May Birthstone

Mythological incidences attached with gemstones are at times hilariously interesting and amongst the May birthstones, Emerald is one such gem. The Peruvians, having found an emerald which was sized as of an ostrich’s egg, called it the goddess. This special emerald was such an asset that common people could not see it except on some special events. It is said that utilizing this as opportunity, priests tempted the devotees that the deity would be pleased with them if they donate emeralds. This resulted into a vast collection of emeralds. But because of the belief that emeralds bestow secret powers to predict future, Spanish invaders robbed a huge assortment of emeralds. However, they did not know how to identify an original emerald and so in order to find the original ones, they broke the emeralds thinking they are not the original ones. 

Emerald, the birthstone for those born in the month of May, has since long known to be an emblem of generosity, loyalty, decency and the best showering of nature. These finest qualities have not only fascinated romanticized men and women all over but also made it a token of their committed love to each other. It is not surprising that historic personalities such as Alexander the Great and Charlemagne were madly in love of emeralds. Alexander had a big sized gem embossed in his belt while a beautiful and precious emerald graced the crown of Charlemagne. Cleopatra had a large collection of this precious gemstone as the Egypt history portrays having it extracted 4000 years back, having its significance as an amulet. 

Surprisingly, many of the languages spoken in olden times originate a common meaning of the word emerald as green. Individuals born in May get recommended wearing emerald so as to be showered with success and love. Many civilizations that believed in the theory of rebirth fanaticized preserving this gem as it would also promise the life-energy and many healing powers to them. Spring time got considered to be the best for wearing it, correlating its green shade to be good for birth of new thoughts and an optimistic view about future.

Amongst the healing powers of the emerald, serious illnesses such as epilepsy or many kinds of fever have been known to be treated wearing it in neck. But to tackle abdominal issues and genital problems, ancient people hung one emerald till it touched the stomach, and kept one in mouth.

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