Sagittarius Birthstone

Person having birth date between November-23 and December-21 has Sagittarius as Zodiac sign and ruling planet is Jupiter. Sagittarius has following birthstones Topaz, Ruby, Beryl, Amethyst, Turquoise and Sapphire associated with it. Topaz is the gemstone that is best accepted for 4th, 19th, and 23rd wedding anniversary of a Sagittarius individual. It is available in red, pink, yellow, and brown colors but sometime, it may also be colorless. Topaz is found in Brazil, Russia, Australia, Africa and USA.  London blue Topaz, Swiss blue Topaz and Sky blue Topaz are common names for gems industry. London blue Topaz has dark blue color while Sky blue Topaz shines light blue in color. Blue Topaz stones are also known as “writer’s stone” because it is believed that a person who wears blue Topaz gets clarity in his talking and develops the ability to communicate exactly. 

Few more benefits of Topaz are:

- Increases happiness
- Reduces anger
- Improve your position and prestige in society
- If you have sleep disorders, bad dreams problems and looking for sound sleep than this gemstone is for you. - It will protect and you from any suicidal tendency and gives relief from mental pressure.           

Ruby is one of the most excellent and beautiful gemstones that are available naturally. Being a red colored gemstone, it is believed to represent love and passion in our life. Sagittarius individuals when hold Ruby can expect to earn name & fame and lead life with an enhanced status. It also helps bring love and companionship in marriage life in individuals coming from this sun sign. Besides this, Ruby is also known for some exceptional healing powers and may protect its wearer from dysentery, lung infections, blood pressure and heart related problems.  

Beryl is another gemstone associated to Sagittarius as a birthstone. Thought it is found in a vast range yet interestingly, the pure one is colorless. Beryl is a Greek word meaning “valuable blue-green color”. As some significant benefits of Beryl, it keeps evil spirits away, enhances youthfulness and develops excellent love relationships. 

To enhance spirituality birthstone Amethyst can play an important in the life of Sagittarius individuals. Amethyst can be identified by its violet color and primarily found in Brazil and Zambia. Sagittarius men & women wearing this birthstone can keep away from any type of addiction, stay stress free most of the time and lead a calm and harmonized life. 

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