Leo Birthstone

In the Greek folklore about rare attractions between elderly and young, one mythological incident refers to the emergence of Onyx, the Leo birthstone. According to it, a cupid slashed fingernails of the Greek emblem Venus while sleeping. Though the cupid ran away after this mischief, the fingernails lay spread where she was sleeping. God was kind enough to transform the cut finger pieces into beautifully coloured stones that later on were known as Onyx. Onyx originates from Greek which meant fingernails. As time advanced, onyx turned out to be a handy tool for carving magnificent seals in the Roman times. But the basis behind the unique surface and glossy colour of onyx evidently refers to Venus, who was known for her exceptional beauty. 

Attempting to find Onyx, one can find almost every shade of it and the collection can be exhaustive. While dark shades like blue or black are hard to get, white or brown can be had most generally. A unique variant of onyx comes is red colour and is called Sardonyx. Droplets and cameos are the most profound forms for which this gemstone is used. Though it mostly gets extracted naturally, there are places where onyx is produced by blemishing the agate, which is another well-known and significant gemstone. Onyx, which was claimed to be primarily used by artisans in producing decorative articles and doing engraving and embossment, need not be the original one as one can find another material in lapidaries that is not as hard as onyx but pretends to be like it. 

Onyx can prove to be extremely beneficial for Leo individuals by showering them with good fortune and a promising & prospective future in terms of career, love, family and prosperity. Because of its qualities to bring harmony with bliss in life, males and females having Leo as their sun sign must try to wear Onyx. The easier aspect about wearing Onyx is that it can be carved comfortably with the jewellery items as well as can be fitted well in the rings. A consumer can go clueless looking to the wide possibilities of wearing onyx. 

Trying to put on a black onyx can be tough and requires its bearer to expect some strange happenings in life. Especially when thinking to gift someone, same should be checked with the other person before gifting. Another aspect about this gemstone is that one should be doubly sure when getting fit in ring otherwise he may either have to change the ring completely or incur additional expenses to get a more fitting one.

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