February Birthstone

Amethyst, is a February birthstone and is to known to be belonging to quartz family. Apart from the properties for which this gemstone is known, it also has a unique legend associated. When Bacchus, the wine-god got furious over a trivial with a beautiful goddess Dianna, he restricted anyone’s entry to his forests and the first person entering would be gulped down by his tigers. A virgin worshipper of goddess Dianna, Amethyst, when entered the forest to approach her deity’s temple was caught by the tigers as per the wine-god’s instructions. Before they could eat her, Amethyst pleaded in despair but as the goddess heard her shout, she changed her in a white stone. Bacchus, who was quite regretful over his deed poured grape-juices over this white stone and got changed to purple violet. Effect of this folklore can be seen even as of date, as wine gets served in amethyst bowls or pots, believing that the sinful effects of liquor will keep away. 

A Greek term that means ‘no intoxication’ is the origin of derivation for the word amethyst. One can see various colours of Amethyst amid its availability in deep purple to pale elusive lilac shades. Some of the most expensive and popular gems of this family member of quartz appear in deep colours of red-purple or their variant colours. Amethyst principally emerge from Ural Mountains, Uruguay and Brazil that produce finest of this gem. But this can be amply found in other parts of the world as well and some of the renowned nations are Japan, South Africa, US, Iran and Sri Lanka. 

Amethyst makes February born men good decision makers while for February born women, it promises religiousness and high ambitions. Since ancient times, amethyst is known to infuse some exceptional qualities in its wearer such as enhancing brilliance, success in ventures, triumph in war or sport or any sort of competition, security of the warriors, inculcating good thoughts, protection from infections & ailments, etc. 

The substance that composites the formation of amethyst is so hard that if hit powerfully, it can fracture the bone. Its beautiful colour makes it a desirable element in jewellery items but jewellery grade of this gemstone is uncommon, unlike its other variants. An unusual thing about the size of this February birthstone is that its length ranges in metres. Some of the longest amethysts includes the one found in Mexico in the year nineteen hundred which was 33’ x 16’ x 10’ and which weighed up over eight ton. 

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