Capricorn Birthstone

Ruby is such a gemstone that, besides being the Capricorn birthstone, has been much valued in mythology and historical incidences. Symbolizing as a kingly gemstone from emperors to priests, everybody seem to be too fond of wearing ruby. Apart from that, ruby is known to be such a gemstone in ancient times that helped people in making intelligent choices and that had the ability to apply lateral thinking or use both heart and the brain with equal weight in decision making. Ruby was also placed near chest or breasts of men and women because it was also believed to provide a protective shield to its bearer. 

Colour of Ruby has been always a matter of debate and controversy, given that apart from red, corundum colours like pink resemble too much with sapphire and thus make it hard for the consumer to identify which one is ruby and which is sapphire. To overcome this eternal challenge, an order came into force by International Coloured Gemstone Association to include light red shades of the gemstone in ruby category as it was becoming too tedious to identify between the two. Further, it also asked to recognize them by calling pink sapphire and pink ruby. 

The best thing about Ruby as a gemstone for Capricorn individuals is that it activates the heart or Anahat chakra thus strengthening the heart and ensuring health for other parts near heart. A ruby bearer can always set his own set of principles and then religiously follow them. Come whatever suppressing situations or challenging circumstances to deviate him from his path, they won’t succeed. Its ability to protect oneself is well recognized even today and astrologers suggest the wearers of Ruby that whenever they feel insecure, they should gaze at it so that they visualize a red shimmer emerging and covering the whole body. For protecting oneself from mental hazards, one can visualize this way much before he or she smells a danger. 

Since past, Ruby is understood as the protective shield for one’s wealth and to ascertain that a steady flow of income is maintained. Astrologers suggest, one should wear two ruby stones just opposite to each other, when a specific body part seems to have many impurities, viruses or poor potential. Putting on a bracelet having rubies embossed at opposite sides of it may largely help the bearer in this regard. In fact, rubies suffice blood purification at the time when blood goes through the effected body part.

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