October Birthstone

Origin of the October birthstone Opal can be seen in the three ancient languages. While this name looks derived from “Upala” the Sanskrit word, it also comes from “Opulus” in Latin and “Paederos” in Roman. Interestingly, people in ancient times believed that wearing Opal with specific enchantments can bless them with the powers to get indispensable. They strongly considered it a talisman and an element to gain wisdom in life. Romans referred the word “Paederos” to childlike purity and love, but other legends depict the importance of opal as a guardian of safety and putting off any jealous motives from its wearer. As a gemstone, it was a fond choice to be engraved with ornaments as it added value to one’s appearance! 

Variety of opal as a gemstone can be observed as it is seen in opaque as well as semi-lucid shades. Though there is crystal opal but they bear a colourless make. White opal can be abundantly seen, but a black opal can be rare to get. Having the darker shades of opal such as blue, black or gray can be an expensive affair. Still other variants of opal can be seen in even different shades and red fire, orange or bright yellow are some of the most unique opals available. As an October birthstone, opal goes best when combined with tourmaline and is usually advised to be gifted on 14th wedding anniversary of individuals. 

Opal predominantly gets supplied to the world from US and Australia. As regards methods used before bringing them to the market, traditional cutting and polishing gets very much used. However, sugar treatment is a distinct technique to make the colour of the gem glaze more. In this technique, the gemstone gets immersed in a specific solution made from sugar and then is dipped in sulphuric acid. Besides this method, opals get treated with resins, waxes and oils as well so as to enhance its looks and sturdiness. Other treatments such as application of thinner are also practiced in the endeavour to bring that glossy finish over the gemstone. 

Since ancient times, opals were advised to be worn to bring back hope in bleak lives and keep sinful energies away from an individual. Its healing effects were known to cure kidney problems, help betterment of cholera patients, leave a calming effect on eyes and protection from lightning. If you are looking for a wish to come true, this is the appropriate gemstone for you.

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