Libra Birthstone

If your date of birth falls between September-23 and October-23, then your Zodiac sign is Libra which is ruled by Venus. As birthstones Opal, Sapphire, Lapis-Lazuli, Agate and Chrysolite (Peridot) are profoundly advised to be worn. Opal is a Greek word and its meaning is ‘a valuable stone’. Arabs believed that it comes from heaven and is a rare gift from the God.

Opal is suitable for 13the wedding anniversary and silica is the main constituent for Opel. Significance of Opals dates back to time when Dinosaurs existed. This gemstone comes in two varieties viz. a common Opal and other, an expensive Opal but it is the lustre that is a prominent factor in evaluating the quality of Opal. Light opal is most common to find but black Opal is rarely found and is also expensive. 

Looking at some of the vital benefits of wearing Opal, its wearer can attract cheerfulness and love, in life. If the individual is married and is facing problems such as mutual understanding in his or her relationship with the partner, then this gem is most appropriate for such individuals. When you wear Opal, it brings the power of Venus in the form of beauty, charm, artistic skills and emotions. This will minimize the problems related with Venus. Opal has amazing psychological benefits on human beings as it helps an individual develop self-confidence. 

Opal has vast varieties and each one has unique healing power associated with it. While Fire Opal is good for blood disorders and sadness, black Opal is particularly heals reproductive disorders and the white gemstone reduces chances of neural problems. 

Another important birthstone of Libra is Sapphire that is accepted for 5th, 23rd, and 45th wedding anniversary. It might be interesting to know that the word Sapphire came from Persian language and its meaning is “beloved of Saturn”. Sapphire is found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar and Madagascar but finest came from Sri Lanka. It comes in wide range of colours some of which like Light Blue Sapphire, Dark Blue Sapphire, Green Sapphire, Orange Sapphire, White Sapphire and Pink Sapphire, are very common. Dark blue Sapphire enhances creativity and improves relationship while orange Sapphire is a really good gemstone for teachers, students and writers because it gives ability to think clearly and to the point. 

If you are looking to increase concentration level, solve professional issues and promote spiritual maturity than Sapphire is the gemstone for you. You can wear blue sapphire if faced with problems related to mind and body so as to relieve and increase the life span.

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