July Birthstone

Amongst all the gemstones that are derived as July birthstones, Ruby carries a special significance. This fact gets well confirmed when we get into its mythological relevance of various civilizations. As an important factor, ruby appears as a gemstone in almost every society’s folklore which reiterate this as a gem that promised everything from power to possession and popularity to pelf in the life of its wearer. This was understood to be blessing its wearer the exceptional powers to succeed in romantic affairs. Further, it was also said that an individual holding ruby can sustain his tranquillity in whatever disturbing a situation might seem. 

Ruby has been referred to as “sardius” in the folklore which depicts the protective shell of Aaron to be having this gemstone amid eleven other gemstones it had. Since ages, love and friendship has been closed associated with this July Birthstone. Known as “gem of the gems”, ruby can be found in various colour variants of red with yellow, blue or purple. Red being its basic colour, this gemstone symbolizes romance. Most premium quality of ruby comes from Burma which has a tinge of blue over shadowy red. A popularly known gemstone that is both long-lasting and good-looking, this is a highly desired element in designing any kind of jewellery. Star ruby, a natural class of this gem, is semi-transparent and can be identified with the six rays revealing from it. 

Besides Myanmar (erstwhile Burma) that is known as a highly ruby producing land, other Asian countries like India, Thailand and Sri Lanka have high figures of its production too. Geological surveys discovered that it was the presence of excessive corundum (aluminium oxide in crystallised form) that receded extraction of ruby in Myanmar. Thereafter, the country could never rewrite its lost glory in terms of high ruby production. New reserves of ruby are reported to be found at Tanzania, Australia, Kenya etc. and these countries are slowly gaining edge with respect to producing & supplying ruby to the international market. 

Ruby, as a July birthstone, strengthens the individual with audacity and energy. Apart from love, the energetic red colour also personifies fidelity and reliability, and a magnet for complete bliss in life. Pessimist individuals are said to be making over their thought process into positive and those callous type guys may gain bounteousness in their behaviour. As a result, a ruby wearer should not amaze to see him or herself prospering with health and wealth. Individuals who are anaemic, low in vigour or have other blood related disorders can largely benefit by wearing ruby. 

Its astrological attributes are quite high too, but only wore under expert advice.

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