Gemini Birthstone

As a birthstone for Gemini individuals, Agate is a well-known gemstone. Originated in deep waters of Achates, a prominent river in Sicily which is presently called Drillo, this gem got this name. But studying its history of extract, the roots of this birthstone indicate towards the French civilizations of Stone Age and also Egypt, where it was used on containers, ear and finger rings. As an element of attracting good fate and keep evil powers away, there is depiction in history about wearing eye droplets that were made from agate discs. Profoundness towards agate in ancient times can be well understood with the fact that the Emperor of Pontus had an assortment of approximately 4,000 bowls of agate. 

Agate is available in most parts of the globe and is extracted in almost every country in countless variants such as “Thunder Egg” in Oregon and “Fire Agates” in Arizona. But it comes in its most unique form from Northern Uruguay & Brazil and with equivalent beauty from California and Mexico. While Asian countries like India and China are a great reservoir of agate, this gemstone abundantly exists in every country that has banks of Lake Superior because of the fact that high silica content crams along with hot water in the land cavities. Looking at the outer shell, one cannot be so impressed with agate but when the shimmer of a precious stone gets visible inside, he is certain to get astonished. Recognising agate can be a difficult feat at times because it is available in opaque as well as transparent forms and that it comes in almost every colour - be it black, brown, red, yellow, pink or blue. 

For individuals belonging to Gemini sun sign, agate showers its accounting powers and helps enhance their analytical skills. Whether it is about acquisition of huge possession or becoming a millionaire, agate not only enables them succeed in their desire but also blesses them with the big-heartedness necessary to help others charitably. Those not feeling at pace with situations and seem to have lost equilibrium in life, can largely benefit by wearing agate. For Gemini individuals, agate also is great stress buster and can trigger optimism in their thoughts. Moreover, being a commonly available stone in a wide collection of design and colour, buying agate birthstone is not a very expensive deal. But when choosing for specific reasons, healing powers of different types of agates must be looked into.

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