March Birthstone

As the word Aqua quite obviously refers water, the name Aquamarine of this pale blue coloured gemstone is very much connected to the colour of seawater. Historic significance of “Aqua marinus” in Latin refers to the seawater because sailors preserved it as a talisman and believed it as their protective shell from the unforeseen dangers during their voyages over sea. As a result, “Poseidon riding a chariot” was the fondest logo to be printed over talismans as it would help its wearer to acquire the much essential courage and face whatever situation they may have to audaciously. 

Though aquamarine is amply found in most parts of the world, Massachusetts produces one of the most unique kinds of gemstone that has strong resemblance with blue sapphire. Consequently, amongst all the variants of the gemstone, this variety is highly adored and used in ornaments. However, the miniature size of aquamarine is often a challenge for jewellers. Plethora of aquamarines are available in most parts of the globe as US alone extracts aquamarine in New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Marine, Carolina, etc. Besides, some of the most precious and expensive aquamarines are available in Brazil, they can also be found in other countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Russia, Tanzania, Australia, United States, etc.  

It is said that this gemstone should be gifted on the 16th and 19th wedding anniversaries. Aquamarines are worn for the purpose of safety and security, particularly in relationships. As per some, it also rekindles love in married couples. Thus, it can be a great anniversary gift for your spouse. Further, the wearer of this gemstone is also said to be bestowed with great foresight. This is the reason why fortune tellers too use this stone. This birthstone gives courage and brings in joy and contentment and association of this stone helps keep the mind sharp. 

Bloodstone is considered to be an alternate birthstone for the March born people. It is a dark green coloured stone with red spots on it. Its mythological significance dates back to the time of crucifixion when the dripping blood drops changed the colour of jasper stones lying on the ground. It is also called martyr’s stone. Bloodstone is most often found in United States, Australia, India, Uruguay and Brazil and is a symbol of boldness and courage. March individuals can stay secure from blood related disorders, having this gemstone worn on their bodies.

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