Scorpio Birthstone

One of most important gemstones, Aquamarine, is understood to be a sibling of Emerald because of the fact that both these important birthstones are a variant of beryl. Derivation of the word Aquamarine is from "aqua marinus" which is a Latin phrase and means the seawater. Perhaps it is for this reason that Aquamarine was a fond choice of sailors to be worn as amulet, given the need for both protection and daring required to travel over sea. Most profound design of these sailors was Poseidon riding over a chariot, which was believed to be extra sensitive to aquatic challenges, ensuring more safety for the wearer. 

Aquamarine is quite easily available in most parts of the world in profusion and in US alone, one can find this gemstone in New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Marine, Carolina, etc. A distinct aquamarine very much resembles with blue sapphire and is extracted from the mines of Massachusetts. Being the most gorgeous aquamarine, this is also the most desirable stone to be used in jewellery but its tiny size is a challenge for jewellery workers. Aquamarine has been considered a fortune attracting gemstone and one can be assured of all the best things like health, charm, love, prosperity, glee, etc. in life. 

Aquamarine, as a birthstone for Scorpio individuals, is a great source in harmonizing the eight chakras in body with physical and mental elements. As a counter-effect of this, the wearer can experience an enhanced communication and can gain courage. This birthstone has the quality to win friends and develop a network of people around its wearer therefore when worn by a couple, it is less likely to meet relationship related issues and compelling scenarios. People who are short tempered and are prone to fall into upsetting situations are often advised by astrologers to hold aquamarine so as to ensure peace and synchronisation. 

Aquamarine has an excellence of purification and one can sanitize himself going through a meditation process associated to it. The process suggests individuals to experience an inherent source of water in the birthstone and to visualize water freely falling from it over head. Further, as the water is seen spinning through entire body, it is advised to feel any impurities and pessimism venting out of the body through legs and feet. This visualization process is not complete unless the circulated water is seen immersed and absorbed in the earth and has transformed the negative energies getting applied to a good cause.

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