birthstone for Taurus individuals, Sapphire turns out to be benefiting them in many ways. Origin of the word Sapphire can be found both in Persian and Greek, as residents of Persia represented the term ‘safir” for the lover of Saturn, it was called Sapphiros in Greek.  Sapphire has been extracted from corundum, which is a mineral variant and though it is mostly seen in intense blue, one can find Sapphire in all seven colours of spectrum besides blue i.e. violet, indigo, green, yellow, orange and red. Because its intense blue colour fully resembles with lapis lazuli, an unusual semi-precious stone, their identification was often confused. This birthstone is normally advised to be worn on fifth, twenty-third and forty-fifth marriage anniversaries but more specifically on sixty-fifth anniversary of an individual. 

Apart from Kenya, Kampuchea, Burma and Tanzania that are the chief Sapphire producing nations, this gemstone is mostly extracted in Thailand, Australia and Sri Lanka. Formation of a ‘cat’s eye’ or ‘star’ in sapphire occurs due to presence of crystalline titanium dioxide. So as to diminish the murkiness because of this presence and to intensify it in colour, Sapphire has to undergo specialized heat treatment. 

As an emblem for authenticity and genuineness, Sapphire is considered a valuable gemstone since ancient times. It can be found in the Persian mythology that the colour of sky has emerged from a huge Sapphire on which our earth has been placed. Referring to the times of Moses, this is considered to be one holy gemstone because it is said that sapphire pebbles were used to handover the Ten Commandments to him. Primeval significance of Sapphire also lies in its healing capabilities given its qualities to purify eyes and bless an individual with an upbeat immune system. It is also said to have helped voyagers to find their path. 

To help Taurus individuals discover themselves, wearing a white Sapphire can largely benefit as also can enable them know where their true potential lies by activating the Crown Centre or top of the head. Matters associated to “Anahat Chakra” or Heart can be controlled with a Green Sapphire and an individual can attract prosperity in life with it. As a green gemstone, it also ensures holistic healing for him or her. While purple sapphire enhances psychic qualities in individuals having Taurus as zodiac besides making their thought process concise, yellow sapphire is great for ailing children and provides a cosmic shell in one’s aura through its golden ray safeguarding.  

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