December Birthstone

As the only gemstone that is free from any sort of mythological significance, Tanzanite, is well identified as a December birthstone. Its popularity can be dedicated to its unique blue-purple hue, which very much resembles to the shades carried in Amethyst and Sapphire. This combo is so distinct that one gets the feel of an enticing blue shade of the sapphire and the kingly purple of amethyst at one place. Extraction of Tanzanite initiated some forty years back in Tanzania and thus is quite a modern gemstone amongst all the gems known as December Birthstones. 

Before being available for selling on the shelves, heat treatment is the most common method given to tanzanite to get rid of any superfluous colours and present it in the purest form. The most desirable blue-purple shade of this gemstone is achieved as a result of this process which changes its original dusty brown colour enduringly thus giving that enticing effect to the gem. The best part with owning jewellery embossed with tanzanite is that one can enjoy the glossiness in its finish after decades if its purchase. A little upkeep with the use of demonologist for cleaning is the best way to maintain the natural glow of the gem. Ornament experts consider it quite feasible for cleaning at home if conditioned with soap mixed in warm water. All that is required is that the collected grime is cleaned with an old toothbrush. But it is also advisable that being a delicate material, any pointed hits should be resisted. 

Apart from tanzanite, jade is another well-known gemstone as December birthstone. There are two variants of Jade namely – Nephrite and Jadeite. Tagged as a precious stone of distinct grace, Nephrite came into existence through an ancient traveller from China while Jadeite got extracted from Myanmar and has been a fond choice because of the deep green colour it appears in. However, both Nephrite and Jadeite come in a variety of shades. 

During the times of Egyptians and Babylonians, a deep blue stone which got identified with some golden pyrites on it, appeared Lapis Lazuli, another December birthstone. Mythological significance of lapis lazuli is in the form of a hug lump called lapis and earth is said to be placed over this lump. This folklore comes from Persia that refers colour of the sky to this lump. 

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