January Birthstone

Greek mythology has lots relevance about a gem known as grantum which gets identified as garnet in modern days. As a January birthstone, garnet is one of the most renowned gemstones and its folklore goes about Noah, who used the innate fire of garnet to illuminate his bow and spread out over the ocean. In ancient Egypt, the glow of this gemstone got used in handmade ornaments as also in carving with droplets. But one can find references about garnet in other civilizations too apart from the Greek and Egyptian. 

Garnet is one of the most resourceful gemstones and can be seen in a variety of colours. One can see it in all seven colours viz. violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange & red, some of which have special significance. While the vivaciously green garnets known as “African Tsavorite” and “Russian Demantoid” popularly exist, its Bohemian variant is known for the profound red colour and the “Namibian Spessarite” & “Lankan Hessonite” respectively for their orange and brown colours. The beautiful alternatives of garnet in purple and pink are nothing less than a treat for gem lovers. Astrologers advise January born individuals to refrain from the use of red but they sure have more choices of colours to make from petal soft, lavender, remarkable green, deep orange, etc. 

This gracious gemstone is equally diverse in shapes too and they come as cushion, oval, round, etc. shapes. However, their most usual appearance is in crystal forms in trapezium and dodecahedron. Availability is not an issue with garnet and it can be had almost everywhere. While East Africa supplies most of them all over the globe, South America and some European countries also have their name for extracting and providing garnets to the world. Having a crystalline composition, garnet is easy to crack in spite of being a hard mineral and if cracked, the wreckage can be too sharp. Therefore, care is practiced when used in carving ornaments, household articles etc. 

Individuals having January as their birth month usually get advised by astrologers to be given on 2nd and 7th anniversaries. They represent vitality, prosperity, power and bliss. Garnet was once a popular gemstone for blood related diseases because of its familiar red colour and it was believed that its wearer has never to worry about haemorrhage. It was also seen as a gem to control anger for the soothing effect it would leave on its holder.

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