November Birthstone

A unique gemstone Topaz is known for its existence in various hues and for its significance as a November birthstone. The yellow, pink, brown, blue and red shades of topaz have been well utilized by Oscar Wilde in his tales to represent elements such as eyes of a tiger or a pigeon. The name topaz is also referred to as fire in the ancient language Sanskrit and one can come across various folklore wherein people used this gemstone to get rid of loneliness, stay sharp eyed, gain valour and wore it to lead an overall fateful and prosperous life. 

Further, when taken in powdered form with wine, topaz was believed to be treating severe disorders like insomnia, some respiratory & blood related illnesses & even in curing burnt parts of the body. The gem was believed to attract cheer and vigour in the life of the wearer and to bring serenity so that not only does the mind remain calm when awake but also resists from terrifying dreams when asleep. Moreover, it also prevented intoxication, fight poison and calm down the heating effect of boiled water. But it was also strongly understood that the healing powers of topaz would amplify or recede with the movement of moon. 

China, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Africa are known to be the most topaz producing countries of the world. Suggested to be gifted on twenty third anniversary of an individual, blue shades of topaz are the most available ones. Advancements in this area have made it possible to convert colourless variants of this gemstone into blue. Blue being the fondest and most preferred colour of this November birthstone, adherence to a treatment is worth. In this treatment, the extracted gem is irradiated and given the heat treatment till it achieves the sky blue colour. Besides this, vapour deposition treatment is another form of treatment adopted for bringing the gem into the desired colour. In a fashion similar to opticians who use this method for lens coating, a film coating is applied on its surface to have the effect of the requisite shades in green, red, blue or pink.  

Those fearful to death and having a messed up mindset were advised to take the benefits of topaz. Besides calming down, the gem also was said to promise love and friendship in life. Once upon a time, topaz also symbolized the holy faith of pilgrims and they touched the topazes owned by their popes so as to stay away from any illnesses, stay healthy and have their share of luck and happiness bestowed.

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