September Birthstone

A nineteenth century voyager and the person who translated Arabian Nights, Sir Richard Burton, often had luck at his side because of a large gemstone he carried with him. This gemstone was sapphire, which is known as a September birthstone. Burton got so much facilitated with sapphire that his travels always got hassle free and logistics came his way quite easily, wherever and whenever he wanted them. Significance of this September birthstone is historic as people in ancient times believed that a sapphire wearer would not require any other amulet and would lead a secure life. Its reference can be also had in the times of Charles IV who himself was a fond wearer of an oval shaped sapphire. People held this gemstone to keep away any impurities from entering the eyes. 

Existence of sapphire can be seen in so many colour variants that they can be as infinite as the shades available in entire universe. From delicate violet to deep blue and from reddish-orange to the golden rays of sun, every colour is at its utmost with this September birthstone. Often tagged as fancy, this diversity of colours in sapphire is rare. No wonder that one of the bishops in Rennes named it as ‘gem of the gems’ and it wasn’t surprising as well that after that, sapphire became a darling amongst priestly rings. Astrological significance of sapphire came very much into light when Egyptians wore it to change an unfavourable arrangement of stars and make the stars placed positively! They believed that the one which refracted multiple rays made the stars change their position in a favourable manner. Loyalty and faith are emblems associated to sapphire and thus, this gemstone is a fond choice amongst engagement rings and those exchanged by the lovers. Ruby is another gemstone that resembles with sapphire in this aspect. 

Amongst the higher sapphire producing countries of the world, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Kashmir in India are the leading locales in terms of the most expensive ones. Though darker shades of this September birthstone are very much desired for its looks, the high pricing of the gem depends upon the purity of the blueness in it and a passionate gem wearer will always know it. Looking at the most advanced techniques of treating the gem, controlled heating has become a most common and easy to adopt method for ensuring adequate transparency and colour clarity is seen in the gem. Only condition for a successful heat treatment is that the gemstone should contain its naturally existing chemicals.

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